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Jlorígago Sale. DKFAULT havlng been mafte in the condltiona of u certata mortgage whereby thu power Uu-rein contalned to ióli has become opertettre, execnted by Georgc Larselere, of Washtenaw Connty, sí;. ir of 111, to Alfred Larselero, of iTa kson Qouiity, Btate ifurcsai'i. date ■ on tentfa day o) September, a. ]), une thonsand elght hnndred and lty six and recordcd In the Register o peeds fot the County of Waqhtenaw, state of Michigan, on the 12tli day of September, A. 1). 1666, at 13 p'clock h. In Líber ;;7 of Uortgagea, on page 182, whlch inortgage was dnly assigDed on the Wth dayofSeptemi D, 1866, by aafdAlfred Larselere to Lotdsa Blgelow. whlch aasignmcnt was dnly recorded In theomceof the Begistet of Deeds for the wild County of Washtenaw, on theSSth day of September, A.D. 1868 ut ock i-, -M., n r.ii'i-:1 1 of Ai uf KfortI I , npon whlofa moi I to le duc at the oate of ilnn doüco the 8um l) fonr trandred and ftfty-ono dollar, and an Attorney'a (ee of thlrty dollars sp '1 mortgage, and no snit or proceodinga at law havlng heen Insütnted to recover any part Lnereof, notlce is tlicre fore hereby given, that on Satnrday, the Iflth day of Maichnexti atniaeo(dock tnthe forenoon I shall at public auctfon, to the hiehest bidder, to t;ikc place ut the front door of the Watjlitonaw County Circuit Court House, in the City of Ann Arbor.) the nremiseei contained or described in paid mortgage, fot o mnch thereof as shaU be oeosaaory tonutisfy the aiuount dwe ou e-aid mortgage with interest at tcu percent mul all legal costs, together with uu Attorncy's le,(ï of thlrty dollars agreed for therein,) thatlfl tosay, all that certaln tmet or paroel of land. sitúate hi the County of WaahtBnaw, Btate of Michigan, known as the south-west quartór of Büuth-wcstquarter of aoctlon namber thirty-three, townihlp nnmber four (-i) sonth range three (■) eaat, es live acre and forty-one rodd In north-weet eomrr thereof, atoo abont three-fonrtha of au acre in Southwest coruer of east half of aouthwest qiKiiti-r of said Recüon, lylng between lirooklyii and Chicago roadö, so-callod containlng In the abo ve parcehi thirty-six and one-tíiird aerea of land, more orl60B LOUIS A I3IGEL0W, E. Banckkr, Asslgnee of MortgageeAttornoy for Assignee. Dated, Jackson, Üec.lHh, löO. 1249 Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT hftvlog been made In the conditions of a certaln mortgage, executed byOharlee ThompBtm ai. l Appalonla M. Thompson, fiiis wifc), of the City of Ann Arbor, County ofWashtenaw, Michigan, on G. Rose of the-vtllage oi Dezter, County and State afbresald, and bearlng date ninth day of Octotx v. A. l. 1866, and recorded In the office ot the Eteglsterof Deeds of Washtonaw County tin the State ot HJchlgan, on üu; elevenih day of October, A 1). L866, at four odock In the afternoon, Lu líber BI ÓJ mortgasea, on page 3; which Baid mortgage was ajsfilgned iy the sala Firman Rose toAretas Diinn. by au nssiiinment dated the twenty pcventh day f ,ïanM!n-y. A. D. 1868, wiiir.ii aasigninent waa recorded ie the KcgistcrS olticc of the said County of Wa8htenaw,on tlie twenty-M venth day of Januaiy, a, D. 1868, In liber one of Asdgnments of Mortgaees, at paire BW, by whlch defanlt the power of saw in ea!d morton ;c lias bocome opratlve, aud the aniouut dalmed to by dafl Cand unpaid) on öaid mortgage, and the note acfiompanyinjr the same ftt the date of this uoticE, in one tnousand fotir hundred aud thlrty dollars and elghtynlne cents, lso an Attorney's fee of thlrty dollars provlded for in paid mortgage, and no suli or proceedinijs at law or in chancvry having been mstiiuieu 10 recover inc s,ime or any pan incre of, dow, therefore, notice is hereby piven, that o Saturday, tt c iwelfthday of March, A. D. IsTO.í ten o'clock in the forenoon of saïd doy, at the sout door of the Court House, in said City of Ann Arbor by virtuc of a power of salj ia said mnrtgnge cu talned , I shall sëU at public auction, to thchighce bidtli:r, the premises dcBcrlbed in snid mortt;afc, or s much thereof as may be necéssary to sanafj tii umount duo on said morteBgfl wl.h interest and cost. and expenses nllowed by law, the premises describet as foJlows : All those certaln piet-ers or pareéis o landi situatcd in the City of Ann Arbor, County o Waahtenaw, and State of Michigan, known, bounde and döacribfd aa Mlowa, lo-wir: Brinj: lots num bered oue (1), two f-'j. three f8), fotu M;,aud live (r) ín block uamber five (6J i.orth of ilnron Street, juk range number ten (10 eaet, according to a recordec plat of Ann Arbor. Duted, Aun Arbor, December inth, 1860. ARKTOS M'XX. Sii.f.vG. T.wlok, Assincc oí Morí Attorney tot Aaalgnee. 