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A Long Expected Decision

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Time and again has lúe pubhc been nformed that the Supremo Courtof the United Sutes was "jost bout to do it ; " liat is, that it was just about to decide he so-called tender act" of 1862 ncoustituü, - in wbole or in part. Veil, "the milis of the gods grind slow, ut nuvertheless they grind," and so the Supreme Court lias at the last made the ong-looked for decisión. And thU is ust what it lias decided : "That an act naliiug mere promises to pay dollars a i legal teuder 10 payment of debta previously contracted is not a meaus ap jropriate, plainly. adapted, a mi really oalculuted to carry into effect aiiy ex)iess power vosted in Cungrcss, tind that such an act is incons'steut ilh the spirit of the Constitution,'' auil thcre "oie void. The Opinión was announced by ChiefJusiice Chase, and concurred in by Associate Justiees Nelsox, Clifford, and b'lBLD8. Judge MiLLEit dissentcd, his opinión, which was concurred in by Justice Datis n:id BwATNI, holding the legal-teoder act a war measure and constitutional as topre-exiating contracta t]a cnmd na tr npw Í1T1PM. - The opinión cf Juiige Chase seems to foresskadow a decisión whenever the ' occasion offers, bolding the legal-lender act valid us to obligations eontracted aftcr its passage. Iu fact, ho says : "No one questions the gCLeral constitutiouality and not very many, perhnps, the geuonil expediency of the legislation by which curreucy notes have boen au thorized in recent years." Tuis is certaiülv putting it rulher sirong, ftr the amber of persons s by no menns sinall who utterly deDy'the right of the govrnrneut to issue its mere promises to pay, cali thein money, anti require thera to be reo' Lved :s saoh. However, we do not care to discuss that poiöt ut this time. - Neither dous the Court indicnte an Opiui'n as to wlietocr or no Congress cn at this late day order a new issus'of grecnbacks, and put them in oirculation as iiionuy ; but as even tho dissentiug jusiices peein to find uo warrant for au irrc.ieemable paper currency except in tlc iadia-rubber like war-power, we may vel concluiio that a law spawmug a new irogeny would not be held constituliontl. - Tliis decisión judiciallv declares that thoae Demócrata who ia 1862 questioned the right of Congress to miike a deprcciated ciirreucy ]iny debte contracted lo bu puid in goid, aud who, for so Joubting, were branded as copperlieads and traitors, were iu the right, and that the dominant majority, claiming a!l ihe wisdom, virtuc, and patriotism, were violatois of the Uonstitution. Thua one by oue tbe pnsitious takju by the Democracy íd favor of maintaiuiug the Conslitution are buing judicially affirmcd. F rom the Kaport of the Board of Control of the Stato Eeform School, for 1869, we learn that the inmates of tbat Institution numbered on the l,6th of November last, 285, an increase of 38 dunng tho year, 121 haviug been admitted since the dato of the last report and 83 discharged. These were committed on the following charges : Por petit lareeny, 05 " burglary and lareeny, 8 " assault and batterj', 8 " malicious trespaM, 'S " vagrancy, 3 " rape aucl arson, each, 1 Retoroed, 2 These boys woro aged as follows : 10 yéari oltl, 12 U years old, 28 11 " " " 10J15 " " 18 12 " " 15 10 " " 22 13 " " 8ll Iwenty-iour had lost tueir tather ; 1G their muther ; 15 both parents. 87 had used ntoxicating driuks: 53 had been in jail ono or more times ; and 78 had Blept out in boxes, old sheds, on steps, in luuiber piles, &c, whieh data wil] show our readers the oharacter and cnndition of the recruits for the State Ueforruatory. ïheae boys are employed : Tn manufacturiug chaira, 19G; iu tailoring, 17; in shoemaking.-l; in tho kitchen, 14; in dormitorics aud halls, 1Ü ; and the others in miscellaneous employments. All attend the school daily. - Since the opeuing of the echool in 1856, the number admitted is 1.0G2, of wbioh Washteiüiw County eent 3G. The President made the followiog judicial ucmiuütions on Monday last : Josei'ii P, Bradlby, of New Jersey, to be As8ociato Justice of tho Supreme Court, vice IIoar, rejected. WiLLUM Stkoxu, of Pennsylvania, to be Associate Justice of the gupreme Court, nee Stantok, deceased. John V. Loncyhak, of Lansing, to be District Judge for tbe Easteru District of Michigan, vsce WlLKIHB, rcsigned. Mr. Bradleï is known to faiue onlj as a sharp patent lawycr, and bas had no judicial experience. It s thought the New England Senators aud the carpet-bnggers vvill "go for bino." Mr. Strono is repüted an able lawyer, bas served in Congres?, nnd on the Pennsylvania Supreme Bench. Mr. Longykar has had no practice in the Uuited States Courts, no judicial experienoe, and bis Congressional record was not very brüliant. "He don"t live i) Detroit" is lus principal julilication, aud ou the whole - ihough our Radical coleiuporaries may not so confess - it is 'enerally oonceded that his appoiutuisut s one not fit to be mude. Tim Ere insurauce coiripanies of New York city liold boiids and uiortgages uxecuted belore 18G2, to the amouut of 810,000,000, on wbich thy have re solved to exact gold. The liie insurnnce 0 imptoiea alsu hold large iinounrs of uuh eecuritie?, but as their outtandDg ' jujicog are alto largoly of old dates tliey vill uot bo so great i.iaers. The Radical majority of thu House puts itself ü:i record ngainst a revenue tdiilT and in favor of levying duties for the sole and only purpose of protection. At the samo timo - in a fit of spito agaiust uewspapers for advocating the abobtiou of tbo frank ing privilege - it passes a bilí tak'mg away the free circaLation of uewspapers