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DETROIT AUVERTISEldEKTS. Special atlcAtian c.nlUd lo the rMable Dctroil Ibiutrs advrrtitcd in this column. OTATK COJFFKE ANO SPICK MIL.L.S. A. 11. & W. F. LINN, Manufacturer of Qround Coffeo, Spices, Mustard Cream Tartar te ., and Jobbers uf Teas and Kine (rücerit;. Jh. 120 Jefferson Ave., DETKO1T.MICH. HUGII JOIIXSON, MANUFACTl'KKH OF CARRIAGES, Í3UGGIES LICHT WAG0N8J SI.K1UII3. A flue assortment of Hiii;k'i nd Lijilit Fmily CurriagescunKtantly on linntl Orders solicltoil. 15, 17 aiid 19 Monroe Avenue, Oprt Hon.Blück, DCTRO1T. MICH, T D. PIEIICK &CO. Importen ftud Jobber of Foreign & Domestic Dry Goods, 35 Woodward Avenue, DETROIT, ... - MICHIGAN' JjOIL.KRjA.NU S.11OKIS STACK FOR SALE INGOOD ORDER, viz: 1 Stenm B"i1ir 9 ft. 6 in. long; 34 la, diameter; dome, 12 i.i x 23 in OOOUtnmg i' fluen 'ÍÍ in. 1 SinoK Stack Of heavv Iron, S2ft. long, 28 u. in diamuti'r, with Ijonnttt anti iuys complete. Pnce of th Hoi Ier, $125. PrlO of ilic.-itack, $73 Applj U R. UltOlKWAY. At House of Correction, Detroit. DETROIT MACHIríERY. JAMES JENK, ;Dculcr I" Mui'liliit-ry, J9 ATWATERST. KAST, DETROIT. iNQl'IKIES I'KdWPTI.y AtTÍNDKDTO. i vnyiMi waiitto pui-chascu Superior CIRCULAR SAW MILL OR STEAM ENOINE t Send for Circular anJ Trico Lint to PÜLTON IHON AND ENGINE WORKS, J. B. WAYjilt, Treasurer. DETROIT, MICH. nOll.EU SIKH'. J. &T. McGREGOR. A'.icaicr Strert, biUvten Ilattingt and Antoine. M a n u fa c t u re r.t v f FIuc, Tnbulur nul Jocomotlve Bollera tui'I Shrri Irun Work. Hepairs punctually attended to, rjrHaTooaitnntly od haod Sfcondhivna Flue, Tubular aod hocmiotive Boilers, for nalc chep. i m liliu Shop aiid Urn iMHiutrj . Do you want first-class Brass Work Oí Brass Castings Irruí Hipe and Fittn;s for Gn, Steam or Water, High orLow Praiuun) Stsan Bnglnx and Koüers, BrewhouRfl and DUtUlery Slaehlnorj, eto., etc. ta .■enil fur Circular anl l'rice Li-it. JAMES FLOffEE fcBltOá.HJ Brush St., Doiroit. N. B. - Allkindsof Steam Htating dooe. gAWS. SAWS, SAWS. Leather & Rubber Bolting, FI LES and MILL FURN1SHINU GO0H8, of all descrlptionn. SHINGLK .UCniN'ES,an'l General Machiotry. KNGI.ISH AMKRICaN STEEL, large tck. SAWRKPAUlINi;. WELCII & GRIFFITIIS, Brancb House. 42 Woodbridgc Street, Kast, UEfROIT. oRY DOCK ENOINE WOliKSi J Maiiufiiuturcrd o f Maritifï, Siationary a ad l'urtublet Condonsing aml Xon-CoDtlniiKÍug STEiVI L3KTO(-XINrL29, Mili Gfttlog and Mining Machinery of atl tirsciiptions ; Itraxs anl Iron Caiitíngs ; H'.;í ■-"■■; Niii i r li in;: of ali kimls, W.M. l'oWlEJ'reJi't aml Troasurer. OJJice and 'ïVorJiê, ttmatcr Síreet, bctwen Gritan aud Dequindre Streets, DETUOIT, MICH. Jl'. HKNQIT & UltOS.. 