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Resolutions: Adopted At The Anti Slavery Convention At Cinci...

Resolutions: Adopted At The Anti Slavery Convention At Cinci... image
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3. Rcaolced, Tliit no pnrty can justiy claim to be a truly Democratie paity, which does not propose tp itfieif the abrogation, by every honorable, jnV, vul constitucional mean?, of all leo-oJized ierpolism nnd opprossion, within llie recclj of its poütical nfluence; and, thererore, that pariy -.vhicli, at present, chims the lionor-,1 h Uile ot' the Dr.iocralic party of the United Statee, but refiises to act at u njrainst the worst form and most malignnnt luna of 8Tii aiiJ O prt-it.on, ai;:i percutí. mnnslrous alüance witli slaveho'-ier?, and in s-jstaining slavory witli the whole cnersry or nationul tmthority, in diaregard of tho Constitution ond of Righr, has forfeited all claim o beso designated or regaided. 2. Resolved, That, tliat party only, wlüch adopts in goou faiih, the principies of the Declaration of Independenco, and proposes, whenever and wherevcr it may obtnin the necessnry poHlical power, to adminÍ6ter thetional anti otate Govemments in conformity to those principies, without regard to perRon, and, tliereforp, to direct, and honesl'.y, its most decisivo anJ energetic action ogninst sluvory, and the oppreseion which originates in s overy, as the greatest ovil and must threatening danger of our doy and nn:i'in, nnri liion, to oppose all measurea which endnnger, an;l to support all just measures which favor human liberty, is the true Democratie pa:ty of the United States. S. Resolved, Tliat we love the Union r.i3 dc.sire ïts perpetuity, nnd revero the Constitition,ond are determineil to mnintain it: Lut the Union wliich we ovemust be an Union to establish jnstice, ond secure the blesshigs of libe; ty; and the Constilution which we support, mut be that whicb our Fathers bequeathed to us, and not that which the construclions of slavery and servjlism have substiuited for it. 4. Resolved, Thai it ia vair. for any party to look for our co-oneration, which rcfuses or omite in its Slatfi end National Convenlione to avoid our principies and adopt our measures. And it is because the Liberty party ia the only party vvhich does avow our principies and adopt öor measures, that we propose lo give it our cordial and united support. 5. líesolced, That as a Nationai Party, ou purpcbe und determination it: 'o tlivorco í!LIS a t::nal Government trom Sla very; to pro- hibtt slaveholding in all places of exclusive national jurisdiclion; to abolish the dofnestic elave trede; to harmoniza the Rdministration of iho 3üvernment in all its deparfmente with the principies of tbc Declaration; and, in all proper and cnstitutionai modes to discourage and discontinue tho system of v.crk without wageí; but not to interfere, unconstitniicnolly , wkh tho local leislation of particular States. 6. Resolvía, That in the ]áte sirngg-le for the Presidency, we cannpt perceive that the Libeity party evinced any preference for the? cflndida'es of eiMierof the other partie?, both being s'uveholders and partiznns of slavery; btit are satisfied .üal they voled for llieir own candidates simply becanse they rcpvesented thtir own views and measures, which neilhe; of t'.i e candidates of the otl;er parties dit! er could, and becau.e thoy repose in them a trnsf ard conñdeuce v, hicii the cfiorts and arts of iheir opponents faile=l to destroy or diminii-.h. 7. Resolved, That we earnesUy desire án untiin of all sincere friehos of Liberty and Frce Labor opon tho grounds set forih by this Convcntioriï and would respcctfully recornmend that, wherevcr those who concar in the principies and doctrines of this Conven are fcund togelhcr in sufiicieut nnrr.bers, they nonrinatc candidates for all electivo offices, end support ihem with unanimity and vigor, nn that they should in all cases ahstain ftoni the support of enndidatfs nomioaled bj and represent ing nny proslavery party. 8. Resolved, Tbat in tho juJgmcnt of this Cojivention, r.o nominalion should be made for the Presidency ond Vice Presidcnoy oft'ie United Smtes bcfore the fnll of ia 17, er the -piing of I34S; r.nd that, in t lic tnean time. all questions in relation to' thcfe nomialicns should bc kept entirely open: and tint, when tho proper time shal! arrive, that euch candidates sjjould bo selected a will unite t!ie largest and most cordial support, with un doubted capneity a.)d unequivccol devoiion to our principies and measiies. 9. Resolvt-.l, Th't ne decpiy sympatliizc witii all thoe who, for v.o other ojfencc tban that of peacefully aiding the enslaved in attemptinif to regain that freetiom wbich our nation hts doclarptí to be inalienable, are itnjiistly imprisoned; aid we spech:!ly dpnourco the irtïprisomnent of Jonathan Walker, for that aüpged oiTefico hy hatiónn! a'jth-irity in Flurtda, as a flagrnnt violalion rf the Constitutinn anj a groeá indignity, not only to thr State of Magsachusetls, &Vit to' the peoplc oi a!l the Stntes. 10. Rrsolvtd, That in the judgment of thi.Convention, the proper course for a Frer StatP to ;ïri;f, Vhen her citizens aio iijnonio io:is!y aiii] iificonstittitiojiaüy nnprisond in or e.vpelled froin the .orritory ofanoLhcr Stale in U fTnion, i?, ló aemand of the Nutiona! Government the enactü)'ent and enforcemem of proper !avs to recure her ciiizons in the onjoyment of their violated right.,and failing compliancp'with euch detmnd, to prolect her citizens hcrself.11. Resolved) That tv? nra r ot iidiiïèrcnt toqnrs'ions of tradé or ciurency, or extensión of terrilnry, or to any olher quostions relating to the prosperity and advnnccmrui of ihe country; but we have no uubt that Ihose who are wiiling to subordínale ihese qtiesiions lo the great quesiinn of Persona) Righic-, will be ob!e, wherever thy bccome re?ponsib!e by the posfcífion of power, to ndjust tbee motters upon a aatisfactory bafií; in ihe meantimp, if we difïer somcwbnt among onr selves os to the?e qucsiioii1-, we have the consolation of knowing that ihe membeis of nootlier party are euiircly agreed upon them. I. Resolved, That we revote the memory of Thmnas Morris, who preferred bis country to h3 party, and wns wiUing1 to sacrifice bis political posiünn rnther thoti renouncrhis poüticnl principies; hts mauly and noble protest against tl)i; doctrines cf f-mvery, when strongly urged by the Groat Whijf Leader, remains au ükistrious mnnumenl of his devoiou to Tn::!i, and Hay, and Prcedum. i [The Convention adopted this resol ulion hv rising votp, as u revercntial tribute to the nomory of the bonored dend.] 13. Resolved, That we do nnt imderstand he Liberty pnrty to bn a sectlonal bnt a naional party; ihepresonco anüco-operotion of free men of the b!uvs StRles nssnrts ih tliat he principies of Liberty ure travelling sotith of Mason &t Dixon's line, and give ds good hope hat tliêy 'vill be, ere long csla'oüshed in purity and vigor on theGuif of Mexico.


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