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Who Wear The Best Clothes

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-Tho best coats in isroaüwuy aro on the bacKs of penniless fops, broken down merobants, clerks with pitiful salaries, :ind men wlio do not pay up. The hoaviest gold chaina dangle frotn the fobs cf gentlemen of vcry limitcri means. Costly ornamenta on Lidies indicato to llio cyes t'ist aro wcll opencd the fuct of a FÍlly lover or a hiisbaiid crampcd for funds. - New York 'Times Oatmeal QbagkhIuK - Add just suffjc:o:i t water lo tho oatrneal to wet it througli; let it s!and teu minutos to "set," then knead t with a little ilour, :md roll out, with a woll-íloured pin and lioird, to tho thickneas of i wheat kerucl. cut with a kuife or a emnll bisouit. ;r,id beke i:i i quick ovon ten minutes, or until they will snap bet wee Q the tliumb nnd fingers. Do uot let thom b:-own. Good with soup or alone tees trouble to mako tlian eraekers. The Kcw York Times says : " Jlr. Prentice was the last remaioing ptrtisan writer of tho Wélt, aud Mr. Greelsy is, perhaps, the oniy one of any prominence in tl;o East. We have cutllvcd tho old times of clamor and dcfamntion, and brilliant personal inveotive. The (cath of Mr. Prentibe naarka tho divldiuglioe."


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