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We would remind our subscnbers that nccording to our terms, to which weshall rigidly adliere, tliey will be charged for every week's subscription, if paid in ad vanee, two cents: fur every week not paid in advance, four cents: and o] I moni es rece! ved by letter or oihcrwise wül be credited at these ratcs. Tbcre can be no injnsMce in íhis, so long ns the subscribers have (heir choice: snd it is but fair thnt those wlic will compel us to employün agent for ccllecting. and to sustainthe riskt--, losses nnd delnys of the credit system, should pny tilo expense of ii. Letters inclosing remittances musí be popty id, or the postage will be deducted from the amount creditod on bouk. We would not mind paying live cents on a letter occasionally, buc to pay Ihal amount on four or five hundred letters a ycar would tn. us beyoud all endurance.About one third of our suhscribers have 6ettled all arrearoges end pnid us in advance. Novv íhat a plentiful horvest has come in, we expect thnt Rt least one other third will do likewise vvitliout delay. The easiesr way is to take out of the first sum received for your new erop of Wheat ns much ds will pay the printer's nrrears ana a year in advance, and forward t forthwith. Our subscriben whoare delinquent know that we have been very abstemious about imning them, eepecially for the year past, when tbey had little or nothing wjth which tèèy could pny. We are notabout to commence now, but raerely wieh to pay to all who ore in arrears, cepeciaily for amounts eettlcd by note, that we must have our pay within lhe next three months. Thoíe who can send inthe amounts due by mail will confer a favor on uaby doing doing so. Our. agent will cali on the remaincler the fall, and accounts of standing, not arranged witb him, will be Jefe with magistrates for collection. We give this early noiice, that olí may tliink opon this matter, and r.ct na ehall become wise men. With the reitirn of "good üme?," we sliall onticipate n large addition to our sub&cnplion IfSi . Aboul one half of tbc Tiiberty voters of this State do not take wy ant'slavery paper! This ought not to be eo. wlien one can be hnd nt cnlya (follara year containing in f-fiy two numbers about a thousand columns of reading matter.We are unrler obliga tions lo severa] business men wlio havo rbrwnrded ns a numbcr of snbscribers cacii v!io were in tbcir cmploy. The puper waa paicl for bv the fimployers, and the oinounï chargcd bv thora on book to the wnrkinen, and thus all pariies were gratified. Hundreds might beobtained ininiediately ífi a 6imilar manner, and thus the anlblavery cause be largely benefitted.The Abolitionists of Portare counfy, Oliio, helt! n Conventiu nt Ravenna rr cení ly and concluded nqt to make n.ny distinct nomination for the ensuing election. We hai! such polrioiic proceodinps with iinílissembled picas ure, not from fBe selfiüh hope of mere porlisan success. bnt n theáinceie belieliliat thegreat caiiaaof Northern riglj's and human freotlom will thus be hese promoted. Nor shall wc uUer ony reproaches for post errors, houever mnch we mny deplore their disnstrous effectF, as all now see nnd fnc! Uiem in the nppro-ichn{T consummition of the detostnble Te.vas ipiqnity.- Bet. Adv.The procedí ng porograpli oíTonls severa 1 hints to Liberty men. When they aro round irresoluto or foltering ir. their duty, it offurds "undifscmbled pUáptre". to Wliig proslavery Editors. No doubt of it. Afroiij, if Liberty men wil! go back to the Wjigs,& vote Sislioul for slaveholderp, the Detrpit AiJverliser whicb has nLusetl thrm Jikc pickpücícete, will giacinusly pat thcm on the back, cali thcm "patrijlir." and - astonishing condcsceiif-ion! it wil! nol [vtler uní rcproachcj for past errors!" WIjo v.ill not üurrr-nder on the offer of such favorable terms?ftj Levvis A. Ilnll, lias po far recovered frorn hia woimds as to bc 8b!e to reeumo the cluties of'hiu station in the Buik. We nntiounce the faci uiih iinnlloyed plensure, for he s a youngf gentljman vvlio commcniJs the respect nnd ove oí our cifizeoc. Ho is unablo to wr-lk ropidly rven a short di.-!ance, witl) ouj bringing on n wenkness, buf at n moder;Ue ncc bns walkcd ovrr n In cvery other respcot he is n perfect licnkh. Ncitlier oftbo balls have yet been oxíracted, ond his ñroiiñda are complelcJy hcaled. These facts wil! probnbly kocp VVtlls from the gallowe, but they do nol Ie66cn 'ma ciiormous crime. -


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