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The delégales of the various branches of the Washenaw Cosnty Cntholic Friír Bchoo! Association will moet at their Huil, in ths City of Ann Arbor, on lirada; the I3th inst., at 1 vloek M. A J kertijiutes are reqnesl tü be present as importut busincs wjll be trausaeicd. Bv order of tbe 12.1 SECRETARY. 5EGISTRATI0N NOTICE. The IWrd of Rcpiïtration of the City of Ann Armr will meet 11 BATORDaT, Junuary SM, 1STO, at [ie fullowiug plucets in the several wards: let Ward, at the store of L. J. Johnson. 2d " " " " G"o. F. Lutz. 3d " " SherifPs Office Court House. 4tb. " " Fireinen's Hall. 6th " u Sh'ip of O. H Rhodes. 6th " " - ' E. J. Bliss omiiH-nciiip at 8 o'clock a. M.,and clopinpr at So'clock p. M., for the polpOM of correctiny ;uut coiopietinK he several Ward registration lisk. All persons who vill be entitled to vote at the special eleetiou to be leid Tueeday, January 2óth, 1S70 , should register ueir names. By order of the Board of Registration, OEO. II. KUOLiES. Ch'n. E. J. JoBxsox, Sec'y. Aun Arbor, January 5th, 3870. 1281w2 DEMO VAL. J. KECK CO. Have removed thcir STOCK OF F1H1TÜRE And "ÜEdertaker's Goeds, T Muck & Schmid's Block, No. 52 South Main, and No. 4 West Liberty Streets. THE LARGEST STORE IN' THE CITY, AND BL'ILT EXPRESSLY FOR THE FCRNI1URE TRADE. TIIEY HAVE NOVV IN" STORE THE LARÜESTanüFINEST STOCK OF FURNITURE RVER OFFERm IK THIá COUXTY, OF THEIR OWN MAXUFACTURK, SUPERIOR BOTH IM QUAI.1T ANDSTYLE.WUíCU TUEY KOW OFFER TO THE I'UBLIC CHEAPER THAN CAX BE BOUGHI ANY WIIERE ELSK IN THt STATE. TUEIR STOCK IXCLUDES EVERY ARTICLE NEEDED TO FU1ÍNISH THE BES T HOUSE FROM TOP TO BOTTOM . Their oM patrons and the public generalij are m viied to give them a calL J. KECK CO. Aon Arbor, January, 1870. 1251 v' :■ '' '' ■ A B Cl m 3 ' m ' iB f W ■'■■■! W__Jn TSnTÏI TK.bU NU PATENT MiltlCiNK BUMBÜG.'gotte up to dup tbc IgooAnt j ml eredoloos, nor ia it rep resionled as beinjt " couaposed of rare anl prwiOi ■nbstancea bronghi frfm font córDem of the ean ourrled even times ac osb the Great Dsert of ir harnli on iv, bftcki of Jt'urLt'en cjimt-ls , juni brough KOVO81 the Atlantic Oean on two liips. ' It is a gim ple mild toolking Iïemtdy, a pertect Sp'cific j'or Ca TitRii and ■■Cotn othkHwd,'1 also fr ofTeosive breath. Los or Impaii ment of the Sense of SmclJ Taste or Ilfarmp, WterJDg oi Weak Kyos. Pnin o in th" lloa-i, wl en c:u:sim!, as thej all no un frequent y are, bj th vinlonce of Catarrl). We offer tn gooü faith a siandirK rewari oí $50 for a case of Cntarrh tat we o&D not curs. FOR SALEBY Most DRUGGISTS F.VERYWHERE Fi:ick only 50 Cknts Sent by inail. poat nftld, on rpceipt of ?ixty Cfnts Four packpes for S'2 00. or 1 Duzon for $.r .00. Bettfl a two cent stmp lor Dr Sagt's pamiihlet o Catarrh. Address the Froprietor, R. V. M.D.. 1251m8 Buffalo, N. Y Wm. H. Burk & ColumnilAYHEW BUSINESS