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Mortgago Sale. DEFAULT haring been made in the conditions of ft eert a il mottgage whort-by the power thereln COntalned to scll han bucome operativc, execuled by George Larztlere, of Wasntenaw Connty, State "f Michigan, to Alfréd Mrcelere. of Jackson (Jom.ty, State aforesaid. dated on tenth day ol September, A. ]), om thousand elght hiiiulrcd and sixty six and re corded in the ol the Register of Dueds for the Con u tv of Waahtenaw, State of Hlehigan, on the (21 h du of September, A. 1). 18Bé al IS odook m. in Líber 37 of Mortgages, od page IBf, whicb mortgage was flnly anten ed on the anh day of si ptembjer, A. I). 1866 Dy saiil Mtr-nl 1,,-irzelcre to Louwa !' wiiicii Mslgnment was doly remorded In the omce of the Registe of Deeds ftr the aid Gonnty of WaehEeoaWt on the,38th dar of September, A. D. 1866 at 21.; o'ciock p. m., in I,iïcr i of Asttgnments f Mortgages, on page '216, apon wbih raortgage there is claimod to be due al the date of thii nonos the suin Of fíl.Mj fonr hundrcil and fiftr-fne dollars, and an Attorm-j'íí Jee ot' tliirty dollars speclfled iu aaid mortand no snit or proceedlngs at law havlng been instituted to recover any part. thereof, notice a there fore hereby given , that on Sïitunluy, the liithdayo: Alaren next , at nlne o'ciock Inthefbreooon Í BhaU sel at public iuiction, to the hfrrhest bidder, fsale to tako place al the front door or the Washténaw Coüntj Circnit Oonrt House, In the City of Ann Arborj the premisos contained or descrlbed In tald mortgage for ao mncn Riereof as shall be neoessary to the nniouiit due on e-aW mortgage wlth Interast at ten percent andatl legal coste together wlthan Attorni ivc of thirty dolían agreed lor tbereln,j that is to say. all that certain tract or pai-ccl of land sitúate In the Connty of v ushtenuw st;ttc of Michigan known as tiic Bouth-west qnarter -t Bonih-west qnarter of sectl n nnmber ihiMy-three, tpwntbip nnmbor iour CO Bonth range three (8) vm%, eatcepttng five aeren and forty-one rod - in north-weei corner thereof, also ahout fourths of an acre in sonthwi l corner oi east half of southweal qnarter of aaid nectioii, jying between Brooklyn and Chicago roato, so-called" contalniog In the ab vo parcela thirty-eix and one-third acres ol land, more or lyas. LOUÏRA BIOKLOW, S.BAHQKBB, Aaeigoee oí Mfirtxajoa Attornoy for Aesignee. Dated, Jackson ÜeC ltth, IKC9. 1249 Mortgago Sale. DEFAITLT having beun mado in the conditious of fl certain mortgage, executed by Charles B. Thompson and Appaloula M. Thompnon (hia wife), of the City of Ann Ar bor, County of Wtishtcnnw, Michigan, to Firman Gh Rose, of the vifiage ol Dexfcer, County and State aforeeaid, and beartng date the ninth day of October, A l. 1866, and recorded In the offlee ol the RegUter of Deed of Waehtenaw County, in the Stite ot' Michigan, on the eleven' day of October, A D. iS'jö. at fonr o'ciock in the nfternoon, in llber 31 oí mortgíC8 on page 168 whtch eaid mortgage igned bj the sald Firman Rose tt Aretnsj Dnnn, bj an :l:l:t]nrn dated the twenty seventh day of .ianiiary, A 1. 1868. whlcb asslgnment was recorded ir the lieifisters office of the Bate County ol Washtcnuw, on the twenty-si -.venth day of January, a D. 1868! in liber ono of Asrigiunents of Hoi ut page 56, by which defanlt the power of safe In palo mortgage bac bocome operatlvoi and tin; omouut claimed u Be dne (and anpald] on auld mortgage. and the note accompanying tii' same at the date ol this uotict ■ is one thousanil fonr humlred and thirty dollars and elghty-nlne cents, also an Attorncyfs fee of thirty dollara prorided for In sald mortgage, and no aait or proceedlnga at law or in chano-rynaving been tustitutcri to recover the sme or any part theieol, now, there ore noticc is hen-by jriven, thai on Satnrdiiy. t' e t welft h day of Haren, A. D. 1870, at ten o'clock m the forenoon of said day, at the south door of the Court Hoase, in Bald City of Ann Arbor, by vSrtne of a power of eaie in snid mortgage en tained I shall -cii at public auctlon, t the liiL'lit't bkbSer the premlses desetibed in ?aïd mortgage, or so miich ' thereof as may be uecessary to sansfy the amonnt doe on wild uortgage wlih interest and costs and expenses allowed by law, the premlses described as follOWS : AU those certafn piet-es or parcela of tand, Bltuated In the (Mty of mi Arimr, County ol Wnliii naw and State of Michigan, known, bonnded and descrlb das f llows, to-wit: lieing Iota nnmbered one (1), two f'2;, three (S), fonr f4; . and Sve C'j , in biock number flvc (o) borth t" QurOn Street, and range anmber ten (10) east, acoordlng to a recorded plat of Ann Arbor Datcd, Ann Arbor, Dccemtwr V.'