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Seven Fools

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-The angry man wlio sets lus ovm house on tire in orüer tliat be may burn thal of lus ncighbor. ïlie envious man who cannot enjoy life becaote others do. The murderer, wbo [or the consideratiou of a few pouncls, 5ÍTC8 tlio orld liberty to hang bina. The aypochondriac, whose happiuca consista in making himsclf miserable. The jcal ous man who poisons bis own baoquet, and tben eats of it. The miser, who starves himself to deatb that Lis heirs may feast upou his fortune. The slandderers, wbo teil talo fi.r the xake of ;iving tbeir enemies au opportuuity to provo them liare. The total amount of iron ore shippod rom Marquette nnd Escannba ibis season was 6(38,392 tons. S usan B. saya sbu 'eau havo Susan Anthony on her tombstoue, and not Relict of eome fooi of a man.' The difference bi'tween a fooi and a ooking glass ie, that one speabs wltbnul reflecting, aud tbc other ïeflectu without epeaking. Having reeeivod a packágé of public documents from Wabhington, the Cluve and Plain Dealer wants to hire some man by the ycar to go ihruugh tbem and culi out the good jokes. A colored lady, boas' ing the olber day of the progress mado liy her sou in tritbmetic, exulting'y said : "He is in the mortiiication tuble." ít requires a unnnimous v ta of a adies' club in Ohio to allow one of the members to inarry. The club is rapidly decreasing by voluutary rtsignation of tuembers. If one nants to commit a wickedness, and hide it eo effectuully tdat even Mra. Ueecher Stowe can tiot scent it out. or even tlio recording angel lind it at the great day, let him bnry it in the üovgresstonal Glole. It wit] alnmbet there beyond the reach of the last tl unip iu the fiua!


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