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State Convention

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Wc hnve onlv timo h siute al llie Convent ion al Marslmll t'nr iniinborF. nieresl ond spuit. cxc?(ded our oxi.rrfn;i'ms. iSJotuitli - s:nn-l;;;L t)C harvcsl rad ulready cnnnnenrod. i mxfeen Coimües were rcurpfented b' ovor a fiiindrcd deleLale3. JAMES G. 1JIRNEY. (f Sajimruv, our camüdito Un Govemor, in I34J, wu ngniu r.ominnted with grcat enthtisiosm by universal iicclaniatio. What an occasion of grief nnl lmntati(iñ lo the Whïg presses and politicions oftbiá Sinto wlio have laborod eo long o mi so hard f o provn lum a trnitor to the cause of'Freedum! Df.AS, of Ktilamnzoo, was noniinited fr Lieut. Governor. Fie is one of thecarlies! and most efficiënt oboüuonists of Ihc State, üe was the cholre of ihe Weet n preference to nnv o' her nnd has lh confiricncc of all wiio are ncquninted with him as a gninleman of in te!ü(r''nc, eound judgdieot, and tihtfaverilig moral probiiy. We conialulnte Ihc Liberoparty on such excellent nnrninntions made by the Cotiventinn. We shall give the officitl proceed ings nest weck .


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