1248 Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT haylng been roade in the condition of : mortgage civen by Stephen B. McCracken ani l.iiciïid;!. bis b ue, to EUjah W, Morirán. i s-cure th payment of fnrther arivancea and premiums tor Ir su ranee amoDgother thlngSi dated June icth, a. d i-i;-_', and recordad Id tbe Registert Office, in Wash . County, June 20th, A. ]). 1S02, In libe ■J9 of mortgages, ut payo BW, by whlcb ili power of Bale taereln contained became opera tive, and no. puit r procccdmc: havfng been in ftituted at law to recover the debt aecured thero by or any part thereof, and the pnm of slx hun d'red and elghty one dollars ($681) belsg noi clalmed to be dae thereon ; Notice is hereby gWen [hal sald mortgage will be Coreclosed by :i Mie of tl; mortgAged prom&ea, deacrlbed as Kits No. twelvo au thlrteozi lo block Ño. six, in Jirown and Fnlïcr& Ad dltlOOi in the city of Ann .-ibor. In the Co-.iuty O yvashtenaw, Ui the State of Michigan, or some par tliercof, nt public vendne, at tlie Court Jloupe, ii Arbor, on the twelith day of March next, a Doon. Dated, December, A. D. I ELIJAH W.MOROAX, J. Kinoslby, Ait'y. 1248 Mortgagee. Mortgage Sale. TYEVAÚLT bavlng bees made lo the condfHon r a mortgage executed by Edward Eisenhardt ani Caroline, hu wife, to Augustus Wldenmann, datci January -H . 1 867, and i-i corded in the Regiater's office in Wasntoiiaw Gounty, MlchlKao,on the 26th dayo Jannary, 186T. in UberSS of mortgaces, on pace 5l0 by which defanit the power of sale contalned mortgage becanie operatïve, and oo proceedlnge :i law oreqnlty hftiné been iöstUutod to recover th flebt secured by Bajd mortoao or any part thoreol and t lic mini 4i i one hnnared and elxty-two dollars belng now clafmed to bc duo opon s;iiil mortgage ooticeia therefore hereby givea, that satd mi ■il forc Io8 i by i :-;iV of i he premteea fl in Baid rnortgaee, or some part thereof, t o-wit The followlns deaenbéd land, eitoated on sectlon thlrty two, in the township of Ann Arbor, in Waal Coanty, Mlchijïan, via.: Beginning on the webi slde of said sectlOD, ml ii polut S rhaui and a sonth of tho Dorthwest corner of said section, east parallel to the north line of the eectlon 7 chain :uift 60 : Dortl) parallel ta the west line o Mid Bcction ! chaina and w% links, tnence wesi par allel tothe north line cthe section to the weetse tion line, ihence soath 2 chaina and t ü-'j links to the place of bcginning, contalning two acres, exceptlnj a right of way one rod in width on the east síde o the above deecribed land, ;tt jmblic vendnei at ilu Court Ildiisi', in the City ot Ann Arbor, in sak Connty. on the 26th day of Pebmary nest, at noon Dated December Sd, 1W. AUGUSTUS W1DENMAXN. N. W. Chkeyf.k. Att'y. 1246 k oragee Mortgage Salo. DEFAULT hnviiií.' been made in the conditions of; certaiii mortgage made by Richard CHntou küi George Clinton toKelson 1. Nje, Bxecator ondel the will of Charles Hyland, deceased, dated Novera ber the seveoth, A. ü. 1866, and recorded on tlu tenth Liy of Norember, A.l) 186Ö, in the office w the Register of Deedsfor VTaahtenaw Connt), Michigan, In liber thirty-seven of afortgag on page i"''1 luindri'd, which eaid mortgage was dol; assjsñed bj said Nelson B. Nye, Exccntor, to Richard Jïeahan Adminiatratorwith the will annexed of the esl ii i o said Charles Hylandi doceased byasslgnment date! May the eighteenth, A. i. I869# whlcn aasienmeni wás duiy recorded In the Bogtntera Office aioresaidi on the iUth d:y of November, A.l). 1869, in llbei two of Asrfgnxnents ot Morjages. on page three humired and twenty-six, apon wnich mornráire thew 1b now clalmed tobe doe the Bnmof three Imndrcdant BeventyWiYe dollars and olne cents , besldes the snm of thlrty dollars :s ao Attorney's or Solicitóle fee provided for in satd mortgage ; and no snit ir proroceeding havlng beeD Instltntedat law to recover the snm now dac and secured by saio mortgage}oi any part thereof ; Now. therefore, by virtue of the power of sale contalned In said ntortsage, and by virtue ot Matute In snch case made and provided, notíce is hereby si ven ] that on Saturdayi tb nineteenth day f PeDruary oext. at li o'clock, noon, of that dar, at the BOUth door of tito OooTt House, In tin: ciiv ol Ann Arbor, Connty of Wash tena w, and State of Michigan (boina the place of holdins tho Circuit Court within said Countyj, there will be eold at public auction, to the hlghest bidder, the premises described In said mortjntgQ, or so much tliercof as muy be neo'ppary to pjitiKly the amount due on said mortpflire. wltti interest and costs, incltidïnan attorbey 'fee of thlrty dollars as aforesald. which said premises are described as followe: The northeast part of lot numbei' fivfl in block two uorth of Horon Ptrect, rane three, aocordlng to tlie recorded plat of the villiige (now city) of Ann Arbor, Michigan, commencing at tlie northeaFt corner of iuid lot and block and running south eitrhteen feet, theneo west sixtysix feet, thencc north eighteen feet, theuce cast sixtytix feet to the place of beginning. Also the right to Joln the brick wal) standing near the south line or ui'l land. Dated Nov.23d.lSC0. 