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Felt-clad Ships

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-The Navy Archive n Austnan periódica!, coniams the tatemeut tbat a new invcntion hus eeu proposud to the Etnperor Napoleon whiob greaily dituiuishes the deleterious ffect ot' projectiles. The material einloyed for tbis purpoee is a knd of fuif, ho compositiou of whioh is ihe secret of an Italian named Muratori. Tnis feit, preparod by poworful .engines, is cast into rnoulds liko melted metal. Wben it gets cold t resista the effect of balls like the best steel. Ust-d for uniforms, it res:sts blows by a eabre or the balls froin a revolver. (Jsed as an armor, it re.-ists the bal] frexn a chassi-pot gun, if t is fked Bi ou'-htlt' oí its rane, and it ousiderubly diuiiuialics its effect wben fired at a neascr diütauce. Whether or not tiiese statements are correct, ill oon come to light. If they are, which might be tested witb out much expense at ono of our navy yards, tho iuveution would be invaluable.


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