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Farm Wages Must Come Down

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"Tha laborer ia worthy of bis hire," and'.we are deoidedly in favor of paying all tfoc d, faithful workers the bighest wages that can possibly bo afforded.- The farm cannot pay bVyoiid a reasonable per ciutuge of i-ts producís for workmen. The cost fur frcightage and oiher marketing expecEes is about the same fer wheu; at 75e per buthel as for üiat sold at 1,50 But niaking no allowanee for tbis lot us reckou the wages ol laborers ia wheat or oiher produia which be must buy for his fura il j. Suppose we put the wagi-s of good workmen at four bubbels ot wheat pur week tvith board, or five and a half without board. Tbia, witL wheat at 81,50 per bushei, is $25,00 or $3487 per moatb, if the employer celisiiis wheut and piiys money Is it just tlmt he should pay the same woaey wages wken liis wheat brinigs only75c? The plain trnth is he cao not alïord it. He cannot gire cight or teten bushela of wheat lor a weeks work Iftho laborer could feed his farailv twoyearsago on four bushels of wheal per weck, hu can get alon on less than doublé the quantity now, while ihe employcr is Btruightened for tho meána tu p&y interest, pDrchase raachiuery or mpiements, stock, etc. lf laborers do not appreciatci these facte, and moderate their flemands aocordingly, farmers will, tiom absolute necestüy, e compelled to shorten eail, and a largo number nf la borers vjl bu ihrowu out of emoloyment. Ev.-ry farmer will, of c do tho best Iiy can to retain hia Wblltned iuen, .nd tu keep gomo improvements goiag oa. Iiy ihe way, we wuld like to reecive irom our readers in different parts of tho country, statements a tothe numher of bushels of wheat, and of coru also, that have been equivalent 'o the average wsgesoffaruj hands, with without board duriog each ol tbe fer tof 1865' 1867 and 1S69 xo rt'rina thoC" clul'I'0t;tl hy Hie munth duiuriat. ''UvU y ear'- - wicm


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