353 Croman Sr., De troit, manufacturera ■ƒ HrKt-claiK Macliinery . DETROIT BILLIARD TABLES. p BCHULENBUBG CO. liilhard, lMpfnnhole ïnd .Tennv I.inii TableManuficturTS,U8,100 4-U2 Kaniiolpli St., Dotroif, Mir.ll. Branches 84 Kfindolph St , GHctgo, fll., nd34 Tliird St., St Josepli, Mo. Allkindi of tullían] appurten.-inci's ctti!anlJ 00 lmmt. Kepairii)' ;ui' alierlns ili'lle at uliort no".ice. Work warranteiï. C1Ü0KGE SSI1TH Manufacturer of Superior T Biltlard, llug.ilüllc! and Itnon Hole Table. Tables repa'(l hd1 -ltretl. Hilliarn Kiirnishins nf all kin!. Bpeel! ttentlnn to furniiliing private houitcs. Nes. 65: (7 and 6!) Larnd St. Kaxt, Detroit. " DETROIT MISCBLLAtiR(MJ8_CAKD8_ (JTONEI STONK,! O 1'IN'DI.AIEK ft HUl'NTOX, Pawed Ohio Blue Fropstonoand Amhcist Ssntlatnne. Order fcr Cut Stone promptlv nttended ti. Yard on Doek, bet. Rrush and Kandolph !ítrcet, Detroit I'. O.Kix 405. Wolvilne P1„U TOBACCU Worlc. QRAKOEE, CABTER ('O., M'inufiiclurer tf riuj; Tobacco, No. :i:i AUvaier Stroot, Detroit. Jobuing Trade furniKlied with goodt as low an can be bmight in :inv mark et. WRUIT " ORNAMENTAL Trc. Of defleription uilble for our climate, tiz: Apple, l'eara, Flums, Cherriei, Penche. t.Hiirici1, Currants, (iooseberries, Ulackberries, Hasp barrlvti &c. Green HousePlants, Roses, &c, ilolland HulbB jmt received, Hyacinth, Tulip, Croois, Snowdrops, J.ilics , kc ,kc. WSI. ADIR, Dktroit. p Kt. FROST & CO-, DETHOIT, - MICHIGAN. Dealers and Agents Tor Fine and Farming Lands, In overy part of the State. AKenU forthe payment of Taxei in thig State. Scll Improved Farms and WiM I.anls on commisni'in . Map and Diagrams furnUhed. Ciiís. Nodi.1!. -Gïo. S. Froit. Chas. W. N'obli. 1241m3 ilUY YütJÏT Looking Glasses OF W. D. HOLMES, Ann Arbor, , FOK 3 IIEASONS. First, bee&use hekeptbe beet of ImportedGlana, aud a good assortmentof square and archtop f ramcH, aodiiolls Sccondly, bcnuse thoy blong to bi btiilnean. H mak es them a special t.v, does bis ownwurk, nii'l cao altord to sell CüEA.I'EI?. 1 ThirdlT, Becaust ho mnufacture tbem, and cn and wUI sell the CHEAPEST 1 of anyoneinthecity. Hoa]oelli PICTURE FRAMES! Tbecheapestof anybody n theState- a far a heard f rom. NICE OVAL FRAMES IOR eo cts. Picture Cord, Tassels & Nails! niKH II GIASS_bj the Iight or box- For Picture orfor HOUSE l 3 EAST IIURON STREET, A.N3ST ARHOB. -,,7Mf " MICH: SlUBlÜTl CAN BE HAD VERY CHEAP AT HUL, RQBINSON & CO'S, _, II II I BI , GotoR.W.ELLIS& CO's for strictly Pure Drugs and Medicine 8 .Paints, Oils, &c._


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