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Dependence Upon The North

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Tlic "Augusta Ga. Chronicle" tlius sums up Süiithern dependente upon the North: "Tlicv build our houses, ihcy ndorn lliom with furhfttire, and supply them with evory comfort and convenience of wbich we have over öonjecturéd. Thov ediu-ate oui' ehildren, ar.d cover our nnkedness frotn liond lofoot, with hatsnnd shoes - co.'tlsaiul.shitus - we cal thcirflourj clieoc, butler, apploi,, potaloes, picklcs, pr!i and onions - we leed our entlic u ith their hay. drivñ íheir horses intheir harness lo hv.r carriagé?, urith Ihpir whips - wc walk with their sticks, ride on thoir smidles, write on their paper, wash with their soap, scrub with their brushes, sweep wilh their brooms, inilk in their pails, cook in their pots, strike wiih their hommer?., blow with their bellou's, cut wi'h tbdr seed, reap wiih their hooks, puü with their lealher, white-wash wilh tlieir lime, paint vilh their pain!, march by their tunes, read by their lights. drink iheir Congress water and rum, snioke :heir cignrs - and last and best of al] these Messing?, we mnrry tlieir prettv giils, who make the best of wives." All iliís may be true, but it is not all the truth. There is anotlïer part of the storv left untold by the Georgia paper. Jn return for all these blessings, whal does the South bestow upon the North? We mightreply to thisarticle with equnl truth, you imprison our Cree citizens in southern jails - stripelheir backs by southern wjrips, wielded by southern hands, with the sanetion of a soutliprn priesthood - you kidnap northern children to stock southern planiations - you ride into northern States on southern horses, belening out southern oaths, and try to bully our citizens by threatcning to shoot thom with southern pistols, or stab lhem with southern buwic knives - you rob the mails of northern newspapers, through the aid of southern postmasters, and burn lhem wilh the approval of soulhern clergymen - yoursouth ern members of Congress dress in northern broadcloth and sneer at the northern makers of it as white slaves. Youry some northern girls, bul you imprison others in your souihern penitentiaries. - Yon buy northern goods whicb are pever paid for except by southern promises, nd by loaning northern capital, you makc Banks whose liabilities are liquidated by souihern insolycncy. You make servants of our Eitors, doughfaces of our politicians, time-servera of our ministers, dupes of our merchants, and fools of ourstatesmen. You bully our nortliern members ofCongress with southern bluster, dcceive them by southern trickery, and laugh at their folly in carousals over southern liquor. In a word, you govern the country by southern skill, fill its offices with southern men, fill their pockcts from the natíonal treasury through the holes made in it by southern speculators, and keep the nonh in the condition of a conqnerc.d provincc, whose highest utility in its capability of supplying the wants of its soutiiern governors.


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