in the county wlicro pululished, and the freo exchange between publishers, the protection which bas for years been accorded to country publiíhers. - ïho Now York Triluae attempts to bully the House bill tlirough the Sunute, and threateus to black-mark any Senator dnring to vote no. The Tribune denies that tbe payincnt of freights across the Atlautio or " nround the Hom" is proteeiioueufficieat to the home manufacturers against the rich, overgrown, and poworful manufacturers of Europe, and demauds protoctive duties for New Knglaud, Pennsylvauia, and Lake Superior [nanufacturer?, whilo it asks that the subscriber to tho A&QUS, living but five miles distant, - the nearcst post office, shail be reijuiied to pay thu saine poatago that is charged upou the heavy Tribune brought all the way from New York. The Tribune and its Coiigrt'ssionnl Iriendá aro remiuded tbat "sauce for tho goose is saúco fnr tho gander." We have no favo: s to ask for the ASQüfl or ils eubscribers, but if postiige is to be ltjvied upou papers within the couuty vvhero p.ublished, or within frorn 10 to 50 mi!cs,let tho scale be graduated, and let the Tribune be taxud bjth accoidmg to weight and disUnce carricd. What say the nabobs of " Piiuting House Square" to so fair and reasonabla a propositiou '! If anything less than this is doue, tho '"Honorable" Congress will üud a buzzing about it which may make the individual ears of somo of its meoibers tiugle a3 the next electioüsapproach. That's all, just now. - ■■■-■ M - r-m Michigan is evidently mis represented rather than represented by her halfdozen members of (he lower IIoüsc at Wasbiügton. In proof, it is ouly neeesiary to say that whea a rasolutiou was offcred a few days since dcclaring "tbat "a tariff levied for any purpose oiber " tliao revenue, and etpecially one hvifd " to folter and enrich one section of our " country at the expense of anotker, or to " foaUr and enrich one class of citizeng at " the exprime of otkers, is uuamhorized by " tho Constiiution, unjust to tbe great " body of the American people," etc, each and all voted to table it, and by si:ch votes declartd themsclves in favor of sectional legislatiun- for New JEogland and Penusylvauia against the great Northwest; iu favor of dat legislutiou - for tbe Spbagdb, Uio IIoopehs, the A meses, the Wards, the coal, steel spriog, and wood-8crew nionopolists ; - aud agaiust thü best in'erests of their coustiluents and the country at laige. And all ibis to perpetúate a nibble for tbe c.ipper, Balt, aud lumber interests. What suy the farmers of Michigan to a fair and square voto in favor of dass legitlation? The trap was set and they walked into it. In the House, on Monday, tho follüwing resolutions, oftered by Mr. Marsiiall, of Illinois, wero tabled, by a vote of 89 to 77 : Besolced, That the power granted n the Federal Constitution to levy and collect luxes, dnilea on Importa aud excises, to pay the debte and provide for the commou drfeuse and general welfare of the United States, does not include or embrace any powei to levy dutius for any purpose otlicr tlian the collection of revendes fot such purposes tbeiein (ndlcated ; that a tarlff levled for any purpose other tlmu revenue, and especlally oue levled to foster and eurich one scction of our country at the expense of another, orto foster and enrlch oue elafs of citizens at the expense of otliers, is uimutliorized by tlie Constitution, unjust to the great body of the American people, and In its resnlts Injurióos eventually to nearly every individual interest of the country. Resolced, That in the preparatiou ofabill for the modification of the existing tariff Iiv3, Congress shoulil couflue its iction strictly to the preparation of a tariff for revenue exclusiveïy, and that tle duties ou no article should be greater than that whieh would give the maximum of revenue on such article. The names of Messrs. Beaman, 13r,AiR, Conoeiï, Fekry, Stougiiton, a:id Strickland, are ail found reoorded among tlie yeas, aud in favor of taxing tbe farmers, mecbanics, nd producicg classes generally, for tbe beneüt of the manufacturers of ron. steel, cotion, etc. Let their oonstitueuts make a noto of tbis fact. As the ratiücation of the XVth amendment is now rcudured certain, - Congressional legislation tuid military forcé can accomplish anything ia tbcse latter days,- we give our readers a correct copy of it, that they may n the euphoniou9 languago of a forincr local editor, Btudy its "full soopo and bearings :" ARTICLE XV. Sec. 1. The right of citizens of the United States to vote shu.ll iiot beUeoledorabrldged by the Unitwl States, or by ny State on account of race, color, or previoua coiulition of servitude. Sii . 2. The Congress shall liave power to cnf'orce tliis artlcle by approprlate lugislation. Whftt right- if any - now left to the Stales will bo niest attacked by Conaress ? Ocr readers will remembei' that durng (he whisky war at A.driaa last sumtner, the Imerson House, beiug fitted up for a temperance hotc!, was burned, and that thfi iúoendiarj :ict was chargcd both upon the temperaiico men and tlieir liijuor oppononts. L:ist week Baikd, Hjskion, and were convicted of ihe arfon, and seuteuced to prison for "five, two, and one year, n the order named. Wilro.v, colored, set the fire, bc-ing crajloyed by Kaird and Hbnion, at the instigatioD and iu the pay of the liquor dealers, and then, being cheated out of bis pay, peached. In tiik Illinois CoBstitutional Convention it is proposed to prohibit the cnngolidatiíin vi two parallel and competing line.s oí railroad. A gcmd nnd neccssary provisión, and whicli ought to be tho law ia cvery Stato.


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