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New Yobk, Fel). . The Funding Bill now pending beforetnc 8enate, and tlie decisión of the Supremo C'ourt on tlie greenback questlon, are the lea I 'mg topics in Wall street. Altliough tlie Panding Bill muy elicit a dlfference of opinión In polltlcal clrcles, tho sentiment of the street gencrally uuitcs In regardlng it as the most practical solution of the financial problcm yet proposed. The decisión of the greenback qnestlon, important tho' it be, causes less Qnancial dlstorbaace thau was antieipated. Wheat and flour suB'er a fnrtber decline, the former about 4c per bushel, and the latter 10@25c per bbl. The tone of the wooi market contiuues to imprave. Although manufacturers ï-esist the advance, tliey are free buyers at present prlces. Average Michigan fleece is in re qaest at 45(47. Botter Is dall. Jlichigan iirkins, fair lo good, 18@22c ; good to prime, 2225c. In hops the maiu stock of iine .railes has been held very firmly, and is practican v out of market. Holdcrs o f floatlug Iota have sbowu a di.sposition to accept curreut ratos. The market is chili, Wlth buyers and sellers apart. Apples are in more clcmund, and quite ílrm. Hel'J at $3.50@4 for mixed lots, and $4@4.50 (or selections. Seects ure quiet, Clover, primo, new, per lb., 18@13. Timothy, reaped, per bushei, $4.5(J@4.63. Detroit, Fcb. 9. Notwithstanding the ilecline In breadstufts in New York, the market here continúes wel] up, but with less dispositlon to onpmtp f.n.firtv f!i:tn Arritifliu ííiim ic nm ';'i.i.w' its-uajr liio.ii J.U.VLIUÍIJ . V UMI 1ÖUUI11imil. Oats liave improved 2@3e on the i week. Applcs are quiet and unchangcd. l Beans are flrm at last wcck's prices. The ' supply of butter is liht, and market c provéd l@2c. A few dressed hogs are on j' market at $10.25@ 10.75. Dried apples are t dull at quotations. Dried peaches, 1S@19 { for peeled. Owiag to the soft weatber, the j supiily of eggs is large, and prices have i tallen off nearly 10c. Peed steady. try is quiet, and prices unchanged. I tóes are not moring In any qoantlty, only l from teams to supply local demund. Clover seed is held llrmly at about $8.50, with but fe.v sales at tliis ]rice. Tlmothy 4.50 @4.75. Monday's cattle market was a dull one. Beef cattle, tlist quality, $5.25@5.7S ; secoud qaality, $4.25@5; tliird quality, $:J@3.5O. Slieop were in good denvind at 3.75(g4.50 per cwt., aml $1.75@2.25 per head for poor lots. DETROIT PRODUCE MARKET.--The followlnf; qaotations represent the ciirruut net priceírealized by cutnmiiou dealers, aud are carefully revisedevery week, for the Asaos, by our Detroitcorrespondent. Deiluctiins irorn these prices fur commissioii and Chafgea , will show the net rates t first hands : Applcs,- Dried, 10c : Green per bbl. $2.75@2.S0 Barley- perewt., il rol.6o for Nol Bsaswax- pet Ib. 3.vá3S. Beftna - wliite, $1.6O@i.75. Botter- crock 26@soc.i nrkin, 26iJ2Scper!b., Cheex- Michigtin Factnry, l!i'.(.S0. Dairy, 11@16. Ciiickens - dressed, perlb. , 13niUCider- Per bbl. í i cu t C rn- ptrbu., 7Í . -;.per doz., '2cHul.'.-; -tl rv. per Ib. . 184420c ■; creen. 8 SLc. Cali' Skins- Groe, ÏSITC; dry, 2S(i30. Klwi'p Skins - l()fi"5 lamb SH!I14Q4t50, U'i - New. per Ib.. I5@acc. Lnrd- perlb.. IToilflc. Oats.perim. -tü ■: i7c. Oiiinns-rpcr bbl. S 502.75. Putatoee- BeetTrletïeBprrbbl.,$l409t so Rmnked Hnins, 16o, Shoulders. inii3c'. ' Tallow- 8 mr Tiirkeys - dref eed. perlb., Ifiisitc WhMt-eXtra white, 1.1G.3)1.Í7; Ño, 1.$1.O3@1.1O Amber, '. OiJi.' ::. AXÏ 11! KOR PRODICE MARKETS. Aitaus Office, Jan. 27, 1870. We quote tliiy :ift4-rnoon as follows : WHEAT- White. 10Se ; Ked.SOc Bl'CK WHEAT- TOf. CORN- S6o.a OATV - toe. BEANS- ïl.r.0. BUTTKR- '.TviiiSSc. i? nS-rJV:. I,VUD- He II Y- 5 1 3 vi. 1 6 WOOI- 6 a 7.00. APPLKS- IiHimI- per 11. 7ö)Sc. grpen. 40(!ji63c. POTATOB8- new. 3i.a35c. CHKIKBNS- lic. TURKKY8- 16c. HON'KY- 25C. PORK- 1H.5U ter cwt. BEEF1- ÍSffiío nepcwt.


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