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Editorial Chips And Splinters

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- Congrcsttioual Printer Clapp s n liot vyater. - The Stout on fund execeds the proposcd $100,000. - Missouri has re-ratlfled the XVth ataendiMut. Aucí Kansas, dltto. - Beerlicr lias decllned to have liis snlary raised from $12,500 to $20,000. What next? - The Mississlppi Legislato.-su made a virtue of necesslty, und ntlfled botli the XlVth and XVth amendmeat on Baturday last. - One of the last aunounced rauKMU for woman's suffrage i, that " it will pcovoke htiriuony between the sexos." At nuw way to get liarmony. - A brief sketch of ther" PrSnee" Pierre Napoleon who shot Victor Noir, and nearly inaugurated-a Frcnch revolntiou, will be fouiKl in nnotlrov coiurau. - Tbe N. Y. V-orld says : " The Reprents of tlïe University of Michigan have made breadles iu theii rules, fór the admissiou of ieinak'Si" lot brceches, mind. - The Supremo Court of ATabama has decidod. thut all marriages which took place duriug the war are null.and void. That beats the Injeaoy divorce laws. -- I-ake Michigan Is to be tunncledí?) betwecu Milwaukee and Grand Haven, - anti Chicago ruiued. It is to take $11-5,000,000 and two and oue-third years to periorm the feat. - The House Ways and Means Cummittee refuse a reduction of the duty on coal. The Peunsyl vania mine owners claim the 5' pouud of fleili,'' and the Cummitteu yields It. - Bnt eighteen persons convened in Young Men's Hall, ïetroit, a few eveuiugs since, to hear Airs. Madder lecture iu favor of " Hea'a Slgbta " which made her madder tlian ever. - Beeclier succecded fo veil as auctioneer at the recent pew sale in liis church, tliat the society raised liis salary to $20, 000 a peur, with a partial promlse of $25,000 next year. " Paylnjr dear for the whistle." - Tlic frce and easy lamb-like old white hat pbllosophei of the N. Y. Tribune, discourscs tu.a correspondïni onder the headiuji "A talk with a fooi." That correspondent knew wbere to flnd oae of his kind. - U miijjit be weUifor the Radical ConiiressioniiL ilnanciers o cngcrly seeking a short-cut to specie paymouts, to remember the "late lamenteds" suggestion to the theii Secretary (fhasc, and " turn the eagle round." - Senator Sü-mncr has been cracking his whlp quite lively of late, aud Senators Stevvart, Trumbull, and Nye, radicáis all have feit tlie back and bitc of the snapper Suinuer rules by " diviue. right " or he is mistaken. - CoDgrem is bcing flooded wlth peü tk.iiffaTius; the abolition of tlie franklng 1 pi!ivil8gc. Congressraen avengo theniselves imiuiwhile, by floodlng the country with su calltd " pub. does," waste paper, mostly with an occasional dirty shlr'. for the home washing. - Tllton warns the compositors on the Ohurch Union that they wlll find Beccliei " l.izy about furnishing copy." Judgini, by recent editorial clenionstratious, if Til ton and hls stafTwcre too lazy to furiiteh any copy, tlie Independent would be in a heaitliier moral condition. - Suiiit'days since, the protection, of' the negro by keeping Virginia out of the Con it could not secede from, beiny the burden of mueh loll Senatorial wailiug, SenatOl Saulsbury arosi ajaxl gifavely anuouncic that, . " however impopular the utterance hc was the friend of the white mau." A nii.r, was iutroduced into the Ilouse on Monday., to próvido for the paymem of ons year'a salary of an associate jus tice of ihe Supremo Court to the famil' of Mr. Stanton To pasa this bilí uto a law weurè&e to ïob the treasury- but then, the treasury is füll and the tax payers Kien and anxioua to keep it full - umi establish a dangerous precedent Mr. Stanton had been appointed to an office not yet vacaut, - bis term to enm menee February lst, - and had not ever been commissioned. His family have no more claim to a year's salary of a justice of the Suprema Court thaa they have to ten or twenty year'o such salary. If ai appropriatien is io be made fo; their re : lieí, on the ground thatthe governmen Ï3 indebted to tho late Seeretary or on any other grouDd, ljt it b8 distinctlj etated, and let not the precedent be se of paying "salaries" not earned. Pbabody living and giving was th victim of a vaat deal of Eoglish palaver and even the Qucen patted him familiar ly on the back, called him a good fe! law to so remember her poor, and pre sented. bina her portrait. But Pjsabod dead, the ffrst tcars run out, and hi body diepatched tro his uative land wit! much ostentation, t lio oTicltn of th crown seize the real estáte which he hac purchased, nnd supposed he owned-, on the ground that he was an alien an could not acquire a title, - tbat woulc last boyond his ability to give to Brit ish subjeets. This act is a h' ni ti upnn British laws, a disgrace which can no be wipedoutby fair words orexpression of regrets. The shame is not all be cauee th estáte of Pkabody, tho frieni of London's poor, is preyed upon, bu because the etatutes under which the robbery is perpetrated are permitted to exist. At the demand of the French govern ment, tho Corps Legielatií after an excitad debate, on Monday gave its con sent, by a vote of 226 to 31, to the ar raignment and proseoution of M Rochefokt, the Radioal leader and vindicativa and libelous journalist. The ann ouo cement of the rcsult was aoytbing biït satisfactory to tbe turbulent mob gathcred at the Placo de la Concorde, but the military brought order out of confusión. A standing arnry iü a " great persuadcr," aa the Kadical dictators bave tested in Virginia, Mississippi, and other reconstructed Statea. A tki.egram frorn New York, under date of the I8th, ays : "Rev. Dr. Curry, editor of the Chrirttan Advocate, at a meeting of Methodist clergyneu, held yesterday, ezpressed the opinión that tho Rev. Hornee Cook (whw absconded vith Miss Johusoi a girl of sixteen): is a pure man." Tho Rev. Dr. CoRnv bad better next ry Eis hand at whitewashing the d - I; lerhaps he can prove that his eatanio tnajesty is an abused and slnndersd aint; (


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