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For The Farm, Garden, And House Hold

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our readers to promptly provide UicinscVcs withthe American AgrkulturUt ior lf-To. We have receivcel the llrst nuinbcr of v.K 2Öth Aunual Volume, and flnd it Ulied with a large amouut of cxceedingly practical, useful informatiou, notonly on cvery subject pertainin? to soil culturo, Inclnrtlng j the Oantcn, fh T,nvn. anrtFlow.T bed. mjm the care of the llttle plots of the City and Villagehomestead, but also for the Housekeeper, and tlic Children. Many excellent eugravings, both beautiful and lustructive, Kivc addltlonal interest to every number. Taken altogether, the American Agriculturist is one of the most beautiiul and valuable journals in the world, adapted equally to City, Villagc, and Country, while it is a marvel of C'ieapness, OWlDg to its unprecedented clrcolatlon, which divides the cost of preparatlon among so many, that a great deal can be giveu to each. Terius, $1 50 a. year four copies $5, or ten copies for $12. It is richly worth all it costs and more. Ouaxgk Judd & Co., PabU8&eiB,24G Broadway, N. Y. A Germán editlon of the Agrievituritt is also publislied.coiitaiiiiiii; the engravlnga and principal articlcs of the English edition, and, ín addltion, a special departm3nt, edited by Hon FniiDERicK MuNOH, of Missouri, a practical cultivator. Pnce same as the Bogllsh edltlou. - The Aiuíl's and elther edition of the AgricuUurial. 3.


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