1245td KICHARD TiKAHAN , Asalguco. Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT havlng been made in the condition of a certaiii mortgage executed by Minerva llavis and ,i. ronzo Oavie, of the City of Aun Arbor. County of VaHhtcnaw. and State of oUchlgan, on the 2If(, day if August, A. D. 1867to Danos Donglass, of the JityofAnn Afbor aforesaid. and recorded in the tegister'3 öfflee of Baid County of Washtenaw, on flaj of August, A. J). Ï9(ft% at 4 o'clockP. M. of gaid aay, in líber vn of mortgages, on page 818, ui whioh mortgage there i clalmed to be 3ue al he date of this QOÜC6, the sum of two hnndred and oity-llvc dollars and twcnlj-even contBi alio an Attorncy's of thirty dollars shOQld auy ptOCeeAQgs be taken to forecloee tho same, and n iitltor )roceediiif's at law or eqnlty hayiog been Instituted o recover the debt or any part thereof; Notfcels icreby glven thai by vlttue oi the power of sale n s-iid morteage contained, I shall sell at public uictk'ii. to the hlghest bidder, on the ltttbdayof :briniry A. ]. 1870, at '2 O'clock in tho afternoon of :iat day, ut tlie front door of the Court House, in tluJity of Ann Arbor, in the Coonty of Washteoaw and tato of Michigan, the premlses described in said ïortgage, as, al] that certAln tract or parce! of land ituatedin thcCfiy of Anu Arbor, Couuty an i forésald, known, bounded and described ftfl Ml ws, -wit: coromencing at the southwest corner of lot umbi-r ti-lit () in block nnmber two f2) BOUth ■! luron street. and range number eight east, in Danorthand VTileon'a Aadttlon to the Villano cf Ann rbor, thence running east on the south une af&aid 't eïghty liuks to a stake standing on said line, lenee northerly parallel with the west line of said ot to a Btake standing on the oorth line f taid lot, lenen west 'ii said uorth line ctghty links tothe orthwest corner of said lt, theneo soutberly on the rest line of saicl let t the place uf beglnniug. November -üth, 18 9, LOÜISA J. TIOKNOB, BzeCUtrix of the last wilt and testament 'f Darius Üuglass, deceaecd. John N. Gott. 124-3 Attorney fur the Exccntrix. ShcrifTs Sale. BY VIRTUE of one wrlt ofFlori Fadas, U out of and tinder the BOBl of tlie Oircujt Court r the County of Washtenaw, to me dlrected and ellvered, ana bearlng date the flfteentb day of Noember, A. 1869, In favor oí Ohrietlan Maller, nnmanding me that of the cooda and chattele, and or want thereof, then of the tanda and lenemente of ohn üresslelu and Barbara ïrosleln . to mak e tin; uui i)f three hmidred hih! nipety-eignt and ü-í-iiki ollars.dftinages, mid twenty-níne and Í5-100 dollars Mii:, 1 (üi on the löfh day oi' November, . . I8R0, levy nponeelxo, and tafco tbe followlng to-wit: North lot number four '4} in Wöck immbor threq (8) north, ronpe two (-2) ast ; tbe tfouth one (1) roei iu width of lot aumbf( c (ó) lu block three (3) hórth, ra h nne (i) rod in width of lot number twelve j-j In block Dumber thrae (8) north , ranjre nnmhöt wo (-) eaat, accordlng to. thi . ■ cí v f Ann Arbor, County of Waahtenaw, State of Michrgtii which popertj i shall expose fot x public auoUon, to the htghept bidder, on Mondare he 2Sth diiy of Pébroary, A. D. I37, nt 2 o'cloek Ol that d:iy. Dal cd. Ann Ariior, Jan. llUi 1 ffft. l.'OJ P) Uo.N il. POJlTïjp, Sheriff. Mortgage Sale. WHEREAS, John Unrrïs and Mary Sarris, )! wlfe, oi the ( ity of Ano Arbor., Coiraty of Waehtcnaw, andState of Michigan, on Éne thlrteentli dayof September, I ti Williain II. Pocker, of LoweUtMossachui Becure the pay$ient of certatu iü'ímcíjkiI and h I monevi thereln menttoued, wlilcb mortghge vis reCounty , on tboL9d day of September, A. I), i 11.1 o 'dock A. M of sald doy, lu Uber 37ofmotton pago i:.".i : and, wnereas, defaull !