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[RENVILLE, r] DRUGGI8T ! No. 5 Main. Street, 32aat Side, KEEPS CONSTAXTLY OX HAND I FAIINESTOCK'S LEAD.GROUND L IN OIL AND DRY COLOKS, r Oils, Varnishes, Putty, PATENT MEDICINES! g ;BUKTON'S .TOBACCO ANTIDOTE, COIiGATE'S SOAPSJ B.AIR OILS êf HA1R RESTORERS DRUGGISTS' SUNDRIES, N HAIB DYES, FLAVORING AND Handkerchiei Extracts GLASS RUBBER, AND IMTET A.:LJ.S-5r R.I 2ST'C3-,E S , TfiUSS ALL OF BEST MAKERS, ] PURE NATIVE WINES AND X.IGÍX3 OïlS 1 ( AGENT FOR TBE GREAT U. 8. 1EA COMPN'Y. Prescriptions put up wlth Care at all Hours. Stare open on the ftabbath trom 7 to 10X A. II J, 12 io 2, and 6 to 8 I'. M. GR V1LLE 4 FULLER'S ACCOUNTS, 'IF NOT SETTI.F.D BY APKIt list, WILL BE LEFT WITH THE PROl'ER OFFICERS FOU COLLF.CTION GEO. GRENVILLE. March5th, I8C9. 5WEETEIMBIMG ! SWEETENING ! FOR YOUR SUGAR and SYRÜP QO TO HÜLL, ROBINSON & CO. T ATEST NEWS ! ! WM. WAGNER, Haajustopeoeda large stockof FALL COODS ! ÏXCLUDIXG OLOTES, OASSIMERES, VESTINGS, &C. LATEST STYLES AND BEST QUAL1TIES WHICU UEOFKRS LOWER than EVER Aho in Store a large stoei of READY-MADE CLOTHING AND Gents' FUKNISHING Goods. OARMKN'TSMADETp OKDEIi I .S' THE Also LADIEi'and GENTS' MOROCCO SAÏCHELS N o. 21. South M1e Street- Etslde. CALL AND SEE THEM. WILLlAll WAliSEK. Ana Arbor.t., 1869. A FULL AND CHOICE LINEOF GROCERIES! MAY BE POUND AT Huil, Sobinson k Co's. DRY GOODS! GBOCERIES, CABFETS, OIL CLOTHS ! AT TUK FAKMEUS" STORE. Finest Assortmont. of Toilet ' Goods in the City, by piIE BEAHS ARE AHEADl ■ OHNSON, THE cHATTEE, Has juat opened a Largo 3tck of VINTER COODS! Inclct'llng Newest Style at IAÏS & FÜRS ! WUicli will beiold .O"VCrEH TÜ-A.3ST J=!V"JER. 1 AMO A LARGE STOCK OF LUVES, K)U.4, KECK TlliS, HANOKESCHIEFÏ, BATCH ELS, CANEtf Umbrellas, Parasols, Svt. Pleaae callandexamiue my goodsbefore purcha' g elsewhere. 0. 7 MAIN 8T., ■- ANN ARBOIt M1CH. November, 1S69. 191tf [TALT! AVALK INI! S. SON DHEIM, SICCE8SORLTO Mi. Guiterman & Co.i AT TUE 01D ILOTH NG HEADQUARTEKS HAS JC8T OPENED A OfFALL GOODS umoDtm CL O TH S, CASS1MEMES, VESTÍ NGS, tfC. AU of the Best and r.atcst Stylei,gf Together wlth a LARGE AND WELL SELECTED STOCK OP EEADF-MADE GLOTHING ANP GENTS' FÜKNISHING GOODS, WITH T.I1E LABGEST STOCK OF Bovs' and Youths' Clothing ! EVEK OFFERKD IN THJS 1URKET. Wlilchjheflers at Gieatly Reduced Prlees? AIbo a large lot of TÜT73SriLS 1 CI.OTIIING MAPE TO ORDER ÍN THE BEST STYLE Cali and examiné Jor tourseka I BNo. 9, South Main Btrent, "" ARBOR.SEPT.,lg69. 1052t f j]azaeus "&möFris7 Í.OJNDON, GhkatBritain, and HARTFORD, CON.V, U. 8. Have appointed JACOB HALLKll, Wutthuiaker Ai J(w Ier, Anii Arbor, Mlcl., Solo Agent for tliE Sale of their tiSl CELKBRATED PERFECTED SPEOTACLES, Vhlah liiTcbem extonsivnlv useii in Grfal Riilain und United Slale-,tbc],stcichl ytttrs. and forwhich ihiy clalm-thtuDdermnitioned ailvautaL-m overthoKo In ordlmrj u s.-, t )■ iroof of whlch my be teen in thi-ir conaUatl; inci-ianing busiucss during tlie nst plglit rcars. Ist. Tiiat from tiie peilect constructios c.fth kdsm. th asitt Dd irc-fcrve t!ie sight, renderiag frequent changes unnecessarj. Sn!. Tiiat thoy eonfer a brillinncy and (lIMInct. ■AM of vi.-it.n .witb Hnamonut nieAse and sontfelt not hitliono enjoj-ccib} sj'eclocle wearers. Tiut tlie matprinl frrm vliicb tbc lenrrs arefroundla maDuftelured rptrjtttj for opite pur. pOKf, ami is pure, bard and briliin ntv anl o liabl to beconie Bcntobed. Jib. Tiiat the iu w!ii h Uu'v are set, wketfc ri.'.ilil,slver orteel, nrc of the tnrat qualitj and linish, and gnarantei-d pcrfec in evcrv rej-poci Thpyarrthp gpectoclei (].( rji,Mvtii WKLI. Kt AÍII8T fl!K sicht, Aril n re t htr.pmt, l?rau thei,alwajs losliiig liwn Tinrs lliiut' ohaogfa bolnt necossary. nyniifof (lu Brm wUIrMt Ann -rbor at th Sloroof thcir Aient every '. vr raonthi, Air the p. pose o( Htlioiitho..,. ),nviK,lilr,i:t frK),t. ), n anr peoUc!s fold by tbtir Ag,nt i urinp tbei nterrM wift beexchartd freeol charge loot prnpoily 0lld. WE EMPLOTNO PEDVLünS._L$ Go to R. W. ELLIS & o'O's ! for ehoice Wines and JiquorF for Medical Fnrpos


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