COLLEGE. Detroit, IMicli. Conductedbj Hon. TRA MaVUKW, au tb or of Mayhcw's Practical Book-kerpliig, (forCommon and Union Sehoolf ) and Mnyhew's Unlverslly Boolt-kicplng, (for Business Collept" mul the Crumtini? rcom.) rn all respectan FIRST-CLASS in-ritutfon. Jp IMease cali at theCollegp, or wnte for Circulara STEPHEN PRATT, Jr ItANÜFACrURER OK STEAM BOILERS, Of j11 Kincis. Repairinir done on short mitice, by first claa workmen. Cor. KIiílnii Si Woodbrldfic !., Detroit C.ICiÍROWÑ WKolevale Oealer lo BALTIMOltE OYSTERS! CAXNKl) FRUIT3, Etc., Etc., 5 O Michigan Avenue, Detroit, MIch. IMSw4 BLOOMINGTON, ILL. UURSERY. 19thYear! 6C0 Aeres ! 10 Greenhouses lrgcst.bost stock nd thlpplng fccllitle. APPLK DatefaMi, Tríoaei odant, flni"p i , - mn 'i venrs. AI' PLE Il'K)T-(iRAKT8, choice, inc udlnf .bove. ROOT-URAFT3, Pear Ploni, Ctatrrr. BETOS Apn!. PW, fe., WII,0G008E, iliocr, Lomlmnl l'liinu KYERfflREEKd.RüPES, 1,008, $100 Hnlilio (ln.liulus Tubero, nRBEMHOUSK.Bedli plnn's .-tenii lUc forCatHlosiic. . K. VHOSN1X. 1260 vi 3 TfOR SALE ! The suliscrihcrf oflVr for snlcthe house, and al) or a portion of ihc groondi on Ann Street, betvt--n Koirtl and Fi(t!j SlrcctP, being tUe residínce oS tbe Inte volney Chapín. Por terms apply ti C. A. Chapin. Also abom 3 acres on Mlller Aviu. C CHAPÍN', ) V. CHAP1.N. ir. } Aíliniulstrniore. 8. S. WAfcKHR, ) Ann Arlor, Arril-"th, T8C?. 1JU Real Estáte for 81 eTATEOFMICHIGAX,Cointjoffutenw,f o Ín tluMiiaiu-rof estáte ofAntlnctU: I.. Anu bil.roinor: Kotice la hereby glven,fhat!p panranceof an ordrr tran tod ti "t(1 urAa of the estáte of uid minor, bj H Hou. Juuxc f Probate for the üouuty oí Waafcu; fm ""- reí d;iy ol November, a. i), i -; i, tluc wlu be aolu tpoUlc vendue, to the hi;;hot hiddr, nt wedwtlt ig house "ii the premisos ben Inaff deacrlbed. Ín i i of Washtenáw, in said SU -1" Baturtay, ic nineteenth Éay of Februarv, i at mire o'clock, noon, of tbat day, faflect to all enimbrancea ly mortsaïe or nthcrwistfx'S " tíK me of sale, nd aLo subject to the rlft ofdower oí lewldow ol Ira Aiinabil, ilecaasedpherein,) the lllowing di orí bed rul estáte, rb 'llu uudmded nirtli of Ihe easi half of the eouthvft quaner of ■cU.m elghteen. and ondl1ded fou'i "' the east alf of the iiortheast qnarter ot sectií nlBetean, ni iwnahlp three soutli of range thrce conuuning lie haudred and hixty aereo more ü lew. in sala tate. Duted, Jftnnary 5 Ib, A. D. 'STO. ._..__ jo;l Guardian Estáte of Robert Rote, t OTATE Oí' MICHIGAN, Conntyof I U a teMlonoftb Probate Coortl theConnt) t'Waabtenaw. holden at the Probatplü tht ily of Anu Arbor, on Priday. the nriy-urst rt.