.th, 1869. AHKTU8 DUNN, Siiti.KY G. Taylob, AsB'ynee of Mort ea ge Attorney for Asalgnee. 124S Mortgage Sale. [AEFAUTT having been made in the conditïon of a 1 mortgage given by Stephen B. ÜcCfacken and Lucinda ola vüc, to Elijan v. Uorgan, to socare the pttyment of further advauces and premiums lor Insnrance amnng othcr thincs, dated JunelÖth, a.d 1862, and recorded In the Reglster's Oftlce. in Washlenaw County, June SOthi A. I). 1863 ■ in libcr ■o of mortgages, at page B98, by vrfalch the pow r of eale iherein contained beenme operaEive. and no puit r proceWing havlng beon instituted at law to recover the debt eecurcd thereby or any ]art thereoi and the sum of sil hundjed and elghty one dollars (681J bi-lng now cfalmèd to be dnq thereon Ñotfoe is hereby glven, bat said mortgage will be foreclosecï by a Bale of the mortgaged prem&e, described as lots No. twelvo and thlrteenin block Nu. six In Brown and Futlers AdditioD, ín the city of Aun tibor. ín the CotuatJ Of Washtenaw, in the State ofMlchigafii or somc part thereof, at pnbllc vonduc, at the Court House, in Aibor, on the twellth day of Marco, neit, at noon. Dated, December lfith, A. D. 1S6Í. ELIJAH W. MORGAN, J. Att'y. 1248 rtgagee. Mortgago Sale. DBFAÜLT havlng been made in the eondition of a mortgage executed by Bdward BUenoardt aud Caroline, hTa wife, to Angnstos Wldenmann, datud Tannary 2d, 1807, and recorded ru the Kcj:iater's office. in Vfctsntunaw Couniy, Michigan, on the 26thdayóf January, 186T, in libcr 35 of mortgagea, on page 810, by whtch default the power of sale contal ued in said morteage became operative. and no proceedlngs in law or t-qnity linvinii been institutcd to recover ihe di;!)t secured by said inortgage or any part thereot, and the sara of one hundred and ?ixty-two dollara being now claimod to bc due upon said mortgage ; notice ia therefore hereby given, that said mortgage will be foreclosed by n Sale of the premiseg described in Hflld mortsifipre, or somc part thoreof, to-wit : The followinc described land, sitnated on sectlou thirtytwo, in the tnwnsbip of Ann Arbor, In Wfishtenaw Connty, UichlgaD-i vis.: Beginning on the we&t side of Bala section, at a poiot 5 chaina and tt&H Hnka south of th; northweat corner of said section, thence east parallel to the north line of the section 7 chaius and 60 links, thence north parallel to the west line of said sectioo 'l cbains and 66Jí links, thence west parallel to the north line efíthe section to the west sec tion line, thenos SOUth S chatns and 66Jj links to the place of beginning, contalnlng two acres, exceptlng n right of way one rod in width on the east sidc of the above described land, at jublic vendue, at the Court House, in the City of Ann Arbor, In sald Couuty, on the 26th day of February next, ut noon. Dated December 2(L 180. AtTGFÜSTUS W1DENMAXX. N. V. Cuiuvm, Att'y. 1'2-iü Mortgagee Mortpase Halo. DEFAULT hnviuL' been made in the coodltloai of a certain mortgajre made by Richard Clinton an(t Gcorjre Clinton t Ñolson B. Nye, Execntor ander the wilt of Charles llyïand. deceased, dated November the seventh. A. 1. 10!"'. and recorded oa the tenth day of November, A.D 1860, in the otllco of the Register of Deeds lor Washíenaw Conntj , Michigan. In libnr thirty-pcven of IfOrtgagem on pae two hundred, which sald mortgage was dnly a?sii;ued bj said Nnlson B. Nyc, Executor. to Rkhard Beahan, Adminlstratof witfa the will nnnexed of the estáte of pald Charles Hyland, deceased. by assignment dated May the elghteenth, A. D. ISOO, which nssiinment was dnly recorded ld the Rcelcter's Offico aforesald, on the flfth day of November, A. 1). 1860, in liber two of Asttgnments of Hortgagcs. on paafl three hundred and twenty. fíx. DDOn which mortLMicc there Is now claimed to be due the ramfof three hundred and seventy-flro doUars and nlne oents , besldes the sum of thirty dollars ns an Attorncy's or Solicitor's fee provided Ut i said mortgage ; and no suit or proproceeding hávlQg been lnetttrtted at law to recover tUc sum now due and secnred by sald mortgage. or any part thereof ; Now. therefore, by irtue of the power of sale contalned In sald aiortsfage. and by virtue ot statnte In tmch case mado and provided, notice is hereby glven, that on Satarday, the nlneteenth day of February next, at 12 o'ciock, noon, of that riav, at the sout-h door of the Con-rt House, in thticityot Ann Arbr. County of Washtonaw, and State of Michigan tbclng the place of holding tho Circuit Court within said Coonty)i there will be sold al pnibllc uction, to the blghest bidder, the