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Where The Sun Does Not Set

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The following graphio passage is frorri the description of a scène witnessed by a Mr. Campbell nnd his party, ia the north of Norway, from a cliff 1,000 ftfet abovo lbo sea : " Tbc ocoan stretched awny in silent vastness at our feet ; the sound of its scareely reaohed our airy lookout ; away in the north, the. liuge old sun swung low along tho horizon, like the slovr beat of the pendulum in the tall clock of our grand-father's parlor corner. We all stood silent, looking at our n aten' es. Yben both banda carne togetber at 12 midnigbt, tbo fu!l round orb hung triamphsDtly abovo the waves ; a bridgo of gold ruuniog due north, s[ anned the water botiveen us and bim. There be shone iu silent majesty, whicb know no eetting. We involuntarily took off our hafs ; no word vas saict. Combine, if yon can, the niest biilliant sunrise and sunset you ever cavv, and i(s beauties v.ill pnlo before the gorgeous coloring wbioh now lit up tiio ooean, heaven and mountain. In balf m hour the eun had swuug up perceptibly on its beat ; tbo colora char.god to those of raorning; a fresh breeze rippled over tho flood; one soiigstor ufter anothor piped up ia tbo grove behind us ; ■no had slid into an' othcr day."


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