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Ayer's Hair Vigor, For restoring Gray Hair lo its natural Vitality and Color. -JsmSwv is at once ag:-eeallo, F'1"' J' Kn hair is soon restored Wa to its original color Mm jS' ""' oss ani K" Thiu hair is thickcncd, falüng hair cbecked, and baldness oftcn, .though not ahvays, cured by its use. Nothing can restore the hair where the follicles are desiroyed, or the glands atrophictl and decayed. Ï3ut such as remain can be savcd for usefulness by this application. Inatead of fouling the hair with a pasty sediment, it will keep it clean and vigorous. lts oocasional use will prevent the hair fi'om turniug gray or falling off, aud consequently prevent baldness. Free from those deleterious substances which makc sonio preparations dangerous and injurious to the hair, the Vigor can only benefit but not harm it. It' wauted' mercly for a HAIR DRESSING, nothing clse can be found so desirable Contaiuing neither oil nor dyc, it does not soil white cambric, and yet lasts long on the hair, giving it a rich glossy lustre and a gratetul perfume. Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Practical and Analytical Chemists, LOWELL, MASS. PKICB $1.00. SnMatwholesai U} paUMaNu, i'HELKT V CODetroit. A t rrtai 1 bj uil di-Ufgists aod iDeicttftudtdd ('.ealerteverywhpre. A FUL17Ï.IN.E OF Colored and Black Silks !. BLACK ANÜ COLORED. ALPACAS! EMPRESS CLOIHS. AXD OTIIER] SEASONABLE GOODS, JCST EECEIVÏD AT H. MILLEN'S. QLOAKIXGS, BEAVEUS, CHINCHILLAS! ASTRAK AN AND SCARLET BROADCLOTH -A.T THE FARMERS' STORE. We are now opening the largest and best selected Stock of Dry Goods and Carpets we have ever brought to this Gity, and will sell them at Lower prices than ever before. HENION & GOTT. pALL AT THE Farmers Store, and see their Goods and Learn their Prices. Everything in Sress Goods Mfaïked Down.


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