premises described in Batd mortxagö, or so mnch thereof n may be nece&tary to satlsfy the amount due on said mortgage witli Interest and costs, Indadlngan attorney of thirty dollars as aforesaid which said prenúses are descrJbed as Gollows: The imrtheast part of let number Üve in block two north oflïuron .treet, range utree, a'xordlng to the recorded plat of the village fnow city) of Ann Arbor, Michigan, oommcnclng at the northeast corner of sald lot and block and irnnnlng outh eighteen feet, thence west sixtysix feeí - thence north eixlitcen 'eet, thence eaet sixtysïx fret ïo the place of beghroiirg. AIbo the rignt Eo oin the brick wall standuignear the eouth line of said land, Dated Xov. 23d, lfiO. RICHARD BEAIIAN, AssigneeMortgne Salo. DEFAULT having heen made ïn the condltfon of a certain mortgage ezecated by Minerva Davis and Lorenzo Dftvis, of the Citv of Ann Arbor. County of WaahienHw and State of Michigan, on lhe2ltdaj of Angusr, a. D. 18C7, to Dárrafl DoQglaas, of the City oí' Aun Arbor aforesald and recorded in the Reglster's offlee of said County of Washtenaw, on the 28th dav of August, A. D. I8tfr, at 4 o'ciock P. M. of said day, in líber i7 ol mortgages, on page GIS, on which mortgago there is claimed to be duo at the date of tble noticc the ram of two hnndred and forty-flvo dollars and twentj-seven cents, also an Attorney's fee of thirty dollars sboold miyproceedings be taken to fbreclose the same, and uo sultor proceedlnga at law or eqnlty having been Instítoted to recover the debt or any part thereof; Notice ie glven that by virtue of the power of Bale iu b iiil mortgflge oontalned, I ehall sell at public aactlen, to thehlghest bidder, on the I9thdayof February A. D. 1870, at 2 o'ciock in tlie afternoon of that day, at the front door of the Court House, m th city of Ann Aitun-, in the Connty of VTashtenaw and State of Ulcblgan, the premUes described In sald Biortgage, as, all that certain tract or pared of land sitnared In the Ciiy of Ann Arbor. County and State aforosatdi known, b undod andaescribedasfHows, to-wlti cmmencli ;it the sonthweel c rneroflt nnmber elght (8) Iu block number two (2j snth oj Huron street. and range nnmber eight eaat. In Danforthand Wïlsn's Axhlitlon t the Villano f Ann Arbor, thenoe ronnlng oast on Um south line of said 'iv links t" a Btake standing on sald line. thence nnrtherly parallel with the west Uneofsald l't to a Btake standing on the nrth line of eaïd lot, thencawestoB said north line eighty llake to the northwesi corner of Bald loL thenco s -utherly on the west line of sald kt to the place of begionlng. November litíih, 1860, LOU18A J. TTCKNOK, Bxecutrix of il"1 ast will and stament of Darlas Duuglass, deceased. Joun N. OrTT. l-'-í' Attorney f-'r the Exocutrix. Real Kstato for Salo7" STATK OP MICDUGAN, Connty of Wasjbtenaw, n In tii' matter ol the estáte oi Qeorge K Samncr minor, Notice Ie hereby gh en ■ that ín pnrsnance of au ur.k'i' gninied to Uur underelgoed, Qaardian oftbe estáte oi said minor, by the Hen. Jndge of Probate Tor tho County of washtenaw, on the slxth day of er, A, i). I8W, there will be sold at puWnj , to kbe hlghest )iddi-r, at (he barn oa the premlseB berelnaftei deacrlbed, in the Coimty of Wauhtenaw, In oald State, on Thnrsday, the twentvseventb day of Jannary, a. d. I8T0, at one o'ciock In the afternoon of tbat day, (subject t all encumtrancea by mortgage or otherwlpe oxlctlng at the time of sale, and also subject to the right of dower of :he nndersigned, as wldirw of Qeorge Samner, fleeasedt thoCollowIngdeecribed m ■ The oortbwest qaaiter of the southoaat opArter; tho northeart qnarter of the sonthwest qaarter ; aud the ■iin-.Lh in.lf of the Bontheatt qnarter of section flve, ntQwnahlptwo uwUi oT range three east.containa" onc hnjcttlred aud moreoi; lesa, iu sald Datotl, December Mn, A. D. 1SS, l.MT ALICiS BUMABR, Quurdífftt. Mortgap-e Sale. WHXBBAS, John Harria and Uary Hatri wife, o! tlie City of Ann Arbor, County of Washtefiaw, andState ofMichigarf, on the thirteenth day of September to Willinm II. Parker, of Xjowell, Mast achuseltsi tu secure the payment of c'-rtain principa] mul Interest moneys therein mentioned, whi was-recorded in tii' ii r the Connty, on the28d day "I September, A. 11. im.t. ut 11' "Vloek A. M '. I ii Uber 87ofmoitgsges,on i age 651 ; and, whereas, defanït ! ■ made for more than tïiirty dnys in the pitynicnt of au Inatallment or sala Interest money which liecame dm; mi the thirteentb day of September i reaeon whereof, aud pursuanl to ihe mortgage, said lnortjrnL'eelicreby eleCtS 'luit BO DruCh of said principal ;is remalns nnpaid