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QRENVILLE, r DRUGGI8T! No. 5 Main. Street. Kast Side. KEEPSCO-SdTAXTLY OX HAND FAHNESTOCK'S LEAD.GROUND k IN OIL AND DRY COLORS, Oils, VarnLshes, Putty, PATENT MEDICINESl BBTTSHES, BURTON'S .TOBACCO ANTIDOTE, COLGATE'S 8OAPSJ HAIR OILS $ BAJR RESTORERS DRUGGISTS' STJNDRIES, HAIR. DYKS, FLAVOaiNG AND Handkerchiei Extracts GLASS UUBBEll, AND metala sr :r i isr 'O.e s , TRÜ8S ALL OF BEST MAKERS, PURE NATIVE WINES AND X.IGÍX3 OBS 1 SENT FOU TIÏ OREA T U. S. 1EA COMFJY' Y. Prescriptions put up wtth Care at all Hours. Store opD on the Sibbath Irom 7 to 10)í A. MJ, 12 :o 2, and 6 to 6 P. M. OU VII.LK b FDLIEH'8 ACCOUNTS, IF N'OT SERLES BY APR1I. lat WILT, BB l.KFT W1TH THE PROl'KR OFFICERS f Olí COLLKCTION' GEO. GKENVILLE. tUrchStb, 1869. WEETË8IMG ï SWEETENING ! FOR YOUIt SUGAR and SYRÜP GO TO HULL, ROÜIXSON & CO. T ATEST NEWS ! ! WM. WAGNER, Ilatjuiitopeneda latg tockof FALL COODS ! 1NCLUDIXG CL0TH3, CASSIMERES VE8TINGS, &C LATEST STTLES iND BEST QUAL1TIE8 WUIGH HEOFKR3 LOWER than EVER AUo in Store a Jarge staek oj READY-MADE CLOTHItfG AND Gents' FUENISHIflG Goods. GARMES'TSMADETO ORDEIi I .N" THKIJ AUo LADlE'and GENTS' MOROCCO SATCHELS No.21.SouthMlB Street- Etsl(lB. CALL AND SEE TIJEM. W11X1AU WAGMER. Ann Arbor,Stt., 186P. llfEW GÖOD& ! TO THE F ALL AND WINTER TRADE ! NOW OPENING AT C. H. MIICEIST'S. anwx bbaveh CEIN(HILLAS! ASTRAKAH hm SCARLST BROADGLOTH JT THE FARMERS' STORE. IpEOPLFS DHUG 8TORBI R, W. ELLIS & CO. , , ■--■ " THHE BE ARS ARE AHEAD1 JOHNSON, THE?rHATTEK, lias juat opened a Large Stock of WINTER COODS! IllCllKtllIg SclTMl Styll Of HATS & FÜRS ! Wlilcbwill beaold LOWEB Tïï-A.3Jr EVER! ALSO A LARGE3T0CK Oï ÜÍíUVES, KULAKS, NECK Tllis, HANITKERCniEVS, ' SATCHELS, CANES, Umbrellas, Parasols, &c. Plrkae c)Undaxsmia m; goodn before purcb ing elewhere. NO. 7 MAIN OT., AUN iRBOR MICH. Norembcr, lee. W16tf JT ALT ! WALK IN ! ! S. SONDHEIM, SUCCEBOB T M. Guiterman & Co. AT TIIE OL CJLOTH NG HEADQUARTEK8 HAS JOË7 OfENËD A FALL GOODS INCLtPIXJ CL O TH S, CASS1MEHES, FES'HNGS, O. Afl of the Best and I.stest Siyles,2B Togetber witli a LARGK AND WELL 8ELECTED STOCK OF READ5T-MAÜE CLOTHING GENTS' FÜRNISHING GOOES, WIT1I TUE LABGBST STOCK Oï Eovs' and Youths' OIothÏEg l EVEK OFFERED IN TIÜS IIAKKET. WlilcTi he' offers t Greatly Reduced Prlces] Alio ■ large lot et CT.OTHING MADETO ORDEB IN THE BEST STYLB Cali and examine Jor yourult t Noi O, South Mtm Strefit. AS'N ARBOH.SEPT..iefi9. 102Stf T AZARUS & MORRIS, Practical fpticians and Oculist,, LOJNDON, GreatBkítain, and HARTKORD, COXIT., ü. 8. Have appohied JACOB HALLER, Watchmaker A Jew eler, Ana Albor, Dlleh., Solé Agent lor Uic Sle of their CELÉBRATEO PERFECTED SPECTACLESr Whlch Imve bef n cxtonsiTly upei in Grent nritt tBdUnttw] Statí,thepí"i foruMc Ihcy clnim tl' ttartBMltlOlld ilvantfp OTfrtho „r.iin,,,v i roof nf hlcli nnr b sern In thr incrcahing huincbs duriDg tie pM eight ïtMi. Int. Thjit from the pertect constructioa of tb lende, thcy ntriH nl rrfFCrve the sight, nderiD frequeuï changeo unnect'ssary. Snd. Tht thíy confrr brillincy and dltlDttnnss of viinn.with an amount of case aid comfort not hitheitocnjojnlby pectacl wearerj. SrS That the materinl Vcm vbleM tüe Ienrn areroun1 smnnufurtnrid ri-coially for pic purposia, n.l is inn-, l:rd an.i brUllknt, así not liabl. to become cratcticd. 41 11 TilATtbfrrir.csniivlnrli(lyr9et.whcth w ol. Uer ot tri, ar o( tiio (tnst qulitj and fln8h,ui.:, ■' cvtrrrespeci. TheTRrslIií Speciaal tl."' rnrtrtv il vntM 5st riiiTiiomr. Ara r. "j b"' th ei.iHwayalastingn:aiiy years without chaiige being neecssary. ryont ofliio trm will Ttott ínn irbor t 1W Stnfe of their Aient rvfry Icmr momha, f"r the purpoeo( ütlinpthdfeliavinRdiflicult lyklrDin nj Vncctml'- oia bj tlicir Agnt uring tbl nterr! wiW beexchaDild f ree ol charjo if not propeily fittcd. "WE EMPX-OY NO PEDDLERS-g 3zzir - : - ,j Go to R. W. ELLIS & CO's j for ehoiceWines and Liquor i I for Medical Purposes. TT I -n-n- r-i T- 'T i .


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