-iy I December, iu theyear oneibousaudJgbthuuareu ud ixty-niue. , , Freeent,HlnunJ.Beakeí,Juageof fobate. Iu tho matter of thu estáte of oberi Kookc, """■"reading and llling the petlUon.fy verifled, of assey Anu Ki.oke.prayinK that a ccrí luïtninicnt ow on file in tilla Conrt, purportlnd0 Je UlM Hl and testament or sald deceased, oy b admittwl 0 probate, and that she muy be iijiointed o 2x);cutrix thereof. sn' Thcreupon it ia Ordered. that Momy, tlie thirtyrat day ol .Innnary mxt nt leu o'elJt '" " 'Ooon, be assifíned for tbo orarins of aá petluon, and lat the lega, devlaeea aml hoirs . law oí ama eceaaed and allothcr peraonílnleresOlnsald eataU re rcauired to appcar at a sesi-ioii of so court tuen i be ífoLIcn at the Probate Office, iu ti rtty of Aun rbor, and show canse, Ifany thee I.(-Vlijil!vl'"yí' 1 the petltlonel should uot be grana: Auditu irther onlered, that said petltloner glvtotice to tne eisons interesad n said estáte, „r tlpcndencyol aidt)etition,snd the hearing thcr.-uDy oraraga opy of thi Order to be publirtit-d ithe MieMga na, a newspaper printed aud clnUng in said county. tliree aucceselve weeks previo to saioaay Estáte of Jobo O'Brn. OTATE OP MICHIGAN, County of flshtenaw.en. O At a ?esson of the Probate CotirlT tile County of Waehtenaw, holden at the ProbulOliice, in the nitv nf Anu Arbor. on Mondar, tlutliird ilay of annary, in the year onu tuousand cjlu huudred nd scventy. Present. Hirnm J. Bcakt-s.Judfrc oflbate. In the matter of the Éstate of Au O'Brien, eccascd. On roadiDC and filing the petition, dv vended, of atharine Kelley, prayins; thnl certa! real estáte vhereof eaid deceased died scized, ny be partíoncdamong his he:r at luw and tlieiiwignees. Thereupou lt is orilcred tliat M"uda the thirtyret day of .'annary, instant, at t-n o'ck in the 'orenoon. be assigned for the hearing said petion, and that the heirs at law of ad deccased, nd all other persons intcrestcd imaid estáte, re required to appear at a session osnid Conrt, hen to bi' holden at the Probate Office, I the City ol Aun Arbor, and show cause, ifanytherbe why the rayer of the petitioner should not bt:rauted: - And il iifurther nrdereil, tb&tsald ptiioncr give otlce to the person Interested in said ate, ofth cndeney of said petition. and the hearin thereof, by LafctngaeopT of this order to be publhed In the fiehigan Ar#usx a newspaper printed ancirculatiug n said Countv, three snecessive weekt pmoM tossld avofhearini, I11RAM .1.1EAKES, Atruecopy. Judte f Probate. 125 ltd TVTICHIGAN STATE A gricultural CoTege. The term for 1RT0 w betjin on Wedneaay. the 23( of Kehruary. The college has just complted a large uildinsr lof the occupancy of students, ha purehase( new apparatus. and iebettcr preparad thn ever bc om, to promote the educatiou and conjort of stu dentsIustruction is piven in the Mathematis and thei applicntlora, Chemistry, Botany, HortlcBtnre. Agri culture, S'ockbreedinir, Physioloiry. Etomology ilighcr English branches, &c. As meann of illnstration theCollege haafarm, cnr dens, orchardf, stock, Chemical Lafcoradry, collec tions in Natural Hislnry, surveyinK instrnnents. &c Manual labor is required. Expenses arerery mod erate. S-nd