with all arrear: interest thcreon, Bbail become dueandpayaole Immediately ; and,whureas, there is claimcdto be due and unpaid on sald ulortgage at the this notii-.e, fonrteen hnndred and slxty-four 82-100 dollars for principal and Interest, al an Atti fee of thirty ollars shoald any proceedlngs be taken to foreclose Bald mo i no snit or proeeed. Inga ht iiuiuii ellher in la.w or eiiuity to or any part ther therefore taereby given, that on the nineteenth day of Februarj next, at two o'dock in the ai. at the froni door oi' the Oourt Uonse, iu the City of Ann Arbor, being the bntlding in which tlie Circuit Court for lid Connty ta held, and by virtue of the power i u ■ m mortgace. Ishall teil :ii pubiic auction, to the highest bidder, the rlc-i 1 in ga UI mortgftjre tositiafythe amonntofmindpal and interest above claimedas dua, with the charges of snch sale, insurance and an Attoruey's fee of thirty dollars, the! land, sitnated in the city of Ann Arbor, County of Washtenaw and State of Michigan aforeaid. k'nown, boumled and d' - tr-wit : being lot nuniber four, C4j In Bower s Additton to the ('iiv of Ann Arbor, accordiug to the recorded plat thereof. November Sflth, irg. wiluam ir, pakker, Mortragee. ■Toiin N. Gott, Att'y. for Mortguee. l4utd Mortgage Sale. TVTÍFAUI.T baring been mada in the conditions of o xJ certain mortgage made and executed by Charles Bentier, Evensttne Beutier, Richard O Travfer and Margare! Iv Traver, of Ann Arbor, County of %":i-b - tenaw, and State or Michigan, to Robert SlcCormick, of the town of Anti Arbor, State aforesaid, on the 28thday of June, A. D. l07, nnd recorded in the Ite;:ister's ofllce of Washtenaw Co&nty aforesaid, on the 29th day of June, A. ü. 18OT, at:; o'clock V. M. of said day, in liber !i" of moftgages, on page 7P8,and tha( there is now due and unpaid upon Ntiil mortgsgeai ii note acompanyit.i: Umi same, the gum of nino hundred nnrt nine (ioll.-irs and thirty-three cents, al o un Attorney's lee of forty dollars shotfld any proeecding be 'taken to foreclose eaidraortgage ; umi ; ceedhiL'f at-law or in eqni y havinig been hadtore cover aald snm OP any part thereof, now, therefore, notice Í8 herehy girefl that by virftie of a powtr of s:i]e In satil moriu'fif' oontalned, [ shall sell at public auction, to the hffihést bidder, on the Sth day of February nest, at -2 nvlock P M. of satd 'tav, at the front door of th Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor, County aforeeaid : The west twenty Beven ñnd a half feetof lot ntltr.ber live. in block nombertwo sotith of Hnron -treet and range number foareast, in the city of Ann Arbor, Jlichigan, according to the recorded plat t' ereof. November llth H '. El.LKN MfiCORMICK, Execntrixof the la t wiil :u testara ut of Bobert McCormiclt, Mortgagee : i Jon N. Gott, Attorney. 1243td Mnttgage S'ale. DEPAULT ha lní been marl! in the condition of a certain mortgage.made and executedby Lonisa lai", oí Clinton, Li'liawee Connty. in the 8 Michigan to Julia A Hall, of YpsilantJ Coanty of Washtenftv and ötate aforeaald, on the lBth riay of Octoher 188 . and recorded 'ifrlccof ashtenaw Conuty aforcs;iitr fin the 14th day of January. ... 1). i -'m at i o'clock l. M . in LiberSSof Mortiraes od paj;e 50J, and that. there is clauinil tiv be dne upon paúl mo: tgage and the note accpmi a;iIng the Bame 'be fnni "f elght hundred and fort-nme dollars and forty-five cents n:id an AttorneyV fee of thirty dollars ehould any proceedingfl be takeo lo (breclose H:id mortgftire ; and no proceedicgs at law or in eqnlty havlng been had to recover Bald soms of money or any part thereof: rlow.tncrefffre, notice is hereby given that by virtue of a powei of tale in sald mortgage contalned, ! ehall sell at pnblicauctton to the hij:het bidder on the flfth day of rebrnary aext. at o'clock P. M. of that day, at the front d'our of the Court Honse in the city of Aun Arbor in COUnty all tluit rertain pareel of land in the city of TpsJlactl kiinun an ' described as Lot Ko.Qned) in ihe Normal School addition to the villripe (now fityi of Vpsilanti belng the samepropertj oonveyed by the party of the second part to the party of the first part. November 3d, 1SC0. JÜI.IA A. HAI.L.Mortgngee. JohnN. Gott, Att'y for Mortgagee. i-i.: Mortgage Sale. TlEFAüLTliavin' heen made in the conditions of JJ Bmortgagü executed by Margare! F'ynn and John l-'lvn i her Bnsband, to Morgan OBrlen dated Septi-inbcr r.'tli, A I) 186% and recorded UitheEegliter's Otl'u-e. in Washtenaw County Michigan un the löth day of September, A. D. 1886, iii Boa :;::' mortiiages, on pare -60, and assined by Bald Morgan O'Brten