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j" ADÍES' FASHIONABLE SHOE HOUSE. 24 South Main Street, Penler n LADIE'S BOOTS AND SHOES, THE NEWEST STYLES iisr Kid? Calí, and Cloth, Ahvays on hftndtand Stock and Work Guaranteed. IIF YOU WANT AIBOOÏ,] A. .GAITKH, I-A. 33XJSKIN", OR BI-A. SLIPPER, CALL AND EXAMINE HIS STOCKJBEFORE PUB CHAÍIXG.' PRICES LOWER ïhan the LOWESTr - R. TARRANT. AnnIArbor,Mrtl'"h,16f9. AMERICAN GENIUS HAS CIVEN TO TUK WO1U.H MAXY A VALUABLE & USEFUL INVENTION : BOI IHEQREATE8T AND MOST U3EFUL 1NVKNIION OF TIIK AQE. TUK IvKüZIE EELIAÜLB Improred WaTER FILTER After yenre of labor ana stiuiy , a Water Filterhas been coiiKtructed so poifoct Ín íts u terna 1 I tn(uts,iliAt every fatuily or {leruti liavin tíicm m ' uee are aKsur"Oof pure, hf-altby water at II times. AlsokoowtOft ceitaiuly thcy are takinp into the fttnmach no sort or binil uf larva, or spawn of rorms i - nsfcis, r BtTDL4 lo&thtome aniiiialcula - or impure lloütiDK matter, tliat often lays the i tionof disease. This Iniproved Water Kjltcrreadily removfis allt!iis,alao a 11 l;h ■, tftst,OOlor oí an from the water; consequently u must be pute, , ablc aml Ikmíííí y. The manufat'lurert! - Kk:zík Se Hi'.nnki. - spare no ' expense in prncuring tlicfluest purified Carbon ,botfa i lionennd Wood, and tjuartz üi l-x f rv? fron) Umeor miiwTiil, foc thepftakfng. So t ha t the Kedzin lmpro ved Water Ptltor may be the most perfect purifier of watt-r in use. The y have boen pal to thenevere-st irovel au enlire succes vin cv.rvinatance. lliis Kedzie improved Water Kilteris belng iold throughout the l'nitpd Sïfttes aiul Can&dftStftnd those wlio iiow have thein in use ,certify totheir u'ilit i a perfect purifier of waler, art sny to tbe maiinfAC t n 1 :' : ' Ifakfl youf Re Iíh ble Improvd Filter generally knomi, forit wort illk6 a chnrin ." UftDufketared by KEDZIE ft BUNNEL, Rochester. N. Y. Por sale bj L.C. R15DON, Aan Arbor, Mich. I200i l J U2ÍBER YARD! O. KRAPF Hal :i lurjfe nil vsll stneked Lumbisr Yrd, on .Tefú.-M.n Slr't, in the soutli part "I the City, and wil] keep i -t.ui' ly m haod un c-.KCuIlfDt vu riet) of LUMfiER, SHINGLEfS, LATH, &C. wliicli will bc Hollín luw a ran ue iilToriicd liill.iR :nilkct. tiualitv and prices Kuch tlint do one noed to gil to n-unit. OONRAD KRAPF, Ann Arbor. Oct . It. 1809. !)-,0lf pEOPLE'8 DRUG STÜKE! R. W, ELLIS Sc CO, Ayer's Cathartic Pilis, For all the purposea of a Laxativa Medicine. s Perhaps no one mediJBÈa cine la so universally reW quired by everybody as Sj a cathartic, nor was ever cr3Qjaaes, nny before so universal%HIf!3 'y adoptcil into use, ia if?7 cvery country and amona: I JSÈÈ a" classes, as this mild rAYt.7SWf but eflicient purgativa t J Wf l'ill. The obvions rea___ %,_ - ' Bon is, that t Is a more re.- -T v; S&iSïsfe liablc and far more effecBÊÊÈÊfe tual remedy than any ■ other. Those who have tried it, know that t cured them; those who have not, know that it cures their neighbora and lïiends, and all know that what it does once it does alwaya - that it never fails through any fault or neglectof ts composition. We have thousands upon thousanda of certülcatcs of their remarkablc cures of tho following complaints, but sucli cures aro known ia cvery ncighborhood, and we need not publish them. Adapted to all ages and condiüons in all climates; containing ncither calomcl or any doleterious drug, thoy may be taken wlth saiety by anybody. Their n'ar ooating pre-serves them ever fresh and makea them pleasant to takc, white behif? purely vegetables no harm fan ariso Vom their use in any quantity. Ttaey operato by their powcrful inlluence on the Interna! viscera to purlfy the Wood and stimulato it hito healthy act ion - remove theobstructions of the stomach, bowcls, liver, and other organs of tlie body, restoring their irregular aotlon to health, and by correcting, wherever they exist, such deraugements as are the lirst origin f disease. Minute directions are givcn in the wrapper on the box, for the following complaints, which thuso JPíí.-í rápldly cure : - For u.vii'iiit or Xnilisri-ütion, Xii!tle n.4, Latauor and JLons of Appecfte, thcy should be taken moderately to stinuilatc the stomach and restore its healthy tone and action. For Iji 'iitiiI;iii3t and its various symptoms, Itilious IIiaila(li', Kick Bïcailache, Jauniliee or Crri'Oii ttickness, Bilious Colic and Biliont IVvora, they Bhonld Ijo judlciou8ly taken for each cae, to correct the action or ivniove tho obtructions wliich cause it. For fiïj Mi-iitiT.v '.■ Diarrlioett) bat onc mild dose is generally requircd. For Xiliciimaf iMiii, diout, Oraroi. Paipttatloa of t!i' Ilcart, l'ain in Niclf, ■tin-k and Xioa, thcy sliould bc contlnnonsly taken, as reqnired, to chango the diseased action of the systeni. With sucl ïBonge those complainta dUappenr. For Ijii and Dropüical Swellinpr they should be takon la IftTgo and frequent doses to produce the eiVect of a draslio pnrge. For Muiiri-!4siion a largo uoso should bc taken as it produces the deeiretl effect by sympathy. A.n ithiurr -11. takeoneorUro 'iis'topromote digestión and relieve the stoniach. An occaaional dose stimulatefl the stomach and howels Into hcallhy action, restores the appetite, and Invigoratea tho system. Henee itisottenadvantageous where no Berioits (lerangément exista One who feols tolerably well, nften Anda that adose of those 'Hls makea hun feel ilecidedly botter, tvom their clcansing and rcnovatlng eflect'on the digeative apparatus. DR. J. C. AYBIt C CO., Frarllfnl Chemists, LOWELL. 1IASS., U. S. A. BaU at wholtwala by FARKAND, SUKLEY&COf Detroit. 200 pieces OF SIDE STHIPE MERÊIMAO D. PRINTS, .MVT RECE) VED A'l' TUK Farmers' Store ! AND 1"OR SALE AT ! 12 1-2 cents per Yard. 1241 __ yi. OÜB A N 1) F E E 1 ) STOKP] ■ nST ISTEW BRICK BLOCK NO. 14 WEST LIBERTY ST. Delhi Flour ! AND AI.I, KINDS OF FKKD AND COAKSE GRATN fVnst.ntJy mi liaDl,ani áelivered to cutomcra iu :my part u{ cl '} - joíiv :;. LA.ÜBBN6A1BR. Ann A.bor, Kot. ' 124)mfi ! PIIYSIC1A1W Pn :n iptione Accuratcly and Caivfidly 'Prepared hy ' R. W. E LUS & Co.


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