■ i made for mora tban thirty days in thepnymentof nu bostallmLnt ni' sald Interest money wnicb becami duc i the thlrteenth dy of September isas, by rewon whereof and parsaani totbe ternia ofsald ";. saidmortgageehereby ele t&Üiatso much f ?nii! principa] as remalna nnpold wltn all arreardUfl iiid Kiyabl ünmcdl itely and; wher . tfiere is clali and uiip:ii(i tui aald soortgags :it thé dato oi' tuis uoti'T, fonrteen hundred and sixty-foui ::■ principal and ñiu-rest . also an Attorney's foo oi' thirty dolían should any proceedinge taken to forecloso Bald mortgagc, and ■ Buftor proceeflIngshasbcan Instltntcd eltnat iii luw or cquity to ut any partthereof; Not therefore licrcby giren, tbat on the nlneieenth day of Kcbmary next, at two o'clock íq the afternoon, at the front door nf the CiHirt Uousc, iu the City of A:ni Arbor, belng the tralldlng In wlileh tho Circuit Conrt far aald County Ia beid. :%i by virtue of the power of sale contalned In s;'id mortLr:r_'c. Iehatl "'■;] at pnhllc aoction, to tho highest bidder, the prcmiNPn describid in pnid mortgage to Kütisfy the amonnt of pilnclpal and Interest abov dalmed asdne, vitii the caargei of sadi kmUï. Uunrance and an Attorneya fee of thlrty dollarSt the followlng de. land, iltaatedu ths city of Aun Arbor, Cónnty of Waahtonaw and State pf Alichigan aforesati known, bonnded and descrlbed as follows, to-wlt i beinglot umiilvr Tour, (4; in Hower s Aüdition to tliu City of Alm Arbor. accordii: to the recordod ula thereof. November 2Ctb, mm. WILLIAM H. PARKER, Mortïagec. John N. Gott. Att'y. for UortaagM. 124ötd Mortgage Salo. TIBFAULT hiuiiür been made in the coiuliliojis of U certaln mortgogo made and executcd by i oarli Beutlcr, Hvensiine Bentlcr, Richard O. TrftYi Margarct E. Traver, "f An Arbor, County of Waal tenaw, and State of Michigan, to Èobert McCormick of the town of Ann Arbor, State aforesafd, on th 28th day of Jl , and recorded in tl Ister'a office "f Washtenaw County aforeeald, on the --iiit.ii day of June, A. J). 1807, at B o'clock I'. M. of sai day, n Uber BS of mortgages, on page "■-■', nul th thrrc is now due and nnpafd apon said mort:ireand note accompanyiDg the aame. thesnm of nine hundeed and nine dollars and thlrtythree cents, al-o an Attorney's 104 of forty dollars Bhonld any procecdlngfl !!■ taken to foreclose sald mortgage ; iind no proátlaworln eqnity haring been had to recorer sald aam oraDy part thercoi1. now, thcrefore, notíce 1b hereby glven , that by virtae of a power oi sale in Bald mortgage contalned, T hall sell at public aoction, to the hi'heöt bidder, on the ."'th day of Febriiary next, at 2 o'clock P. M. of saidday, at the front door of the Conrt House, iu the city of Ann Arbor, Connty aforesaid : The west twenty-eevcn and a half feetof lot nnmucr five, in Wock number two sonth of IIur(jn treet and range nunibcr foureast, in the ity of Ann Arborj Michigan, accordiug lo the recorded plat thereof. November llth.1840. EI.I.HN MoCORMICK, Execntrliof the last wlll and testament of Robcrt McCormick, Mortgagee. deceased. Jon N. Gott, Attorney. l'J ::td Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT haTlng been made in the condllion of a ciu-win mortgage made and eieented by Lonisa Duvis, of Clinton, Lenawce Connty. in the State of Michigan, to Julia A, Hall, of Yiwilnntl. Connty of aslncnaw. and Htate aforesaid, on tlie 16th day of October, lsc'. and recorded In the Keistcr's Oüice of Vashtenaw Connty aforesairl, on the 14th day of Jiiuuary , A. D. 1861 , at u o'clock P. M., in Liber BS of Mortgagee. on page s'Ji, and that there is daimcd to le dne npon sald mortgage and the note accompènyin(r the HMinc tlit: Mini of elght hundred and l'orty-mne dollars and forty-ilve cents, and an Attorney'n iee of thlrty dottara sbonld auy procecdinf;s lw" taken to foreclose aaid mortgage : and no proceedlcgs atlaw or in eqnlty haring been had to recover satd smns of moncy or any part thoreof: Now,tharefor6 ïiotice hereby glven that by rlrtue of a powei of eale in said mortgaa contained, I shall wil at imblicauetion ti the hlgneit bidder on the flftb day of Ftrbrnarv next. at i o'clock P. M. of that day, at 'the front d'oor of the Couft House in the city of Ann Arbor. in sald connty, all that certaln parce] of land in the city of Ypstlucti. known and describcd afi Lot No. ono(l} in lbo Normal School addition to the rUlage 'now city; of Ypsihmti beinj the same property conveyed by the party of the second part to the party of the first part. November 3d, 1809. JÜUA A. JIALL.Mortgasee. Joiiv X. Oitt, Att'y for Mortga 124$ Mortgage Kale. TiEFAULT haring been made in the conditlODS of XJ a mortgage ezeented bylTargaret Plynr and John Flynn. her hnsband. to Morcan O'Bi'ieu, dated .September U'tb, A D. 1Ï65, and recorded In the Regtetcr'.- OJDce, in Washteiiaw Cottnty Michigan, on the loth day of September, A. D. 1805, in Uber 88 of mortgages, "'.■. i_'" 569, and aeslgned bysald Morgan O'Brten to Caty Vandcrbilt. Jannary iMth. 1808, b inent dnly recorded ütèober BOth, ÍS69 :lie face of the record offtald mortgage by which defanlt the power oí Bale contalued in s-i'l moxtgage became operativo, and do a-o: ín law or cquity baTing been Instftnted to i the debt s,m urcd by s.