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Poetry: The Moral Warfare

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Whcn Frmlnro, oh In-r natal dny, Within !)cr wnrrockcd eradlo Iny, An iron race around hor stood, fli;:zed her ihfant brow in blood, Ami, ihror.h the storm which round her Bwept Thcir constant ward and watchinj; kept. Then where qniet heidd repose, The roarof bnneful battle rr&e, And brethren of a common tonglic To morial strife ns tigerd s(rftnr, And every gift on Freedom's shrine Was man Fur bcast, and blood for vviuc! Our ftthers lo llioir graves hnve one! Thcir Btrife a past- thetr trWLpU won: I3,ït bterncr trials vvait the ruce Which rites in their it -nored place- A MORAL WARFAKE VÍtt) (he Ctitítá And folly of nnevi! timef. go let il bc! In God's own raflgirt We gird us for ilie coming RgüV, Anil 6tron? in Him whufe cause is Urpf In conflict wil h v.nlioly powtfrs, We grasp the wcapons Ue bsisgtrehi To "Liuht, arJd Tn.lh, nn-1 Love of Heaven