loCaty Vanderbilt, Jannary 24th. lséc, by deed of assignmeDt duly recordcd Otcober 3 ! acroaa the (ace of the noord ofaaid mo by which default the power of aale containnl in süiil mortgagc became operativo, and no proi ■ in law or equity having l)een instituted to recover tbc flebt seeured by saitl mortgage, or any part thereof, and the pum oi twenty-flve dollars and thirty-seven cents betng nu'.v clainicil to be due npon Bftld mortgige bei -ts and expenses of this fn ure ; Notice is therefore hereby glven that Bald mort gaga wlll be foreclosed by a sale of the premises desenbed in said mortRafre, or some part thereof, to wit: The north flfty-two feet in width off lot No. fifteen, in block Xo. one, in f)rmsby & Page's Addb tion to the city of Aun Arbor. Michigan at pnbli vcndui' at the Conrt Bonse. in said city ui' Ann Ai bor on the fifth day of February, next, at uoou. Dated. Xovcmber .Sth. 186. 1243 CATY VANDERBILT, AssiRn Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT having been made in the condlip' of a certttiu mortgage executed by Aion Dean, aud Catharlne Dean, (bis Wife), ofthe city of Ann Arbor, Michitriin, to Konnan Chapl, ol the same place, and be:irinr date thewenty-0üiuAy of July, A. D. isiii;. and recorded on the ti ■■■ enthday of July. A. D. i-oii in the office of thiie-,'Ister if Deeds of Washtenaw Couuty, Michb Iibcr35 of Mortgages, on page :::'T. which sslfiortgage was assigneo by the said Norman Cl James P. Royce, by an aasignmeut dated the rentythlrd day ot' AtiL'iist, A. J. "i-W, which aen ment was recorded in the Register'e office of f sald County of Wftsbtenaw, on the tWenty-ëevenfday of Jannary, A. D. 1868, in Uber or.e of aasigqwnt of mortgafie&tat ):ii;' ."."T, by which default tï power ofsaiein said morí ecomc opeflve, and the am uutclaimed to be due (and upaid on said mortgage. and the notes accompanying thiame, at the date of this notice, is four hundred nndt'ty-three i diillars and twelve cents, also aii i:ttory's fee of twenty five dollars providcd for in Baitförtpage, aud nö Kuit or proceeding at law, or in cnaCery. ■ in been instituted to recover the same, q any part thereof, now, therefore, notiee is herebyíven, thnt on Satnrday, the fifth day of Februarv.A D. 1870, at ten o'clock in the foreuoon of salöay, at the sou tb door of the Court House, in the sï dty o; Ann Arbor, by viitne of a power of sale in liil mort-ragc Í contalned, I shall sell at public auctioi to the "■ est bidder, the p.-emisi's described in Ba mortgage, or so nuch tuureof as will be necfary to satisfy ( the amount due on said mortgnïre k interest and 1 costs and expenses Allowed by law. tl premises a scribcd as follows: All the followlnfjescrlbed piece orparcel of land, commenctng in leenterorthe KbeJ White road, on section thirty (.".Oin the town f u shtpof Ann Arbor. Co;mty of Waslitiaw, and state of Michigan, at the north-west cornejf lamí owned f by Clement K Thompson, thence sdth parallel to " the cast quiirtcr line of said Bectlon the sontb line ' of said section. therce west on the stfh line of saiil } section Ibnr chains and eventy-elf and onc-hnl 11 inks. thence north parallel to the t quartcr line of said section to tne center öf Öie pr white road. ;hence northeasterly atong the cenf of said road n to the place of beginsing, containinpineLaud tl one hundredths acres, more or l88j 9 Dated, Auu Arbor, November Kit.HSi'O. a JAMES KOYCE. b D. Cha mee, Assie of Mortgage. lf Att'y. for Assignee. % 1-'4S n , '_ l; Mortpjape Sa. [J "nEFAFLT havlnt; been made iwe conditions ofa ,'. U certain indentiire of mortpraixecutcd by Eli H ., Morey andQeorgeB Moray, of f vülage of tl Ëester, Michigan, to Horatio )rch, of the same place, hearing "date the twentvfth day of March, A.D 1887, and recorded on thsrentyfirst day of _ November, A 1). IS' 7, in the off of the Kegibter of ciils of Washteuaw Connty, ichijjan, in Uber hirty-eight ot morkgages, on pc one hundred and Jxty, by which the power of 3 thereln contalned las becme operatlve, which nwage was asslgned by the sald Horatio lir.rch in iailB. Hinea by an .' amgnment dáted the nlnth dfof September D. cl 1S, which aasJgnmeDt waly recorded in the ol Re Ister's office oí the said Only "f Washtenaw, U1 ou the second day of Octobj A 1). 