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The Toledo, Ann Arbor And Northern Railroad

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Mr. Editor; - Permit mu to addrcss a few words to the (rienda of tlie Toledo, Aun Arbor and Northern Railroed Company. By the articles of association the termini of the road are at the State line, near Toledo, aml Owosso, rannlng through the counties of Monroe, Washtenaw, Livingston, andShlawassec. There is no road in Michigan pass ing through a better section of country or I luit will support a road by tbTOQgb and way business. It, attbrds direct commiuiicatioii to the lumber and Balt, and to u giMiii niarkct seeond only to Chicago in the west. It crosses the Michigan Central and Detroit and Milwnukve Hailroads, now doing business wliich this roatl would do, althougb this road will do a large amouut u addition. lülb great lcadiug liues of roads havlng been bnilt, all roads now building are aided by government land grnnts or subsidies, or local añil muncipal aid. Soine object to glviug or yoting aid to companies, but, uevertheless, It must be doue or wc do not gut the road. The Fricada of the road da not conccal the fact that there is much work to be done and niany oh.staclcs to be removed, which will reqolre the Zealons, united, and persistent effortS of the pcoplcalong the line of road. This road will be to a certain extent an tagonistic to the Central and Mihvaukce roads. Now I am free to admit that the Central road Is as well managcd, and their deallngs witli the people as honorable as any other uompany ; bnt I expect and know that thcy oppose it in every ivay possible, and I dont blame them for so doing. It is against their interest and it is their duty to protect tlieir interests as far as possible; but this is np good rcason why the ffiends of the road shoukt be misled and diverted from their truc and only course to get the road. It is a very natural, and one of their most subtle meaiis to defcat, to get up rival lines leading from and to the S'une points, thcreby defeating the voting ot Bid In the tovvns along the line of road. This will be the great effort. ïvow, any sensible person kno.vs there will not be more than one additional road built betwecn Toledo and Sagina w. This road crosses the Central inidway betwocn Detroit and Jackson, thence north to Owosso. Is there aoy contemplated north and south road that can successfully competo with this ? I tliink there is none. Dis regard theefl'ortsof those who wish o deleat the road, and go to work in carnest and vote the necessary amount of a:d without useless condltlons, for these conditious lire another means used by the encmies of the road to defeat It. Soiue say in ofllcers do not work, have not bought i y ties, and have not obtained any right o wiy. Perhaps such persons will volantt Cl to get the right of way before the roa s located. It will have the appca ranee oi work. The Directora do uot latead to gqaander the mouey lntrnsted to them to mako a show oi' work without any benefit. If the country through whlchtue road passed ivas an unimprovecJ wilderncss, the owners being anxious for a road mlght give a general right of way through their lands ; but in an improved country, like this, the case is different. I don't bellere there are ten improved farms on the line of this road, through which the road will pass, that would give a general right of way to run anywhere and everywhere through their farms. Therefore the 3rst thing is to lócate the road by a working survey, and tlien .wc are prepared to et the rigl't of way, as niuch of it free as possible, and describe it iji llie dceds. The true order ol proceedinï is this: lst. Work up aid sulïlcient to bed the road. 2d. Lócate the road. 3d. Get right of way. 4. Find the Compauv that will iron the road or guarantee our bonds. The last time may be worked together, but (Irst of all get the requisite amount of aid.


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