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Rev. Dr. Cocker On Woman Suffrage

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The followiug s the" letter of Dr CoOKBB to the late AVoiuliu Suflïage Couvcutiou at Uaille Cri e'.i : Aiïbor, Jan. 23, 1370. Mts. C. A. F. Biebbins; Dbak Maiam. - The s!ate of mj health, and my tlutics ín the Univcrsitv are wy only reasons for tiot bein preseut at ihe Couvention, and must be my apology for absence. I have no reason to ebrink ironi the mosl pulilin and distinutly pronouiiced approval of the raovenient for the f uil eutïauclnseuit'ut of woinun. I support the movemeot heartily, ecause I have faith in its iutrinsic jusiice an 1 rutional exjiedieiicy. I ara cunvi:.ced that an unrepreeeoted class never did, uuder any government or in any nge, seguro thei jut rights, and never can. The case o tho oolored phoo if aD illustration to th point. Uurepreseuted, they wimlil hav remaiued op(ressedj their einincipatio fiüin tlivery was wrung from the dom nanl white rare 8 n act of "mil lar; neecssity," and nol if purejustice; ant they eau not i-ecuro equal jusiioe uo uxcept by ecjual repreeentation. It women are required to submit t huma:j governiuents md hnmau laws, i they are to p;y tases, those laws must ba made, ttiose taxes moscd by "ju: powers derived from tho conseut of the governed." To say ihat they nre reproscDted bv llieir fathers. biothers and husbauds, is to lace il) om in the cale yory wiih ehüdren, aml dïd not Aud Dickiiisoni-ay, "witli idiota?" The pro posed mensure is juet and it is alío ex peJient. I caür.ot ba deten ed from %i support of the righi thing, b_v iliü ius;in clamor a bout tbe danser likely (o arisi Iruin tl;o lurwardiH-sJs and boldnesj o "im:nu al women !" Are there no ira tnorul nieu 'i Women as a class arivastiy mora moral mid reügious ' thau meu. How few women are fouud in ou State l'iisons in coinpaiison wiih men Aio not women the great power in ui our beuevuleut, buoianitariao and raligi ous urganiaiitions ? Are they not more persistent, eaniest and sucuesiful iu car rying forvvard rei'ormatory mpasures agaiust all opposition ? Witnesa tbe glorious Jonesville phalanx ! Can a body of wen be Batanead so indómita blo und so sucecssful 'i Tiie natural in stincts of W0IU6Q are on tbo side of vir tue, and tlieir aliegianca lo it issacredly profound. Tbe vote of woman will be on tbe side of temperante, justice, free dom and religión . Let her vote ! Adraooe, ladies, and deposit your ballots Tlien intriguiug poiiiioiaDn w i il bü ovortbrowu aud polines purified. J3. F' CdCJÍKR.


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