-iid mortgage, or any part thcre of, and tbc ram of twenty-flve dollars and thli en cents bclng now claimed to be diie npon sald murtige beeldes tlio cost.s and expensas of tlii fnreclosure ; Noticc is therefore hereby irivcn that sald mortgage wlll bc foreclosed by a Bale of the premlsea deBCnbed. in said inorlgagefOr Bome part thereof, to wit: The north tiltylwo feet in wi'lth off lot Ho. fifteen, in block No. one, in Onnsby & Page's Addition to the city or Ann Arbor, Michigan , at public vendue, at Conrt Hou-.-, in said city of Ann Arbor. on tbc lii'th day ot' Febraarr, next, at uoon. Daii-d , November Mh. I ]-'4L! ( atï VANDBBBH.T, Assignce. Mortgage Sale. DEFAULT having been made in the eondlMon of i certaln mortgage exeonted ly Aaroi I?'u:, and Catharine Dean, (his wlfe), of the eiiy ;f Ann Albor, Michigan, to Norman Chupín, o the sume place, and beartng date the twenty-flfth ia; of JalJi A. 1'. 1806, fmd recordad on the twenty-sev i-r.ih day of Jnly, A. !). i 300, in the office of i Ister of Deedsof Washtenaw Uonnty, Michigan, ii liberas of Mortgaces, on pgge ::tfT. whlcta saul mort rage was asslgnea by tlie ssid Norman Chapín to ■ramea F. Royce, by an asslgnineut dated tlie twenty tblrd day of August, A. 1). istw, wbich nssignmen was recorded in the Register!) otlice of :r County of WRShtenair, on the tweuty-sevemh day Jannary, A. 1). isn, in liber or.e of Metgnmenbi o ngea, atpage 6S7, by which defanïttne power of we in f:ii't mortgage bas bcconie operativo, an the am'itnt clalmed to bc due (and npaid) on Balt mortgage, and the notes accompanylng the same, a the oi'ilils noilce, is fonrhandiedandf rty-tbrec dollars and twelve cents, also an attorney's fee o tweniy fivc dollars providcd for in said m' and do snit (ir procceding at law, orin chancery, hav Ing been Inetltated to recover the same, or any par thcreof, now, therefore. is ncjreby given, i lint on 8aturday, the flflh day ofPebraarv, A D.1S70 nt ten o'clock in the foronoon of said day. atthi south door of theCourt House, In the said city o' Ann Arbor, by virtne of a power of sale in said mortgam contalned,] sinll feil at public aaotlon, to the liishest bidder, the premian uesertbed in said mortgage or so mncii thereof aa vrlll bs neoessary to satlsfj the aniouut dut: on satd mortgage with Interest an costs and expenses nllowcd by law, (he premises deBcrlbed as f !lovs: All the (bllowtngdetcribed piece or parecí of land, commenclna in uie center'of th a .lite mm], on section tiiirtv (mij in the towo pliip of Ann Arbor, Cotmty of Washtenaw.and Stati of Michigan, at tlie nortb-wesl corner of land owned by Clement R Thompson, thenco soi'.tli parallel to the east quarter line of said eection to the sonth iir.c of said section, lhei?ce ve6t on the sonth line of said secttoo fonr chalni and seventy-etght andone-hal links, tlu'iice noith parallel to the west quarter line of Hui ] Bectlon o the center of the Hlxr-white road, thence northeasterly along the center of gaid road to the place of beginning, containinjg nlnejaud sixtyone hundredthfi acres, moreorless, Dated, Aun Arbor, November lOth. : JAMES F. ROYCE, P. Cramkr, Assignee of Mortape. Att'v. for Assignee. líáS Real Estáte for Sale. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, J In the matter of tlie i-state of Antojnette I.. Ann. abil. minor: Notice Is hereby given, that In pursuanee of an order granted to the onderslgned Ouardian of the estáte of said minor, by the Hon. Jndge of Probate for the County of Vaahhnav, on the llrst day of November, A, D. 1SC9, there irill be sold t public vendue, to the hlghest bidder, at the d wel 1ng house on tho premises hereinafter he Couuty of Washtenaw, in said State, on Satunlar, he nlnctecnth day of February, A. T). ÏSTO, at welve o'clock, noon, of that day, (subject to all en'umbrances by mortgage or otherwise exlstlng ;it the me of sale, and algo tmbjeot to the right of dower of wldow oí Ira Annabil, deceased, thereiu,) the ollowing dfscribed ral eatate, vli : The undividod ourth of the cast huif of the sonthwoH qnattOT f cctlon eighteen, aud uudivided fourth of the cast lalf of the northeast quarter ol section nineteen. In bwnship three sonth of ranïe threecast, contal nlng ne himdrcd and sixty acres more or less, in said tate. Dated, Jantiary 5th, A. D. IST. H1IODILLE ANNABII.. 