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Economy In Seed Planting

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penments have recently tended to prove that roots and grains, by being planted much farther apart than is usual, will s-ctually yield largor crops than are dow obtained. This has beeu sbown to be the caso with potatoes, and more recent■witb wheat. It is found that the whoat plant ncrcascs above the ground in I portion as its roota havo room to dovelop without interfurence with those of ite ueighbors'. Id one experiment, wheal thus treated furnished ears containiug over 120 prains. It was found, in the course of tho samo experimenta, that on wery fully developed coroal platit there is ono ear superior to the rost ; and that each ear has ono grain whioh, whe platitod, will bo more productive than ■ny oiher. Uy salecting, therefore, the bost grain of the best ear, and cootinuiqg the experiment through several gencrations, a point will bo reached beyond which further improvecnent is impossible nd a fixod aud periuanuut tpe remains the final rcsiilt. In tho fruit-growing countiea of Delaware the farmers gatlier up the refuee and unmerchautable peaches and appleg and make tliera into brandy wortb three dollaca a gallon..


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