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The United States Senate's Stationery Bill

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rather amusing itern of iuformatioo may bo fouDcl in tbc report of the Secretary of the Senate, dntailing contingent expenses of that angust body for the yen? ending December (5, 18G9. This document tells jusfc what newspapeis each Senator (.refers to read at the public expenso, and shows a laudable painstaken on th part of thera all to bo kept fully infonned of crents and opirrions in the States wliieh they respectively represent. It is Lard to understand, hovrever, that Senator Edmuada should iind it needful to the disoharco of duty to have Our rpung FoUn for one year at a cost of $2 ; Senator Saulsbury, Demorest's Monthly at S3 ; Senator Ilarlen, the Ladi'. s' Itepository, Leslie'a Magazine aud Loulie's Pictorial at Sí each ; and Senator Cole, üliver Optic'a Boys' and G ris Magazine at 3. We find again, 35 charged at one time and $3 at another for snuf} for tïie use of Senators. Three paekages of scissors, in extra super velvet casos aro put down at 15, and no end of two, three and four bladed pen-knives at all aorta of prices. On the 19th of February, SlOvvas paid for hack hiré, conveying a committee to inform Gen. Grant of liis election ; vvhile the next day only 35 was paid for con-ve3'in another oommittue to Gen. Grant's residenoe. Pocketbooks and card cases figure frequently ia the list of articles purchased, .some of theta costing $-1.50 cash. Four dozen ladies' boses aro set down at $24, but what use they wcre intended for is not tóid ; nor i" the same set down of tho happy recipiënt of one extra morocco note case, with lock, at $21. On the 19th of May, 18C9, it appears that somebody hada polished rosowood desk, at $230 which was boxed up at a further cost of $8. The amount of stationery of all sorts is incrediblo. Without having gone into a thorougíi computation, one wotild say that the honorable senators must have several huDdreds of glngs inkstands, more than a thousand dozen of penkr.ives, and dDOUgh Icad pencils to keep an ordiuary family in kindliog wood an entire winter. The entiro account covers S0 pages of fine print.


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