1 -'■"' 1 Guardian. Chancorv Notice. pilF, CIRCUIT COUHT for the Conuty of WashA tanaw, In Chancery . Charles Thayer, Complainsnt tí. J'.IíjmIi W. Morran, and illiíim Clifcvcr, Admlnistrabor of the state ot Wllltam s. Maynard, deceased, DefendantB. lim ïiicd to settl np tin: in'airs and businj s of hc Company hetetolore known as the Ann Arbor -and Cimpany, and to divide tlie pfroperty nd seets of tiie C.ojnpany. In porsnance cfan order f thetonrt, notice ii hereby viví-1.! tothe Btocklolden and holden of th scrip or certlfu' tock Issued byaal&Goinnany to present andptove n1 saine and al] other daima to the stocks of ihe 'umpany, before the underalgtied, Circuit Cotirt onunlssioner, at liis oice Lu ilu-City of Aun Arloi, whum the matter hai beeq referred by tlie Oóurt, n or before Tuosday, thortrstdayof I'Vhruary next, nd lo contribute their proper sharea respectiyely o the costa and expenses of proseenting this suït. Dated, at Ann Arbor. l)ec. ÏTth, I8ÍÍ. 8IBLET G TAYLOR, ono of the Circuit Court Cotnmissioners for WaShttnaw Countr, Uich. Tiuct W. R"oi, Sol. for Comp'lt, lH0ir4 E cal Eslate for Sale. CTATE OP MICHIGAN, County of Washtennw, ss3 In tlie matter of the estáte of Maria Isabel Blakesr, HarrlctU.Blakeslee and Jolina Blakeslee, mlors; Notice is hereby glven, that in pnrsnain o of i order granted to :: led, Qnardlan of the state of said minors, by the Bon. Jndge of Probets ir the County of Washtcnaw, on tlie scvinü, ecomber, A. 1). lSfti, there 11 be fold at public ■nna, to t hlgheet bidder, at the dwelUna house ow occupicd by llirain Combe, in York. in the onnty of wftshfenaw, in sal i State, on Thnr?d:iy, ie twenty-aoventh day of Jannary, A. 1). 1876) at ten Vloek '■ poon oí that day, (subject to all lenmbrancee by mortgajre or otherwise existiugat ie of the Mie, Tanu also subjeetto the right of wer of the wiidow of Juli us w. Blakesl lereln.J the (bllowinff described real estáte, to-wit: 'he uiuiivided tiiríM-.íourtlís ol' tlie nortb ten acres f the north half of the sonth half of the west half 'thenorthwi afeectloa tventy-tvo, in iwnsbip four sonth bL c&nge Bis eas(, i:i said State. ' Dated, Dcceinber. Tth, A. I) It ■ AL1DA BLAKKSTEB, Guardian. Finost Assortmont of Toilot : Goods in the City, by Keá'l Éstate for Salo. OTATE OF MICHKíAX, Connty of Wathtenow, nsl lo ín tbe mutterot che eaUteofOeorgeB Ramner miuur. Kotlceishervby gtvcB, tliat iu purouanceof uu order grunted tu the undersigned. Qtmrdhui ofthe' catate of Mud iiiihi-r, i)v thc iiiii. Judge of Probate Cor tho Coinity of W.'ishtiMi.'iw, on the sixth dav of December, A. 1). I8, tbere wrtí bc old at public vcndiie, to the Mghest bidder, ut the bnrn on the pramlíci descrtbed, in pie County of Wasuteiunv. n .-aid on ThüreSay, the iMi'ntyseventh day of Jantiáry, A. I), lsto, afose oclock fn the afteruoun of that doy, (subject tío all encumbrances hj raortgsgc or otherwbe exlatlng utthe time of Míe, and ano snbjectto the rislit of dower of the nndrrebned, a wldow vf Qeorge Sumnex, d..: followhig d í8 ribed reaj e.-t:it-, vi. ,i qnarfer 6f the aontheast cruarte.r; íhf Dortheast qimrter of the southwest quarter ; and the ' s.mth huif ofthe southea t qaarter of ucetion five, in towDshlp lwo sontb ot r;iiif,rc threc east ,contalnIng me huudred und sixty acres, moreor lebe, ia said State: Dated, December ih, A. TVlsn?. 12 A LICIO 8ÜMNEB, O.iarclian. Connuissioncrs' Notioc. OTATK OF MICHKIAX. Countyol ' 0 Thfl opdersigued havin? been appointííd by rtíe " Probate Cenrt lor sald Oounty, Oommtulonen lo ' ceivcexiiminc: aud adjuet all cluinis nnd demanda ot ' ull pcmuuii agaiust the estáte of llufii Mattbewr,lnte of íiaid Ctinity, deceaped. tiereby _rive notice that ílx montos Trom date are allowed by ' derofuaid Probate Conrt forcreditors toprescnttheir1' clairasaL-íiiii-i theentateofsalddeceaaed, itndthatthey wíll meet at the l'robate oflicí. 10 Mid Uonnty, on Mondar, the tWenty-fonrth day of Jnim.-iry, and Mouduy, the twe.nty-seyenth day of June, nuxt, ut ten o'clock A. M. of èïch oj .aid d:iyö, to receive," examine and adjnst said claims. Dated. December 2ïth, A I). 1809. JOSHTJA o. I.KI.AXii. ; ., . . 12Í0 SBLUEH W. SHL'KTLEFF, j Oommissioner. Jvstatc of Fianklin Swift. STATKOF : MICHIGAN, Co1;ntv r.i Wakiitknaw.s At asesion of thc l'robate Conrt for tbe Count) 01 Washtenaw. holden at the Probate Office, Inthc city of Ann Aroor on Wednesday, the telfth dny of jauuary, in the year one tbo'usaud eight hundrod nnd pevcnty. Pre8ent,UlramJ.Beakc8,Jadgeof Probóte. In the matter of the Estáte of FrankHn Swlft, deceased. Showerman, Exccutor of the last wil] and testamentof saiddeceaséd, comes intoConrtand repreaenta that be is now prepared to rcuder hu ürst account as inch iixeclltor. Therenpon it ia Ordered, that SaliinTay, the fifth day of Kcbrnary next, at ten o'clock "in tin; forenoon, bv. aaatoied for ezaminlng and allowüig sucli account, and that the