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BUSINESS NOTICES. The Russell House for Sale or t:tlinngr. The Iíussell House at Sauk Rapids, Minn , is atill iu the market for cash, or iu c-xch.inge for property in this city or viciuity. The price fixetl tipou it as 1 took it, is - $15,000, to wliich I have since uddcd, iu furniture, 4c, about $1,503- $10,500. The propertj couslsts of elght cíit lots, 50x150, upou six oí which ütanda the hotel, two of the lots being öve strecte back, 130 acres of laúd soine ÍS miks up the river. horse and busrgy, cutter, harneas, cow two hojrs, aud skiff for the river and lake fishhi;,'. The houae is a } story frauie upon a st onc basement, aud has a iítí íoot frout with porcli aud veranda running the whole length, (upoii wliich a beautiiul view of thcMississippi is had for ncarly three miles) aud an L of 6ú fuet- each of the maiu parts of the fiotidc beiog 30 íect wide, with a kitcheu and wood house 18 feet by 30 feet. The house is reccntly, painted and has bliucts upun the whole írouts- and ciíutiiiuií over 50 rooms, over 40 of which aro carpeted and furnished, thu furuiture amouuting to about $4,000. The barn is 4Cx75 fect. having a shed 14 fcet wide running the whoie langtii. We think thut auy young man, at all adapted to keepiiig a hotel and iivery," having the auiount of cubital ibove meutioned, eau not flud a place in all the western country wherc the prospecta of doiug a good business, at the game time have half the prospect oí a raplj advance in the valuc of propertr, to compare at all favorably with this. For anyfurther particulars, within the present month.address P. O Boi 351, or cali on me at the sccoml house wei,t of the "printing house." ' ' Time ' can bc had. if desired, on from S4.000 to S6.000, and if it is not sold during the present month, we move out to take care of it until it is sold tor $20,000. A. W. CHASE. IlaU's Vegelahle SteUian Ilair Reneteer wllj positively restore gray hair to its original color. Give it a trial. Tiie Alabama Claims are now up again for adjustmeut, anrt the British government has expressed itself desirous of au arbUration. Among the claims persisten tl y pressed, are those of the ever-present and active J. C. Ayer & Co., for the value of shipnicuts of Cheny Pectoral, SarsaparilUi, Aguc Cure, and Pilis, iu transit for Orcgon, Vtincouver's Island and Russiau America, destroyed on the Anna Scbmldt off the coast of Öouth America. So universal is the use oftheir remedies that they are afloat on almost every sea ; and this firm is frequently caught between the upper and nether millstoues of contending nations. Bilt they are known to stand up for their riirhts, and to got them.- [Republican, WashlDffton, D. C. jornal %mm. A COUGH, C0LD, ÓR SOKE THROAT rfWhh. lU-ijuires [mmedlftte a t tent ion ( as neJJJjAALlV u'l ec v often results ia an iacutable ftíHffnir'liDrí Distase. VtóijjjËgtfBrown's Bronchial Troches KÍfflWHf wil 1 most iavótfiably give instant relief For bKu.(HiTis, Asthmí, Catarbh, Coxst'.MrTrvi: and Throat DlSEASBfT, tli.y bftTO a.sootbing effect. SINGKRS and PUBLIC BP BAKERS ue them to clear and atrengthen tlie voice. O.ving to the good reputation and popularity of the Troches, many worthUss and chtap imitations are offered, tohich art good for nothing. Be Bure to obtain the truc BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES. l-íiiiti 8OLD KVHHVW11KÜE. iÍLjfcBffitl HALUS teC J VEGETABLE SQ ÜAN WÈAtl HAiR wLSS@m Renewer . IT W1LL POSITIVELY RESTORE GRAY II AIR TO ITS ORIGIXAL COLOR. It keeps the halr foom faïlingr out. Jt Ís the best dressing in the world, making lifoleas, stiff, brashy hair, heulthy, soft aud glossy. For sale by all druppists. R. P. HAMj & CO. Nashua, N. II. Proprietorfi, w4-liölCONSUMPTION. The Tbree Keraedies. " Pen kkck's Pilmo.vic Syiut," for thecureof Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, andevery formof Consumption. Tho peculiar action of thïsmedicineriiens the ulcers in the luugs, promotes the diacharge of the corrupt mattei by expectcration. PnrlfiMthfl blood, and thus cures OonansaptiODi trhen everj otherremedy falla, "Schenck'sSea-Weed Tcnic' for the cure of Dyspcpsiaor Indigestión, r.nd all dl'eaiea arisiogfrom (iebility. lhis ionic invigorates the digestive or. gans, supplteK tbc place of the gasli ie juico when that la deficiënt, and then enablcs the patiënt to digest the most nutriticua food. It is a sovereign remedy for all cases of indigestión. 11 SchenckS Mandrake Pilla," one of the most valuable medicines ever dÍKOvend, bung a vegetable substituto for cal mm], and bmTlDg til thfl Dteful propertivs afciibed to that mineral, without prodneing any of its irjurious effeets. T these threc medfelottl Dr. J. 11. f chrnck of Phi lude! pin r, owei hi anrlraled Buccess íd the t rea t ment of Pulmoolc ConsumptJon. The Pulmonic Syrup rij ■ ns the morbid matter, discharge it, and purifies the blood. The láaadralte Pilla act upon the liver, ieraove all ob-stru'.tions fefaareírom,gives the organ a healthy tone, and 0or Uver Complalnt, which is one cf the mott prominent causes if Consumption. The 8a Wi-ti'. Tóale Inrtgoratofl thepowers of the stomach, and by strengthening the digestión an-.l bringing it tu a normal and Iiuulthy oonálliOB improves the quílity of the blood, by v. hích mea na the formation of ulcers or tubercles in thelungs becomes imposbible. The combined action of tbM medicines, tsthus zplalned, will vt-ry case of Consumption if the remedies are ued Ín time and the use of them íh perseverad in sufficieully to bring the case to s favorable teimioation. I)r. chencli'a Almauac, conialaiog a full trea Use on tho varioïis forma of distase, hla mode of treatment, and general diredionn bow Lo us l,i medicine, can be liad gratis or seut by malí by ad.Irpssinff blsPrinolpa) OJIicr, No. 35 N . fcixth mreet PbiladelpbU, l'a. ' li i ■-■ ol i . ■ Palmonlc Sfrnp and VVeedTouic,eaeh. S1.50 per bottlp.-.r 87. ."0 rhe balfdozeo Mnndrakc Pill.'.V.'S crtfi Mr box. l.-i sala by ílli artt(Cg"tf and den l-i ,


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