1889, in Liber two of assigamenta of mortMS, on pace two . drad and olnety-five acd by ron of said default the a amount claiined tol dne au npald on sald mortgage and a certain note acefpanylog the Bame at l' the date of this notice Is slvndred and forty-nine c dollars and elghty cants (. :"!. alsoan attorney's c' fee of thirty dollars provldaior in said mortfjage, and no snit or proceeilint law or in chaucery ie having been Insütuted wecover tho same, or " any part tbereof, now, tefore, notice is ?"' by givcn, thnt on Tnestt the eleventh day o '" January. A. 1. L8T0, at pen o'clock in the fore noon óf said day, at the tith door of the Court fP House, in the City of ,n Arbor, in said Coun. "' ty of Washtenaw, by vi ola power of sale in lid mortgage contalnt I shau sell at public U1 anctlon to the hlghest bif'r. the premises de-eribed aL in said mortgage, orso fh thereof as may be "' essarv to satisfy ihe ainut dus on said mortgage sa with interest, and costu expenses allowed by luw, he the premises being sifed in the vlUage of be ch ster,ln the County Washtenaw, State of Pr iran, and described as lows to-wil : BetngnUage ce: otsnnmbernlno, tci eleven, in Uockirumber i twenty-two, in the vïre of Manchester, according to a surveyed plat of 'I nlllage r rdpd in the i of theRegiiterof Dpfbrsald (',1111117 ofWashtenaw, cxceptlng srfeserving twenty-fonr feeton Bicharme Place run'!-' back f.irty feet. In the S east corner ot lot nti'cr nine, in block tweuty-two, ' belng the same ocded by 'Case&Ccoii" at the ! time suid "ivpn "„ D. Cbamkk. Att-for Assignce. _ 1238 (:M-ory Notice. dU( THE (JIRCUpOrjKT for the Couuty of WashCa l naw, in tpceiT. m Charles ThasCoinpIainant vs. Elyah w. Morfaa gan, and uiffi üheever, Administrator of tlie mi csi;it'it Maynarfl. deceased, Defendants, Ex Bill ftled to lo tip the affaire and business of ] tho Companyf elnlore known as tbs Ann Arbor dn' Land Cjmpal and '.o divide the property and nol 1 n 1 f an order tna hereby given to the Stockcea , ml uiers of th( scrip or certlficates of aye stock lepue'aidCnmpnuy to present and prove tol the same ajïl other claims to the Btockaofthe Arl 'Miii-Linv. pre the nnderglgned, Oïrcnlt 'urt er Comniis.-icï-at hhroffleein tl om Ar bol, rur to whoin Jmalter has been rèferred by Court, [)er on tir befu 'iH-sday. the tirst day of lebrtiary nezt, Sil{ and tocqfibute thelr p.'opar. abaren respectlvely c,',,, tof prosecutlng (hu sult . ,iJV Dated, Aun Arbor, !)■;■■ -■ th, i no! 8IBLEY G TAYL0B, one of the of" Circuit Court Oommiasioners for Washttnaw County, Mich. Rot, for C'ompMt. nul otoR.W.ELLIS& CO's l ftftrietly Puro Drugs and Miicines'Paints, Oils, &c. Esíatcf of Arija fíürd. OTATE OF MicniCiAN, County of Washténaw1, i-.O Al a sesglon of the Probate Court lor the Count of Waíhtenaw, hoidenat the Probate office ín tha City of Aun Arii'ir, mi 'rhnrsday, tlic twpnty-thlr day of December, in the year onc thousaud cichfr hundrcd aiul sixty-nine. I rescnt, Ilirnin J. Beakes, Judge of Probate. I n the matter of the estáte of Arlm Hard, deDeWitt 0. Hurd, Adminlattatoi of said estáte,comes uto Court imd represents that he ie now pre-pared to reuder his final accouut aa such Admin' istralor. ;;on it is Ordcred, that Monday, the twenty j-v n -xt. at ten o'clock in tha' forenoon be at imlnlngandallowinganca: account, and that the heirs at law of said deceawd, and all othcr persons interested in aatd estáte, are required to appoar at a aesslon of said Court, then tof be bolden at Ihe Probate Uilice, lu the. City of Antt' Arbor u , and Ghow raiise f any there ber why the Baid account should nol be allowed : And itiar fiirtlii-r ordered, that suld Admlnlstrator rive notlceto theperona interested In suid estáte, of the penf said acconnt, and tbe hearing thereof; by copy of thi order to ',: ■ pabUshad in tho , newspaper printed and circulating in said Connty, thrce niceessive weeks previous to1 sai day or hearing. CA tniccop.) H1RAM J. BEAKBS, Judge of Probate. Estáte of Sarah Pacy. CTATE 01' MICHIGAN, County of Wft.slitpnaw.se1 O Al a Bession of the Probate Court furthu County nf Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Office intlio city of Aun Arbor, on Tuesday, the twenty-elghttf day of ■lanuary. in the yearoue thonsuad eiht ha- i slsty-nine, Present Hlram J. Beakes, Judge of Probóte. In tlie maller oí the cetalc of Sarah Pacy, dectased. Onreatitairand fillnrthc pptition.duly vcrifled.ol Ruïne Knlght, prujing that Harrlat Kuigtumay be" appolnted Adniiuistratrix of tbo estáte of said de- ceaeed. Thoreupon it is Ordered, that Monday, tbe twenry-fourth day of January, next, at ten o'clock In the ï'orrimon, be assiiuíd for the hearing of tltlon, and Uut tin: heirs at law of saiddeceased, nd all other persomlnterested in said estater aro reqnired to appear at sessiou of said Court, them to holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arl' v,nui show canse, ifnny thcre bc. why the prayef of tiie petlüonei should