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Prince Pierre Bonaparte

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Prince I :erro Mapoleo Jkmafiarte, t whoe name figuren ■ proraincntly in oonuectiun with tha quarrel arisiug out of an artiole in the HJarseiiluis, bas hitd n advoiitorous ciirecr, and, unlike his eider bruther, Loeien, bas chietiy followd military pursoWs. He is Uio third oocf kucin. brot-hcr of Napoleón L.ftnd was boïn a.t Romein 1816 I" 1S32 lic carne to ibis jnuntry to ioin bis uucle, JtMsph, formeriy King of Spain. He liext procceded to (JoUuubia and joined the aimy of Santander, by whom be was placed in coüisaand of a squadron. Soon aftuf bc returned to Italy, wheri! he was regarded witb disfavor by the Papal Goveromeut, whioh in 1836 intimatcd to him tbat be ebould leave tbe P"paJ Stafees. Surrounded by a. troaj) of möwitcd politie, be wouadsd two aud killed thtiir chief ; he received, bowoverr two wounds in the encounter, aad bad to-snrrender. After a ratber long deteutiofl at Fort Saint Angelo, in ÍLeme, tbis country, ile next went to England, nod tbeui to the Idand of Corfn. Inirin au excursión io. Albania, he had a quarrel wilh the Palliktree, and s'jstained almost unuided áeadlji couibat. The English üovernTent bavkip induced biin lo leave tbe Italian and Gicek. coasts he kft for London, after vainly offering bis servioe to Franue, and to Mehemet Áli, tho Viceroy of Egypt. lii' 1846r on hea.ris: the nwof the. revoUuion,, to hastened to Ffcris, recallsd t!ie public tbe life and epiuions of hm fartber, wbo had ahvays entertain-ed rcpublican principies, nnd oïtaioed a military appoiutmcnt. He e'ected in Corlea to the Constitu ent Aesembly, aud was placed on the Committee ot Wiir. He usually voted with the exüeme left, and agaust bwing two chambera ; for tb ribt to la bor ; progrewtve laration ; . amunsty for tfie tsaiiíHiorted ppisoner. and in favor f the ontire re ubl-icnn constitution. Ob many ocunsions-he testiticd to the eutiinents of hia coasiu, Louis Napoleon After the eleclioo ot' Dec 10, he cont n led to sit with the Mojutain pirty, anáidisapproved of the expedition to Konae. Tbe democrats received a conMstcnt support from biin, except in re'tion to peisonal matiers of the Pi'es:ort. Re-eleetcd for Corsica, he acted ai one of tbe roost ardent adversarios of reactioo. The aoger of tho right was often excitcd bv bis democratie ardor. M. Pierre lioujkparte also aiergctical!y denisA tfcat auy projecta were entcrtioed üespceting a coup d'etat, in ruther anjuulianuntary langunge. 11e sliowed She same intriictable dispotition in Iuh xilitary conduct. In li49 be left for Algfria, whcre he assisted at the first operatioiiB of the siege e-f Zaaehta, and then, before tbe assault, aud without permissiijn, ha rcturned t Franco. The Mini.-ter of War depriwed Lim of his military rank, und this iaeasur, whic'u was followcd by a duel betvvoen M. Pierre Bonsfiorte and a joivnalút of he extreme ïigbt, leceivecl tho express pprobation of the Assembly. The coup d' etal, having placed in an wkward position the meuibers of the Bouiapartie fooiily, who had pronounccd in favor of the Censtitution, BI. Pierre Bonaparte retirtd to private life. At the re-establishment of tbe Empire he received, with his brotbers tbe title of Prince, but without beiug any longcr one of tho imperial fainily. Ho dos1 ot much frequent the Court of the Tuileries, lives somelimes in Corsica, to gratify his taste for hunting, and at other times at a couutry house at Autnu i. He devotes part of bis leisure to ü'crnry pursuits, and translated Niccolini'é tragedy oi " Nabuahodonorcr " iuto Freneh vers.


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