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Talks With Women

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Tho creation of "strong-nitiicled" wonen, gn-callod is duo to ilio individualm c,f men. to the modern solfish ind epecula'.ive spirit whicli absorbs everything wiihin ïtoelf and leaves women nnthing but self-assertion for tlicir '.TOtcction and support. I do not be.ievc t'uat iw.y Wóman was ever naturilly ' .troiig minded," i:i the vulgar, offeusive sente of that term. When they themselves so t is when they have Deen the victima of n;cn or of society, and reeort to war meaures i;i self-deence ; or, liaving feit the wrong, hi u cnly that niciliod of righting it. Politica) oliimpr, party strife, the clashing of ii;tcri'sts, ibe strugglcs, the insieties of public and business life, ure, ' tliink, UDuatural and üisttstcful to most WQmcn ;. bot they do i.ot aft snow how ïi'uch so, because even the jlimpae they obtain of üicco secma er tb au tho dcadnoss of a lifc in whiob they couut for nuuht, au existió oe from wliioh thoy mip;lit bustiuck öut and cave the Bpm-'total of the figures complete. Women have human sympatliies, human f'jelins, liumau hopea, huiaaii fears, ai il haman ambiliooa. These must bo properly gratificd, or ihey will bo ohligcd tofind au ontlet in othcr directious. The difficuliies betweeu meu and women grow out of the demands of sclfishness. Meo iV.Kow tt.e craviaga of their nature by takir.g uuto thi'insolves wife and ohildren - tliey gratify their love of power by sceking to establ:sh ïuasterbliip over thent, they unbesitatiagly nacriüce them to tho demons of speen hition or unbtlion. From first to last they are nctuated by passion, aud njt by princi ple. ïbe kingdom of heaven is witliin us; it must grow from withio, and not from without - from tbc heart aud brain oí the individual man or womon it must penétrate the family. tho neiglilxirhood, aud the world. - Demorest's Monthly. They teil a funny story in the Lontion Clubs about Vernon Harcourt. the "Historicus" of the Lnndon Times. Four gentlemen were discussing the sub jeet of bores, each declaring that he knew the most disagrecable man in the world, and the dispute grovring animated, it was agreed that the fuur boren should bo brought togethcr at dinner Aocordingly the day was appointed, and each gentleman agreed to Dring his bore to the Stnr and Garter, at Richmond, wherc covers were to be laid for eight. Tho hour nrrivcd, and three oftniagea drovc up to the famous inn, each with but one occupant. Threc of the four gentlemen liavc been disappointed in their man, through a previeus engngoment. At length the fourlh carriage came, and out of it stepped Mr. Vernon Harcourt. " Hang tho fc'low," snid the other three in chorus, as tho fonrth gentleman folio wed. ' he has brought my bore !"


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