legateea, devlvees, aiid1 ÜjBtn ui law of said deeèased, and all other per" Bons Interested in Mld estáte, are reijnlrecl to aripcar at n seesion of said Contt, lln-n Ri bc hulden at the l'nibute Clltice, in the ( i: oí Aun Aibor, In said Connty, and show canse, if auy there be, why the eaid account shonld not be alallowed: And it is furthcr ordered, that naid Kxecutor k'ivc notice to ilie persons lntërested in Kaid estáte, of the jjendency of said account, andtht hearing thereof by causing a copy of thia Order' to be publishcd iu the MichigtM Argut a newspaper printed aud circuluting in said Couutv, thiee sucecssive weeka previoub to said day of hearlnjr. (Atraecopy.J HlllAM'J. BEAKES, I252td Jodse of Probate. Estáte of Kobert llooke. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of At asessiua of the Probate Court for the Countj of Washtenaw, holden at the Probate Oftice, in the City ol' Ann Arbor, on Friday, the thirty-tir.t day ol December, in the year one tbousand eihthuiulred and sixty-nlne. Present, Hiram 1. Beakcs, Jndge of Probate. In the matter of the estáte of llobcrt Kooke, dtceated. On reajlirjgand IVllng bc nctition.dnly rcrifled, of Cassey Ann Knoke.prayingthat :i certaln intniment now on lile in thls Conrt, puruorting tobe the ln.t wlll and testament of said dcccascd, may be admittccl to probate, and Ihat she nu; be appolnXed solo Execotrtx thereof. Thi-rcujioii i: [sOrdCTetl, that Monday, the thirtyfirst day of January next, at ten o'clock in Lhe liréuoon, be assigned f'T theheariiiL' of said petition . and that the legatees, devlsees and heirs at law "f said deeèased and allotlur persous Interestedin said estáte are requircd to appear at a gesrion of Raid 'ourt then to bc holden at thé Bróllate Office, in the ciö r Ann Arbor, and show cause, Lfany tnerebc, why tbcprayer ol the petltloner ahonld not be granted: And Hls fnrthcr ortlered, that .suid petltionergive noticfl to the interestedin said estáte, of the pendency ol saldpetition, and tlie hearing thereof, by cansin's a copy ofthls Order to be published ín tntjtickigan Aïgtv, a newspapcr printed and elrcnlating in said conuty, thrce öucecssive weeke previous to saidduy ot heariiiL'. (A tnie copy.) HIRAM J. BEAKES, ml JudL'e of Probate. Estáte of John O'Brien. STATE OF MICHIGAN, CotlntT of Washtenaw, fa. Ai a session of the Probate Court for the County of WaahtenaWf holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, on Ifonday, the third day of iTannary, in the year one thousand eight huudred and seventy. Present, Hiram J.BeakcR, Jndge ofProbati'. In the matter of tbu Éstate of John O'Brien, deceased. Onroadinsrandflllng the petition, duly verified, of Catharlne Kclley, praylns that certaïn real entate whercof eaitl deceusea ctï.tl seized, may be parittionedainong bis heirs ;i aw i nd tlicir assignoes. Thereupon il is ordered that Monday, the tliirtyBrsl dáy offannary, ïiit:mt , at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be assigned for the hearing of said petitlon, and that the helra at law of snid decenned, and all other jiersons intt'rcsted in said estáte, are reqnired to appcar at a session of said Conrt, then to be holden at the Probate Ofllcc, in the City of Aun Ar!iu'. and show, il'ar.y tbere be why the prayer of Uu petitionet Bhonld not be granted: - Ana il (tfunner ordcred thatsald petiitoner rive notice to tbe persons interested in said estáte, ol the pendency of said petition, aud the hearing thereof, by acopy of thls order to be pnbrlshed in the ■ ■. a newspaper printed and circulatinj insaid Countv.tluee snccessivcweeksnrevioni r. ■-:iid dy oí hearhi, HISAMTT. BEAKH6, Átruecopy. Judfeof Probate. l-251td Estáte of Alba Ilurd. OTATE OP MICHIGAN, County of Washtenáw, fs. O At ïi BOMton of the Probate Cmirt for thc Cotinty ofWa-hteii:uv, holden at ihc Probate olHce in tbe city of Aun Arbor, ou Tbaraday, the twentj-thlrd d:iy of December, in the year onc thongand eiht hundretl inri ixty-nine. l'rcscut, Hiram J. Beako?, JudLe of Probate. Ín the matter of thc estáte of Arba Ilurd, dc CCIt-f ll. DeWltt O. Hurd, Admtnlstrator of said estáte, comes into Uonrt and represents that he is now prcpared to render hig final account as such Administrad r. Tlb'ioupon it IsOrdered, that Monday, 'lio twentr fourth day of January next, at ten o'clook in tno forcnoon be anslgneó for examining and allowlna ncb acconnt, and that the helrfl at law ofsatd deceased, nnd all other persons interested in faid estáte, are required to apuur ni a nnsjlfHi of said Court, then to be halden at the Probate Office, in the City of Anu Arbor in said Connty, and ghow canse if any there be, why the said acconnt ahould not be allowed : And it is further ordered, that saúl Adminl&trfttor ;ve notice to the perrons interested in Wiid estatai of tlnt penK-iicy of aatd accouut, and the hearing thereof, ly Dg .i copy of this order to be published in the [rffüs, a n&wapaper prlnteu and clrcnlaüpg in sala Connty, threu successive weeks nrevious to saM dny of hearing. (A truecopy.) H1KAM !. r.::K::s. t25Otd JndLc of Probate. Estáte of Sarah Pacy. