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The Coming Mormon War

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Personuliy we entertain nö dreac thoughs of either "serious disturbauco' er "open war." Past experience ba taugbt us the lesson tliat tbere is a "Providence in the afifuirs of men," anc with that ussurance, we can listen to a great deal of bombast eerenely, come trom whoui it moy. ïo tlie war expec tatinB uow eo prevalent in the East ibere eau oulj be disappointment, aoi General Shafer is as likcly (o be as prop er a Goveruor, as far as that is concern ed, as any other iaau. There can be no war with Utah on auy protext whatever Some of us may be ÊÜly unough to gay ugly and provoking things, and dreami enough to anticípate all sorts of magnifi cent results; but there is a beap of hard sense out here in the Kocky Mountains among both men and women, and the tolk of war anywhere is to-day regardec at shcer baldeidash, AVe have no personal aequaintance with General Sliafer and, theiefore, can disinterestedly tender biui the advice to pay uo attentioo to tlie folks down East on the warquestioo but to come out here when he is ready jnind bis own business, and he will gel along well enough. Iíis "wisdom ano diserution," "iguoraace or obstinacy,' ehould be have either of these commodities even in superabutdance, will niake not a wliit of difierence to aü'airs ou: here; still we Bhould like hun with the former ratber tbau with tlie latter. Still, be it either way, progress and dcvelopment are written ou the scroll of Utah. We have neither time nor iucliriation for war, and we won't have it ; it don'tpay. _ Should our citizens be attaoked - be they poor or rich, high up or in low estáte - wborever we can weshull defeud them with tbo truth. It is pretty ganerally eupposed that the goverumuut design tes.iug thia question 'if polygamy at no distant day. In tliis case the Telegraph will have something to Bay, always assutniog the position that whui is cunstitutionul should be obeyed ; ysbat is not must be resisted. We will njnt, Lowever, amicipute in this or in aoythüig ebe, but bold ouisfilves in lead iness to defoLil wbatever we believe to bo rigbt. In relation to tho Cullom bill now pending 'm Congruso, the Ttlegraph savs : The lattal news fiom Washington ia yery encouraging to the friends of thi anti polygauiio biü. It is said tbat the bill is sure to. p'iss the House, aud tbough it may bu tetarded iu the Seuttle, Btiil everj thing is vcry hopoful. We bavu uo idea ihat Mr Cullom has mubli to do wiiii the bill, as it had ito hirth .ad perf ctioiimfltit in this city; ha will, howeïer, iiavo u lusting ootoriety iu tbat ooiuieu.i'i.i Wc know nm ;i single Guutilu in tlus ci'y who does nol Bay that bc ia not oosud to that bill au il. is. But while they mu.y be oppoit ed to polygawy itself, tln-y cauuotgotne wbolo leugth of disf laLclii.-mg men for the taith thejf yel may hnve. There if euough oi' foliy and outiago in tbe UuIIohi bill to defaatUa purpose. Whtn uien ti:ht tbe faitb 01 iutiiuitious of tbc people i)f Utab fairly, e baveuo oi'joc tiou to tlieir oouriu; but bu-u tbcy re. orl to ïiquiai-ions we are opposed to ihctn, and iball do out bett to exposé kJaeir lolly aüd wiokodoegs.


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