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The flfteeuth regular meeting of the Washtenaw County Medical Society, was held at Fircmen's Hall, Ann Arbor, on Wedaesday, Dec. 29th. At 11 o'clock a. m. the Society was called to order by the President. Dr. Cueever read a report upon an analysis of pulverized blue mass, made by Dr. A. B. Prkscott, at the request of Dr. Sager. The report showed thal the preparation analyzed contained .06 per cent. less ïnercury thau ordinary blue pil!. A general discussion showed that tliis djjflciency corresponded soinewhat to a deflclency in power wliich had been noticed by several raembers accustomed to the use ol this preparation. Ou inotion, Prof C. L. Foud was elccted an lionorary memUer, and Prof. A. B. Crosby a regular meraber of the Society. As Vice President C. F. Ashley was not present, a resolution requestiiig hlm to deliver hls official address at the next meeting was unanimously adopted. The Society then listened, w!th evident iuterest, to a practical and instructivo essay on Herpes Zoster by Dr. D.IIall, of Saline, aud manifested their appreciation by au unanimuus vote of thanks. Flve instructive cases were next reportcd by Drs. A. Saüf.u, W. B. Smitii aud E Hall. All were of unusual interest, the four reported by Drs. Sagek aud Smith beIng made especlally ao by the prtsence of rare and nteresting pathological specimens. A general discussion, to which these cases gave rise, clicited many important facts aud practical suggestions. As essïyists for the next meeting, President Ewixg appoiuted Drs. G. E. Frotiiinguam, of tliis city, aud E. E. Bigelow, of Milau, a sure guaraütee that at least oue feature of that meeting will be iuteresüug. On inotlon, Dr. R. B. Yates, of Chelsea, was requested to read his essay at the uext meeting. Ou motiou, it was resolved to hold the next meeting at Ann Arbor, and Drs. Cheevek and Kose were appoiuted a committce to prepare therefor. At 2 o'clock r. m. the Society adjourued to Cook's Hotel, where they partook of a dinner not ofteu surpassed in qiiallty or in the proinptness with which it was served. Afttr diuner humorous aud appropriate speeches were made by Itev. Dr. Buigham and Drs. Crosby, Palmer and Ewikg, which werelisteued to with manifest pleasure. On inotion, the thanks of the Society were extended to the proprietor of Cook's Hotel for the superior dinner furnished them, and also to the Mayor and Common Couucil for the use of Firemen's Hall. On inotion, the Secretary was iuslructed to furnish for publicatiou with the procecdings the uames of the members of the Society. 11e was likewise desired to urge those regular practitioners of the county who have not becomc niembers, to do so ïow and add to the iuterest of this association. whose meetings were declared, by a gentleman present, to bc equal iu point of uterest to those of the Pathological Sociey of the city of New York. On motion, the Society adjourued to meet in Maren. H. S. CHEEVER, M. D., Secretary. Thefollowing s the list of officers and members : Officers - JVesident - Alex Ewing, Dextcr. Yice Presidad - C. F. Ashley, Ypsilanti. Secretan - II. S. Cheevcr, Ann, Arbor. Tnasurer- W. F. Breaky, " " Cemors-A. B. Palmer, W. B. Smith, and Joel ïairchild, Anu Arbor. Membe-s - - A. Sager, S. H. Douglass, C. L. Fml, W. Lewett, A. B. Crosby, A. B. Prescott, C. Rominger, P. B. Rose, J. Kapp, 6. E. Fiothingham, J. N. Gregg. Ypsilauli- E. Batwell, D. A. Post, J. Trlpp, J.W. Babbitt, N. Webb, F. R. Rexford, C. I. Knapp, Watling. Saline-E. Hall, D. Hall, C. Ilelber. Dexter-Chas. Howell. Chehea-U. B. Yates. Wdtmor: Lake-K Smith, N.S. Hallock. MancheUr-TL,. N. Palmer, J. E. Selfe. MoorvitteF. M. Oakley. Milan - E E. Bigelow. Dixborou'jK - J. J. Downer. . II Hl Scrapers were at work on Main etreet Wednesday, reluclng the snowdrlfts which had been piled jp along the west side to the great luconvenimce of merchants aud their customers. Thetast-siders, ho wever, seeincd to relish the etmargo. We are indtbted to James Vick, Gardener and Forist, Rochester, N. Y., for a cöpy of his lttutrated Catalogue and Floral Ouide for 187. lts 84 pages are beautifully printed on tinted paper, and embellished with over 00 fine wood engravings of Flowers and Vegetables. The colored píate, a "Bouquctof Phloxes," is superb. The reputation olIr. Vick is Al, and if any of our friendsare fu want of choice Flower or standaid Vegetable seeds, we advise them to mail 10 cents for a copy of iiis Catalogue, andón lts receipt they will be sure to make au rder. The December mraber of tlie Michigan Teaelter invites rotice and deserves couimendation. The leacher is published, edlted, andcontrolledby practical teachers, aud in the interest of ihe educational work of the State, as the flnancial statement, showing a inoney loss to its publishers, in addition to the time nd labor expended on it, clearly prOTes. It is liaudsomely printed, and in its pagcj arediscussed matters of vital iuterest to Uachers and schools. The teachers of the Stat should rally to its support, both as subscribers and by making it the channel of couraUnicatlon with the people and between thcmselvcs. Publishcd by Payne, WniTsEr & Co., Adiian MIch., at we fail to llW[ the price either on or between the cover of the number undcr notice. LilteWs Living Age, in a4dition to its usual large amouut of the Wst scientific, literary, historical and politital matter, is publishing two ncw serial series, one by Mrs. Oliphaut and the other by Charles Lever. The uumber for last weck contaius also a story by Anthony Trollüpe, and Che uumber for this week has ont by Miss Thackeray, To uew subscviberSjiemitting jö for the year 1870, the four numbers of l)ec. 1860, containlng the beginning of Mrs. tylpliant's novel, etc., are sent gratis. The regular subsciiption price df this 04 page weekly magazine is 8 a yT tor which it is seut free ofpostage; or br f 10 any one of the American $4 magazines is ■ent with TlteLicing Age (without inpayment of postage) for a yenr. LriTEi, Gay, Boston, are the publishers.


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