for Catalogue or iuformatlon to T. C. ABBOT, Prcidcnt, 1249w4 Lansim, Mich. "hëridan 20 Miles Away!' J. A.. TEERY, (8ÜCCESSO11 TO KEMPER Jo D1EUL,) Hu ou hind a large &ud well clected stock c ■WINTER C3-OO3DS inctuding a full line of HATS & CAPS Latest stylefl and beet quality. Ladies' and Gents' Furs, Gents' Furuisbing Goods, Gloves, Collars, Necktieic-. wliieh will be soW at the Y ER Y LO WEST FIOUES'! tW Kemeraber the place, No. Louth Maiu Street, the olct store of John est. Ann Arbor, Dcc. 23 , 16G9. Un{ NEW INVOICE OF FINE DOCBLE AND SIS Paisley Shawls ! PLAID AND SÏRËD SHAWLS JUST 'RECFED AT THE FARMERS' &B.E. JlffTF GOODS ! FO THE FALL AND WINTE TRADE ! NOW OPEltfG AT C. H. MILEN'S. A tíüODCUP Oí 0O3Fl3T3E.36ï! IF YOU'ANT THE WHREWITH TO MAKIT, GO TO HULL, IBINS0N& CO, JpOBTBEXT Sixty Ds the Farmers' Store will i Goods Oheaper than any er Store in, the City. CR0CB!cKraT i IN FTJ SETS OR PIECES, IN ANYRIE'1'1'. ND OF TUE CïBWEsfATTEBNS, AT "ThtiaÍFTíscriftios ACrriïATELY ANO rtEFULLY PREPAEED BT P JILL18 .{■ CO., DRUQ0IS18. HEODORK TAYLOR & Co7 (SVCCKírtoRS TO C. R. TIIÜMHOX t CO.,) Whules&le and Retall Dealerk aGBOCERIES & PRODUCE I FR Ü1TS, EXTRAC T8, SPICES, Crockery, Glassware, Lamps and Oily Table Cutlery, Plated Goods, Looking Glasser,, STONE, WOODEN, ANI WTLLOW WARE loiise EstabJished ín 1850. V". 13 Notitli ílalii atrert , A2STIT ARBO3, . MICH Theo. Tajrlor, A. J. Sutherland, 1217 V "V. Wbedon, DOOTri AND SH0E8 ! FINLEY & LEWIS, [ARE KOW RECEIVING A LARQE & WELL SELECTED STOCK o? BOOTS, SHOES, SLIPPERS, IUBBER8, ARCT1CS, AND TTR LINED OVER SHOES. TE ATTEXT10N OF BUYERS WHO WANT (1)OD GOODS AT KEASON aJIjB PRICKS, Ï3 INVITED TO OUR STCK OF HAND MADE CLF, KIP, AND STOGA BOOTS ! WORK WHICH WE W1LL MRRANT TO GIVE ENTIEK SATISFACTION OÜR GOODS ARE BOT7GHT FOB CASH, ND WILL BE SOLD AT THE LOWEST CA8H RICES AND TROFITS. " 1210 rR0AD CLOTHS ! CASSIMERES ! FOR FAIiL STJITS, AXD GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS! AT C. H. MILLEN'S. 500 BUSHELS OF CLEAN WHITE BEANS WANTED AT THC PAPMÜR'S STORH ! ALSO AND DRIED PEACHE8 In Exchange For Gcods or CASH Nov. 9Ih,1809. IHÏ-1-J43 TACOB HALLER, DEALER 1M CLOCKS, WATCHÊS A1VD JEWELRY, NO. 22 EAST HURÓN ST. A.2SnST ABBOH, MICH. MT STOCK INCLCDES American & Swiss Watches, Of tbe lífst Manufacture; GoM and Silrer, Lady's and üent's. SOLID GOLD RINGS, CHAINS, LADIES' SETS, SPECTACLES, SPOONS, FOBKS, Kto. All Goods warrauteil asrcpresented, and iold at PRIOBSB- PVKTICTLAR ATTENT10N GIVES' TO REPA1RING WATCHES, CLOCKS AND JEWELRY; AND WOIiK GCAHANTliKD. íattat jOTiCE! it irsr& TO 3rO TO THB FARMER'S STORE, And Learn their Priees before buying your Goods at other Flaces. ARAB WRAPS NEW SHAWLSÍ A Fine Stock iu this Une now opening at C. H. MILLEJV'3. T IVE GEESE FEATHERS FIS3T QTJALITT, Constantlv on linnd and for sale by RACH ABEL.


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