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Grant's Veto

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Urant lias veloed tho bul paRscd by Both boufcs of Conpress renuwing the patent of Kollin White ior tho breechloading pistol i:ow mauufactured by Sniith & Wesson. ïhe document s a Tery brilliant one, as ure all other documente originatiug with that prolouud tatesman : Xo the Seuate oftlie United States : Breturu herewitb without my approral, the Benate bilí Xo. 27Í, entltled an act for the relief of Kolliu White, tor reasons set forth In tlie accompanyitigcommunication, tlatcd December 11, lSttt, IVom the Chief of Ordiiance. (Si -ried) U S. GR.VXT. Execl'tive IIakhos, Jan. 11, 1870. llow forcibly that reminds ono of the ecunomy in time wrought by tho fellow who wrote out n pr.iyer, pasted iton the bead board of his lod, and when tbe innmcnt for retiring camo, woutd point to the written document, eselaimiug, "Oh Lord, those are my aentiiueots," adihuii disappear beneath the coverIe tí. - Fret l'ress. The tvlegraph operatora strike moy lie conpiderpci ns eDdcd. A lnrge number have reiurned to their ini-truments nd applicatiuns from o'.bers for rein tatement ru daily received at the mnin offices, and in t.early every case thus far have riccivcd favorable consideration. Not one Ameiican steamer is n'iw ronning befaeen Kurope aud America. The nuiubtr of oeean steamships now working íd cunnection with Ensland is 84. Wcelcyan Ucïvcrffty at Middlotowo, Ot., operg tlio with 153 students, rankcd as fullows: Seniora 88, júniora 31, sophomores 33. freshmen 51. There arcabout 38,000 bales of cotton nwaiting shipmeot at Oalvoston - a mtcli larger quantity than has ever been kiiown at this eeason of the year. In Java, after the brido and groom re at 'the altar, tlie law requires her to wh hi bei the ceremoDy can go on.


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