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Improvement In Farmer's Homes

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Thcro bas been a very great chango for the botter in the homes of all olassea of our peoplo within the last thirty year. We tliink quite a larga sharo of this irüprovcmont is found in tlio rural distfïUf and is fiirly the result of the opportunitio8 and privileges of ngricultural liféi The average rural parish is the oqual o( the city parish in intelligenoe, in good moráis, and piety. Sooial lifo has not Btf much show and brilliancy, but quite aa much Folid happincss. Tho cnildreu coming up in the country have a touch bettor chanco of sound health, of a good oduoation, and of a useful career in life". The división of labor, brought about by the iutroduciion of manufactures, has! biest the f.irmcr alrnost as much as any other elass. He no loncr provides his owu clotliing or rmikcs his ovrn furniture. He can buy chcaper. Thu thrifty fof' mer in the older States ha3 an architect to build his house, and thero is taste displayed in tlio buildiug and its surröunóV ings. Ho knows a good deal about fruits and flowers, and what he does not know his wife and daughter do. The flower border is quite up to the toffa standard. The upholstcry may not b quit: so attractivc, but the ftoors afd carpetcd, and the windows have blinda and curtains quite enough for cheerfulj ness and health. The table is neatly spread, and the ebïnaware and other appoinímonts come from the samo mantl- factories tliat furnish city homes. The oookery, eipeeially t'sat part of it furnished by the mistress of the mansion, is nbove the avorage of cities. Pianos and melodeons aro very common, and tbo same songs, are heard thero as in the town, and tl-.ey are sung about rs welL Professioual mngers do not go to the country ior their audiences, but the ciuntry corres to them and furnishes a fair share of thoir appreciative listenere and admirers. There is leisure in the country, time for reodiog and reflection pleuty of newspapers and magazines, and the village library lias its numerous patrons in farmers' homes. Farm life ia tl)Í3 aLo of raiiroads and steamers ia quite different fiom the life led by our fathers. It moves in the right directioo.


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