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Pabllabed ffWrr l-Viilaviuornin:;. iü thethird story of tiie iM-ick biuck, corner of Main and llunm atraen AN.N A!{;!':t, .MI 'II. BntranCe ou Uuruli Strget Post Ülflce. ELIHO IÍ. POJTOj K:lüor and PubIi8lier. SCeniis, $2.00 a Year In Advtincc. RA.TES OF A.DVEKTISINQ1 CIC linee or loss coniidercd a scu:irej 8PAUKr" 1 w. ■ ■ . i; v. Bm. _m ly. ' 1 aquaaT"" . I$WH ■i aqnsrcs I tJO 2.60 1 r..'i 8.00 1 18.01 :;..., . I 4.50 7.6Ol Ï'MIO [ 16.00 i 1 ÏM ï ."" ( '-'."i' I 18.00 I 805b "l-lcolMiiMi 1 :).!'! .801 .00 1 10.00 I M.OO I WM . i-,..Mi gg.OO i".';'i "lööln, -'; 85.00 140.00 1 TS.OO t(JAÏU)sTNDÏRECTORY,notto6XCeed fonriincs tl.nonvenr. trtTertiserftotheeiteni of a (jnarter column ora foírlycontrfl I IHeatohaTo thelrcirdein Sircc'torywitl)'Ut.-x!i:ir' . „i x,,.! ;i.t Une rorthpflrptinscrlioíi nd b!x ceots Uno tor oaoh snbaeqent inserllon! í'mt no iiotlce Insortod tot lcss timn Ji. ;-:ihaIfthc ratcs ofordinnry dertlseraent. Ycirlv n'hMTtiscrs h.ivc the prlrlleee of chnncrlns: jjjlj bJi threo times. Additional chances will be chargea for. rtf Advrüment8iuacompaiited bj written or ,orbld I three months,and AMged aocordlngly . " re"-il SL.averttaement,flrgt Insortlon "0 cents per rito 85 cents per folio foroach Bnbseqnentlníertion. postponemenl leadded to an aaverttsement he wholc wlll be chargod the same ns for flrst ínserion. JOB PRINTINQ. TMmuliM" Poatars. Hand Bill, Cirrnlars. Carde, BaUT 'k,ís.l,.',,N.ltl,,,. Bill Head, and othor r' r 1-Jtic? of frain and Pan Ing, exeented lthpromptncB.andinthebe6tpoe8lWeetyle. CA.RDS.-WehaTeaRiJ C.-ml Pros?, ;;,:,l,1.: prlntCard of ,11 kinds in the „entert pos?! 1 Btyle.and cheaper thanany other - Cards for roen ofallaT. cTtions and profe lons. BaW, Wodng and VWUiy rinted un short nonoo. Cali and ceg.imiiii'B.


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