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Countv of WashtenaW, 81 0 Ai a session of the Probate ConrtfortheOotmty of Washtenaw. holden at thc Probate Ollice in thc city of Aun Arbor, on Tnesday. thc twenty-elehth day of Jannary, in the yearoue thoueand eight nundred aud sixty-nine. Present. Hiram J. Beakcs, Judge of Probate. In thc matter of the estáte of Surah Pacy, deceased. On readrnf and flllnthe petition.dnly vcriflod, u RnMs Knight, praylag that Harriet Knilit mar be apiointed Adniinistratrix of the estáte of sald deceased. Thercnpon it ie Ordered, that Monday, the twenty-fourth ilay of Jannary, iK.xt, Kt ten o'clock in the forenoon, be assiucd for the hearinc of said petition, and (hat the heirs at law of Baiudcceased, and all other persons in terceted in said estáte, are rcquir-d to appcar at a sessiou of said Conrt, then to bc holden at the Probate Ollice, in the City of Ann Arbor, and show cause, ifany thnrcbe, whytheprayei of the jHUitioncr shonld not be granted: Anti it is further ordered, that said petitioner rivcnoticc to the persons interested in said estáte, of the pendency ol saidpetition, and thc hearing thircof, by oaugfuga cojiyofthis Order to be pnbilahed in tne itUkiya Anjus, a newípapcr printed and circulaiinpin raid Uonnty, throosucu6lve weeks prerioue to saiil day of liearin. CA trnecopy.} UIRAM J. BEAKES, IMO Jndi:e of Probate. Estáte of Margaret MoCarthy. OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty of Wiishtomiïv, ss. IJ At a sessiou of the Probate Court for the County fVashtenaw, holden at the Probate Ollice, in the City of Anu Arbor, on Wednesday, the twenty-ninth ay "f December, in the year oue thougand eight lundfed and sixty-niue. Present, llirani ,1. Beakcs, Judtcc of Probate. In the matter of thc estáte of Margaret McCarthy cceased. On readlpg and flllng the petitlnn dnly verlflcdot dwardPowers, praTng thata certatn instrument ow on Hle in tbte Co'ort purpoxtlng to bc the laat will ml testament of aald deceftaed, may bé admïtléd t robátB, and that he may be appointed sole Exec. tor theccof. Therenpon it is Ordered, that Monday. the twentynrtli iluy of.t.iuiuu-.v. lu'xi, :it ten o'clqch in the irenoon, beasaigned for the hearing of edid petitioïi, nd that thc legatees, devisees and heirs al lawofeaid iceased, andalLotnscjiereonB Intereated In said estte, are reoulrad to appcar at a seesion f said Court ïen to bc holden ntihe Probate Office, in tin' city ol nn Arbor, and auow cause, il auy thcre lic.why íiepráyerof the petitioner shonld not be gratitedi nd it afüi'thcriiriicrcil.thiit aii! nclilioner cive noce to tlicpt-rsixis Lnterested In said estáte f thejeoeney ofxaid petftlen, and theherln ihcreof, hy inving a copy ofthls Order to bc publiühed In the l' lii"" Argus, anewspapër printefl mul cimilating 1 said county, tlnee succe.-sive weeks prcvloiit t lid day of hearln-r. (A trne copy ) IIIKAM .T. HKAK158, l5L,td of Probate. Eatato of Hnunah Browning. TATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Waahfenaw, fi At a session of the Probate Conrt for thcCountT fWashtenaw, holden at the Probate Oil"u-c,iii tbe .un Arbor, mi Safunlay, thc cieventh qay ol .-, in tbe year one thuusaud eight hiiudrcii ■ -nine. ont, Hlram .T. Beakcs, Jndge of Probato. In the nintter of the Estáte ol Banna'h Browning, decesaedi ïi roadlnffAttd ftling the petición dnly vci-ifn-d.oi Charlea -. Whceler,43nlnl8tratr de bmii tu , prai Ing that he raay he lloensed tn aell urnin faB í-tr.ír-, ThoreBpon it Is Ordered, that Mondny, tli twenty-toBrth day of Janpary uext, at ten o'clock in the forenooubo ustigucd fpr tUc heariug oí saM . :anl that the heirs :.: law of sald deceasw 'Ui', :11c ri" . giipmral ft i. then fob : the Probate Office, in the Arbof" o,if any thero be, w oftW petitioner should not bc granted: A ml it ïsfurtheror1 dcreA,that airl petitioner jrivenotïce tothe pernoP' interested i:i Baideetato, of thepcncloncy ofisaid pel-'; tlon.and thcncarlng then'of, l:y e.-uising a cíiy !■ thla Oráer to 1)e p'nbfrsiied in tbe Mühi;;an Anju,t Dowspaper priotetfand clrtnlating in said Conntji fotir Bucccssive weeks prcviotifl to. said day of ht'íí1 n&irt!.co;;y.j IUIÏAM J. l'.KAKES, IJ ■: t.l


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