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The Land Of Blood

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U'e have cut ihe follcfrving string of alrocities from our exchnuges wilhin four weeks. They are the resulta of sluveiiolding! "By their fruitsye shall know them." Horrible Murdér. - A. mast brutal murderwos committed at Fort Gadsden, in tliis countj, tfn the 25th uit., under the fullowing circuirïstanucs: A man by the nnrrre of Snmuc! lárice, - engoged in cutting and selling wood, - hired, some monthssince, another by the name of Field, to assist him in getting his wood tomarket. Friday beinga leisure day with thom. if Vas devotod to vhis-key drinking and other cnjoyments; but as the day waned and the whiskey worked, á quarrel arose bel ween them about the ownership of a cnnoc, whui f'rice,-the truc ovnor. dutermineü to destroy it, rather than yield his rigl:t to Field, and proceeded to do so by rneans oí an axe; whercúpon Field went back to the house, obtained n doublé barrelled gun, relurned o the landing, and williout further vords, evelled his gun and fired a load of buck shot irrto the breast 01 Prico, whiched hiirï aímost instantly. Field came to his place on Sunday last, stfrrendered liinself uptoihe proper nuthorities, and s now in öur county jail.- Apalacftacoia, Adv., May 3. Bloody in M'rssissipj)i.-' e learn IVom the Lexington (Miss.) Advertiscr, that a difficully ocicurred in W heeling, in Holmes county, bctwcen Mr. John Weeks and Mr. Rousa Fatheree, whioh resulied in thedeath of the lattër. Weeks is now in jail and waiting his trial. The same paper also relates the occurrence of a horrid atTray het ween' two brothers, Moses and Walter at Rockport, Attila connty, ending in the death of the former. Walter Guess, having acted entirely in self-defence, was tried and acquilted. Á Deed of Blood. - We copy the following from the Yicksburg Whig of May 7thi We learn from a gentleman just from Bachelors Bend, Missiscippi, that Wni. B. Rucker was killed on tïie 26th of March last, bj a man riamed Öeo. Burton, at the house of Stephen M. Jackson. Ii appears that Burton altackedMr. Rucker v.-itíi á pisto?, which he fircd - Rucker (being únarmed) atíempíed to throw the pistcrl up, in which he partinlly sucr-eeded, so that he received thé shot in the shoulder. Burton then drew a Bowie knife, with wliich he cul fiim in thé abdomen, the wound causing his death in four days. We have received ihe full particulars of the affray, but decliné publishing them. VVe wou ld add, that frotn whai we have héard, thefe was no apparent cause forlhe bloody deed. The affidavit of Mr. Rucker was ta k-en by n magistrate before he died. Burtoli ffed, and has not been heard from.. On Thursday flriorning four persons were landed at Memphis, under ar-j rost, on ihe charge of hnving murdered Mr. Mrller, whodisapp-eared snddenïy several weeks ngo. It appears from the confessions of a negro who was oti one of the flat boats at the time ihe deed was commilted, that tVo men, narned Cairlferdcl and Wickham, 'murderéd'Mr. MiJler v!ilc he was asleep, nnd then cu'i open hivbody and r„:uli it in the rivér. Two oiher persons ènftployed óti the boats, Kinny and Cole, were accomplices. Only -S"200 of the mone'y for v.-hich tho murderor wns cmmiftèli, was Ibund upon the prisóners. - St. Loiüs Reporter y May ö The Marengo (Ala.) Patriot says, that on the lst, a Mr. Martin, of that county, was stabbed in five or six places ly a blackrnith in his erhpfoy, named LoclieA youngman named Lathatn, in fiempling to rescue Martin, recoived from Locke a severo cut in the Imnd. Loclce is now in jnil. ilcrrid Ajfray. - We learn ftjrt a man nnmed Da vis, a mcrchant ai Highland, Union county, shot a Mr. Iloleman one day last week. Buf little hopes are entained of Holemaii's recovery. We could not letft'n the c.Tiise of this ttfftitf. - Ilcndirson Kr:!uckian, May .0. An Afray. - O;i Thursdrxy week, o ditïk'uhy arose on th? Graxois, ncar Sappington's post-oírtce, Missouri, l.otwecn four Oermnn?, respreting a coal pit which two of he party wpre burnüi. Boltze Rodlh and Martin Rodtb' father and sonT it apppnrs, attacked John Frieter and a yoiüig Frieterf the old man Rodth was struc-k on the head wilh an axe, and the youngSr Rodth presented a gUii and fired, putting more íhan fhtrty bucle shot into orm anJ sido üf the eider 'Prieter. Both tho Rodths were arrestéd, examined amJ committed to jnil in that city on Saturdny. The wound of Frieter ia said to be a dangerous onc, and there is butliftle hope of his recovery.