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Q. È. FROTBINGBÜlM, M. D., PHT8ICIAK AN11 SÜROEON. Office over Urn g store No. 7 Huron rtreet. Reidence, M. .,; ïlmpson street. Office hoon, to 11 A. M., and 7 to KM. „ GEORÖK GRENVILLE, DEALER IN DRUGS and Medicines, No. 6 South Mnlii Street. Ann Arbor. ___ 1 hüllíobínsoñ & co. OROCEliS, Produce and Commlssion Mcrchants, No. 43 8onth Main Street. ËLLIS & KISSELL, DRWJGISTS. imd déniers In I'aints, Olls, etc No. 2 Suuth Muin Sircct, Ann Arbor. THKODOBE TAYLOB & CO., DKALKRS In Orocerles, ftovtóoni, nd Country Produce, 13 South Mala Sireet, Anu Arbor. " JOHN KEOE & CO., DEALERS In Furnitnrc of all kinds, No. 33 South Mam Streot, Ann Arbor. J. Q. A. SESSIONS, ATTOHXrv and Counsellor al Lew, Real Estáte and Insurance A;;eiit. Conveyanclng and CJollectionof Claims proinptly attenced tu on [lberal tenns. uiilce one doot soutb of First National Uauk, op Mlrs.Sontb Main Street. Ann Arbor. w.IïTjackson, DKNT1ST, sneecssor to C. B. Portcr. Office, corner Main and Huron Streets, over the store i 0(8. w. E1IÍ8 & Co , Aiu. Arbor, .Midi. Aiuesthetics adimnlstered if reriired. W. F. BRËAKEY, M. D. pnTSICIAX AXnsntcKON. Office at résMence, corner of Huron and DhrMon BtTBOto, llrst door Kaitof Preabyterian Uhurcli, Ann Arbor, Micli. E. J. JOHNSON, DEALER IX 1IATS and Cam rms, f1";""0'}'1 Öunts' Furnisliing Goods, &c , No. i boutli Mnln Street, Anu Arbor. SUTHERLAND & VnËDÖN LIFE and Kire Iusnrame Agenta and dMlcnla Rü Estáte. Office on Huron Street. Alsu sell nrsteUssSeMfig MachineiÈ w. d7holmes, A.OENT tor the Florence Sewing lUchlne.and dealer in Picture.. Prami e, &c No. East Huron Street LEWIS C RISDON, DEM.KH in Hardware. Stovee, Honse Farulshtag Goods, TIn Ware Í - "itli Mnin Street. BACH & ABEL, DEALERS in Dry Goods. Grocerii-s, &.C &c. No. 20 Somll Uain Street, Ann Arbor. c. h: mielen, DELER in Dry Goods, Groecrie, &., &c. No South Miiin Street, Ann Albor. SLAWSON & SON, GROCE1ÍS, Provisión aml Commission Merclmnts aiul dosiers n Water Lime, Land PhBter, aul Piaster Paris, No. H Kast Hurón Street. S. SONDHEIM, . ITHOLESALE and rctail dealer in Rcndy Made Clothloif, Cloths, Cassimere, yesting, and Gents' Furuishiii; ("hhI.v. Ni. II South Itúin Street. WM. WAGNBB, DEM.ER in Kendy !nle Cloüiinf;. Clotlis, Casslmeres and VeBtlngs, Hats, Cap, Trunks, Carpsí Bg6i A;c-, -1 Soutb -Malü Street. GILMORE & FISKE, gOOKSELLEES and Statlonere, Medical, Lswand Colleso T. :, 8 too] and Miscollíneons Books. No. 3 NortE Main Street, Qregory Uiock, Aun Arbor. FINLEY & LEWIS, bV.ktZHS ín Bootí, Shocs, Gaitcrs, Slippeis &C., No. 2K.t llurun Street. R. TARRANT, LADIEP' Fashtooable Slioe House, No. 21 South Main Sírect. GREGORY HOUSE Regular Oflice Hoius, 2 to 3 o'clook P. M. QROCKISRY, GLASSWARE & GROCERIES. J. & P. DONNELLY Have In storea UrgeHtock of Crockery, Crlassware, FUtedWare,Cutlery , Grnceries, &c, &c.,all to be old at aauiuatly lo pricf. Xo, 12 KiRt Hurrn Street , Ann Arbor1128tf J.&l'. DONNKLLY. QWY LINE OF HACKS ! EOBISON BAXTER, Prop's. t'uriilBhcsi-xpetlUious Conveyanodi to jmdfroin the Bars, and all parts of the city. B& Fantttli iittcndcd, and elegant tiirnouU furijslied ladies maktiii,' calló l'ncu i'rasonal). Ordei-K Icft at Uuük'sllüicl or at thuir oOlcc promptattendedto. 1'jHtf JOUN G. GALL DBALEB IKT FEESH AND SALT MEATS. LAKD, 8AU8AQE8, Etc, PrrtorH snlliited anl promptly ITllprl with tho. best IU..Ü in tlie iiinrktt. M Et'Vatil,iD(5tuu trect. Ann Arbjr,Sc[it. lOth.lSöO. ljitf ■Qli. P'. B. POUTER, Office in the NEW BANK 3L0CK, ANN ARBOE. All Operations on the Natural Teeth, I-.IIFOHMED IllTll Cl II E. UNSURPASSED FACILITIES AND EXPERIENCE SBTTIS6 ARTIFICIAL TEËTH, TO G[VK KACií INDIVIDUAL, J}tnture$ of the pt'itr sise, fh,pct colprt futnttcs and vititral erprc$&ion. 1í44 plE LARÍJEST AINÜ Best selected stock of Plaid Poplins ; also the new and elogant PLAID REPS to be had at the 1240 FARMERS' STOKR. J'Oll 8ALK CriEAP!' " Med itim Hand fress IhSnodcuutlLtloii. Indure at the ARCJUg OFFICE. fiau Arbor, Aug. 5th, 18G0,


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