not be grantedi Anditis further ordered, that said petitioner give notice to tint persons Interestcd In sald eetate, of the pendency ol said petiüou, and the hearing thereof.oy causingai copy of this Order t be pubjLsned in the Michigan newspaper priuted and circula iníí in said County, threesuccessive weeks previous to said da óf hearing. Ík tntecopy.) HIRA'I 3. BEAKF.S, 1-'5O Judee of Probate. Estáte of Mirgirct MoCarthy. OTATE ÓF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, s. O At ft sessfon Of the Probate Conrt for the County OfWashtenaw, holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Arm Ar'iur. on Wedhesday, the twenty-ninttt day JÍ December, in the year one thousanü eight hundred and stxty-nine. Present, ilirjni J. lieakes, Judtre of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of liargaret J.cCarthy Op readin'g and f.llng the petitl"n du!y vcrifledof lidward l'uwi-rs praTng thata certain instrument dow on 01e in tliis Coartpnrportlng to be tbe lust will and testament oí aaid decensed. may be admitted to and that he inay be appolnted aole Executor thereof. Thcrcupou It U Ordered, thnt Monday, the twentyfourth day ofJanuary, next, at ten o'clock in tha Cotonoon, beasaigned for liie hearing of aald petition and thatthe Icgatees, devlMee and heirs at law of said d,'anda)1otherperous toterested in said esat;, are teqalred to appear at asesslonof said Court tlu'ii to be holden at the Probate Oflice, in the city of Anu Arbor, and show cause, il auy these be.whj the prayer of the petltloner should nof be granied : And it is further ordered, that s:iiil petltloner give no' tice t o ihepereoQsintereated iiiMaulcstaie of thepen- dt-ncv of said petitïon, and the hearinf1' thcreofi by causing a copy of this Order to he published in the Michigan Arqu% a newspaper printed and circulating :ounty, thrce saccessive weeks previons to gald day of bearine, CAtriiecupyJ 1IIRAM .T. BEAKES, 129Otd Judüe of Probate. Estato of Ilannah Browning. OTATE UF MICHIGAN, Connty of Washtenaw, es 0 Ata session of the Probate Court for the County of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Oilice, in the city of Ann Arbor, on Satunlay, the ëieventh da of Datember, in the year onc thousand eight hundred anA Blxty-nlne. Present, llirain J. Beakes, JoBee of Probate. lu the matter of the Estáte of llauuah BrowntDg, deceased. On readinpand ñlincr the petitïon, duly verified. of Charles O. Wheeler. Administrator dn bmus not;, prayiug that he nxay l)e licensed to sell certain real estáte, (rnereof s'iiil oeceased liffl Bleaed. Thereopon it is Ordered, that Monday, the" tw-iity-lburth day of Jannary next, at ten o'clock intlif Coronóos be assigned for the hearing of said. pttitiou. and that the heirs at law of said ileceasedlier persous Interested in said estale, are re-. ciiired to appear at a Besston of said Court, theu to be mden at the Probate Office, In the City of Ann Arbor. nul show canse, tf anj there be, why (Wprayer ofthe ntttloner shoald not begranted: And it is further or-. dired.that said petitioner trive notice to tho persone iltcrested in saidestatf. of thepemlency ofsaidpet pn,and theheaiing thereof (y cauamg uropycf ■la. Order to be pnblished in the Michigan Argut, fewepaper prlntedand circulating in s.iid County,. onr successiTè weeks previous to said day of heat. ÍA tniecopy.) 1IIRAM J. ÜKAKES, Jndgeof Probate. Estáte of Lucretia Sweeting. OTATK OP MICHIGAN, Connty ofWashtenaw, ss 0 At n session of the Probate Court for the County of W'aehtenaw, holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, on Tharsday.the sixteenth day ut December, in the year one thousand eight hundred and sixty-nine. Present, Hiram J. Beakos, Jadjee of Probate. In the matter ol the estáte of Lucretia Sweeting, deceased. On reading and filmer the petition dnly verified of J.-iiin'. . Sweeting praying liitit a certaun instrument now tui file m this Court, purporting to bc the laat will and testament of sald deceased may be ïdmittcd to probate, and that he may be appoiuted sole execu-tor thereof. o Hls ordered, that Monday. the seventeenth. il;iy of Jannaiy next. at ten o'clock in the forenoon, ■d for the hearing of said petition, and that the legateefl devisees and hiirs at law of said de.'1 all othi-r persons Interested in said estáte, jre reqoired to appeu at a amslon of said Court, thea lo be holden at the Probate Oflice, in the city of Ann Arbor, and t-how cause, if anj thore be. why the prayer of the petitioner shonld be grantcd : And t Is fnrther ordered. that eaid petltloner give notice [o the persons nten-sted in said estáte of the