- _ , , - , - A ttgustd ( Ga. ) MarcH 5; - Thero waa a' diíef ibught hete ón' the morning ofthO '2flh of February, by two gentlemen frotri Söutli Carolina, h was fought at tta lower end oour wiíh rnuskets, ai ten paces. One of the gentlemen was named Partekw, and the other Burfon. They were Trom Abbeville District, S. C. The latter was shot in the hrp, anddied that nighf. Thff partios .veré related thu's: Partelow married Biulon's sister, and 3urton married Partelow's sister. - L$& the survivor cou'd returnf and say to hiswifethat he had killed her broiher; and turn to bis and say he hnd killed her husband. The canse vas from family difneulty. Our papersdo not publibh such doings. Murder.- The Lexinglcn (Mo.) Teíef graph stalea thal aiír. Wiley Horn, of Johnson county, has been mu.dered by e. ruraway negro that hací béen harboretl about bis premises'fr severa) years. ít aftpéars that tfie negro hacf taken offenco at Horn for a chastisement of his wife, the slnve of and tlrat he 'éylaid him vhen oiu (Tshing, andWiot hitn once through th-ï body and throBgh' the hend,producing. death immedio teíy. The negro was pursued anü apprehendod. We learn Trom the Pickenville Kcgisler, ihat ïr. Thomss C. Boon, of Chickfeaaw county, Miss., was murdoredon the 9th,a his residencerby Thomas Murray, his brother-in-law. Anothcr murder, is said to have beert committed in Lincoln county, Mo., ón Tuesday,-the 29th of April. A man named Calloway was shot on the road from Troy to Cap-au-G r. He vas found with three balls through him, and appcared to hatë beerï fired apon from somc bushes as bo passed along ihe rcnd. The perpetrators of the act are unknown. Calloway had beeñ ordered to leave the county soms time previoiisJy, ar.d it is supposed ihat this is a conlinuation of the former violent acts committed in that county.- -3t Louis Nexo Ero, May 6. Thorrias Price was tricd in Lowndes, Alabaron, for killing Thomas Long, and sentenced to the penitentiary for 15 fe. - ■ Spencer Hawidns was also sentenced ió to the penitentiary for seven years for niding and nbetling in on attempt to murder Dr. B. N. Lawrencé. Árrcsi of a Fugitivo SlaveL - The schr. Eveline, C. W. Patlerson, Master, 11 days from Mobile (or Philadelphia, touched off the bar on the 18th inst. aird put on board the pilot boat Carolina, L fugitive slave, cclled ihe propey of Joseph Silve, of Mobile. Cn pt. W. P. Len, of tho Caroline, haJ ihe fellow put in jail. - Charleston Patriot. Execulion. - The' negro Nat, belonging to Mr. P. Savant, of Kayou Boeuf, was, in pursuance of his sentence, hung in Öpelousas on Friday !ast - N. O. Pic. May 7. An írishman named Workman, at Lou; isville, nterfcred in a cjuarrel betweenf h'is brother and his brother's wife, and killed ihe former by throving a stone' pitcher at his hend. Murder in Lowndes Caunly, Miss:-- : Andrew Tolland was murdered on the night of the lith uit., abont ten milesvv'eti of theColumbusj-by James McCann, Jr., who has ñed, and is supposed would make his way to New York. - N. O. Pic. Assasination. - A letter dated Bayou Lafourche, La., April löth, furnishes the foHowing infbrmauóhï :A frightfal occurrence took place i few dayá since at Pincounlville. Oa W'ednesdöy a negro belonging to ?Ir. Velin, stabbed M.r. Meran Simonneau with a poignard. The Jatter had been watching the negro forseveral days, when on WeJnesday between and 12 o'clockat night,he peres vH himattemptin io cress t!;? bajoi?. He called td íúm to stop, and rushed forward to seize himr j btn no sooner had he touchod hítn, than the negra pluiiged hisdagger in his breast near the shoulder. Mi'. Sinxmneati i rrot expected fo live. The murderér Was arresled yesterday, tn'ed to-rlay, arid sentèneed to be hung on Thurday, on1 the spot vJVere he commitied the crime. A Mrs. Rilpy was murdered in Bi. Louis on the 23d uit.', by a man named Martin Waters, who was intoxicoted. - She was endenc. Waters has been arrested. On :he noxt day, Leebre Geselt shot John èiroderrnnnn in a quarrel. Negro FUü'it.: - Certain hogro' men, some ñve miles soulh of here, engaged in' 'mortal corpbat' last Saturdny evening, with all mannr of weapons, hich rbulied in one of the negros shooting another througli the heod - the bal"l entering tha skull and coming out ábout three inches from whoro it entered. At the last account the nrg;o' wns living, nnd it was thought might recover. - JoneshorougH (Tn-) Whig.


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