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A Brain Atmosphere

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A new theory is jiropouuded to fíiow why one happeus to think of persons he ha not seen for years just belore meet ing thcm. A similar phenomenon often happeus when ons lias imprespions of tlit di-ai!) of (riends who iuay be tMousand of mili'S away, and snbscquonily lfarn tbat tlioy dicd at that particular moment A writor u tbe Lnndon Spectator thinks ihat thero is a brain utmospbere exteoding tbrough spaco, mnre sulitle than the air or even than t lio elcctric fluid. Aa tha undu ations of tbe air occasion nound. and tho undiilations of the ether give the impession of light, eo the undula!ons of this brain atuiospbere may omvey impressions betwcen sympathete niiiids. The theory ia a very ingenioua one, ond there aro cortaiuly many facts whioh it will explaio very sati.-factoiily, but ihese ilifferelit atmopheres must bo curiously constituted, if so tnany cliiTennt ibraliuas, moving from fo uiany direotions, do not interftre with one iinotber. The theory of light, with i's baodred of millious of ethereal vibrations cvery second, through the vast Bpace be'ween the earth and sun, or betwcen the eai tb. and a di-tant nebu'ai. bas always been a. tough morscl for our mental digestinn. The mesters of science lay down the luw, and we submit, but our fnitli is weak. And now comes in A npw íltninQnKprf with ft npw Hnnqn of raotions It is a lifctle too tnuob for U3, we confesa, and looks "aw' a muddle," as the world did to poor Stephen Bliickwell. Witli vibratious of air, vibrations of ether, vibratioDS of braiu atmospiero, aud vibvations of electriciiy, (we supposo tliat must víbrate too), thiugs will get mixed up batily. 'Tisno wonder insanitj ia inoreasing, for eo many vibiaicms are enougb to addlu any weak braiü, nd ranke it diffieült to íli8iínguis!i oue froni 'tother. We must beg our ecu'ntiiio frieuds to h;)ld up, and keep iheir discoveiies of any tuoie atmospheres to thcmsulvcs Nre sball bc erushed under the lcad, if the Dumber is increascd. There is a limit to Luiuan


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