pen-.lency of said pelitiou, and the hearing thereof, hv cansfng a copy of this order to be published In tho Argut, a íu'wgpaper, printed and circulat:inj; in Baid County. three successive weeks previou ;o said day of htariug. (A truc copy.) HIRAM J. BEAKES, 19tó Judgc of ProbaKr. Estáte of James S. Birchard. JTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw, n ) Ata Bession ofthe Probate Conrl for the Countv ol 7ashtna1r, holden at the Probate Office, in the City f Ann Arbor, on Thnrsday, the serond day of ecember, in the year one Ihousand eight huiïdred nd Blxty-nlne. Present, üiram .T. Beakes, Jndge of Probate. In the matter of the Estáte of James S. Birchard, Ou adtag and flllng the petition, .duly vcrified,of [arrin N. Birchard Adminlatrator, pravinthat he may e licensed ti sel! certain real estáte whereof said laseased ili!-.: slezed, for tin; purpose of distribuiou of the proceeda ol such sae among thepersonsiterested in samè. Theranpoa It is Ordered, that Jlonday. the sevententb daj of Janaary next, at ten o'clock in the foren : . !]■ asslgned for the hearing of said petition, and t;it tho heirs ai law of said deceased. and all other perjiis Interested in eáld estáte, are reqnlred to appear at# srs-iun of saM Conrt, then to be holden at the ProUe ttflice. in the City of Ann Arhor, and show cause, auy there bc, wny the praysrofthe petitioner should Otbegrantedi And it is further ordered, that saidi ititioner give notice to the persons interested in sairl tate ofthe pentleney of suid petiHon, and the hearin& tereof, bj caoabigacopy of this Order to ue published; the Michigan Argusy a newspaper printodandcircu--. tlng in suil Connty, four successive weeks previous said day of hearing. CA true copy.) IIIIÏAM .T. BEAKES, l!48td JmU-e of Probate. Estato of Franklin Swift. ITATHOF MICIIIGAN.Cocmty ofWashtenaw, e J At asession of the Probate Court for the Count Washtenaw, holden ai tbc Probate Office, in the ty of Ann Arbor, on Tuesday, the twenty-tlürd day 'November in the year one thousaud eifht hun■ed and six'y-uiue. Present. Iliram J. Beakes, Jndge óf Probate. In the matter of the Estáte of Frankliu Swift, ■ceased. Deloa Showerman, Executor of the last will andslïimeut of said deceased, comes into Conrt and rep.:. he Is now preparad to rcuder his flret acHint as such Kxecutor. rherenpon it is Ordered, that Monday, the sixentli day of Jannary next, at ten o'clock in the reuoon, be assUrned for examlnlnK and allowing ch accvHiit, andthat the legatees, devisees, ona irs af law ui sald deceased, and all other perus interested in said estáte, are required lE pear ;: a Bession of sald (.Kuit. then te Bo ilden nt the Probate Office, in the City f Ann; ■hor, in said Counly, and show tmw, tf auy ere be, why the said acconnt kIkhjM nt be afowcd: And it ii further ordered, that wiid Exccnoticc to the persons Interested in ia estáte, of the pendency of sald acconnt, and tha arlng thereof by causiug a copy of this Order to pnoUshed in the Michigan Argut a newspaper nd circulating in eaid County, three sucwlve weeka prevloqs to sald day of heariag [A tniecopy.) ÏIIRAM'.T. BEAKES, 1249td Jndüe of Probate. Estáte of John Armbrust. TATI" "F MICH1OA?;, Covntv r,F WarhtüSw, rb. At a session of the Probate Conrt forthe Connty Washlenaw, holden at the Probate Oflice in the City Ann Arbor Mondav. the sixth day of Dentx r. in the year one thousand cight hundreö ! s:iy-nine. Iliram .7. Boakes, Jndge of Probate. n the matter of the Estáte ofjobn Armbrust seased. )u n :ulinr and fllin.s the petition, duly verified, ol tharice Armb . that a certain instruni now on Ble i:i this Conrt, pnrportlng to be th1 will and testament of said deceasedi may be artirobate, and tliat she may be appointed sole eeutrix thereof 'hereupon it is Orderral, that Monday, the tenth 01 Jannary next, ai nn o'cldch in the fore■ i'iut: petition, and t the li ■-;:. !■■■'. devisees and heirs ai law of said desed,andall otlier persone Interested in said estáte, I ïi appear at a Bession ot said Coort, then )o holden at Ihe Probate Office, n the City of Ann flor, andshow cause, it'auy thcre be. why thfl praytf the petltloner shonld not be granteü : And it iet iherordered that sald petitioner give notice to tho sons Lnterested in saidosiate. of the pnlency of l iifiirii.ii. and the hearins thee by causing a - Onr-r ti be pnblisned in the ÈHokigini rus, a newapaper printed and clrcnlatlng in said' nity. three snccessfve weeks prevlonja tosaid liay. opy.) HIRAM J. BEAKKS.;d Jml;e of Probate. )E0PLE'8 DRUG STORE! R, W. ELLIS & CO.


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