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DETROIT PROD1 B M UKKT - The following qnotatlone represent the onrrent net prlceereallced 6v comraision aealerB.audarecarefnllyrevtaedeTerjr wecle.fiir üu: Anoua, by our Detroltoorrespondent. Dedactlons Ir m these prloe for oommlufona and charges , wlll Bhow (he net vates t flrst hands : Apples.- ared,10(ai0Lc : Green per hbl. 2.75@2.30 Burle; -percwt., í' Slvai.M forNol Beeswax- pet Ib. Í.VS 88. Beans- wUlte, $l.C i '■ ' Batter- ero ,. flrkin,265ï2Scpr!b., Caee- Michigan Factory, 19@S0. Dairy, 14@1G. Chickcns- 4re8aed.perlb.,14@16& Cider- Per bbl $4.00 Cora- iicrhii., s.v ■ I ! iT (U)7.., S drv perlb.,18 2nc-;Rrecn,8@8Xo. Cair Skins- (irivn, 15lTc; (Iry, 2".: ■::n. 8hesp8kina- 40@7fi lmb BkÍQ40@60. Hops- New, per Ib.. 15&20C. Lord- perlb.. i"w i'.'c Oatfl- perbu. -!,'" Se. Oni'uis- per bbl. 2 5C(82.T5, Pototoes- Betl varietlee pr bbl. ,$140(3 1.50, Bmoked Hams, Wc, Shoulder, I2rg)i3c. Tallow- 8 TnrkcvB- drc6prt,pcrll., lS@l!c. Wlicnf- extra white, 1. 1.1(0,1. U: No, 1. $1.OT@1.C8 Amber, 1.OO1JD1. AV Mi KOK PKODICE ÍI.1KRKTS. Asaos Office, Jan. 19, lb70. Wc qnote tliip afternoon as followe : WHBAT- WHtoi 05O100c ; Rcd,80c BUCK WHEAT- T.-c. OOBN ::■" OA.T3- 40e. BBANS- tl.TS. BUTTER- -6@í6c. BQG8- 5B80c. LAltD- 18 20c II Y- 81315. WOOn- a T.00. APPLES perlb.Te.i )írcon.60@$C3c. POTATOE8 -new, 80@86c. CHICKENS- 8@Wo. TURKKYS- Uc. HONKY- 2íc PORK- 10JS0 per cwt. BEEF- $S@So'per cwt.


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