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de&th, In Bridgewater, on tlie 3d inst., of one oftlic oldeat, most prominent, and most respectcd citizens of tlr.s county, Hou. Daniel Huesos. To ïiiauy of our readers and to most of our older cltlzens lic was well known, and known only to be cstec-mcil. Doring hls loog realdence in tlie coon. ty he has served Üc public in various otlicial positiönè, and alwaya wltb credit to hlmself aud to the satisfacción of lila conItltuents. Besides having been a Justice of tlie Peace for ten twelve years, be has served two tenns in the State Senate, two u tlie Hous?, and ia each ol the tliree Constitutioiial Conveutions. He was also a candidato for Jndge of Probate in 1856, but beim; tlien, as ahoayt, a Dcmoerat, was tfefeated wltli the rest of the ticket. For some time be lias beta in feeble health, and his :leath was not entlrely anexpected. Our correspondent says ; "He died in the oomfurtlng hopes oí tlie Gospel." Ile will loii; be misgeel by his fellow-townsmen, and at the county gatheriugs of his poliücal associates. His age was G7 ycars. Col. llixsox was bom in the State o Neiv York, and came to thls State in 1826. Tbe elrctorsof NorthBeld koow tiioir own bosinesa an;l Deed no instrnction from us as to liow they shall vote to-morrow.- We have ouly to caution them againat believing any stories that the Toledo, Aun Arbur aud Northern Railroad is deud that Ypsilanti is tlie victor; and that it is useless for them to vote aid. "We ean assure tlicm that the company has no disposition to die, that there is a detennination to push the work, and that if the severa! tovvus in which electious are now callee! vote the proposed aid, the rond will be built. We trust, therefore, that Northfleld will not imítate York and put a club in the hands of Ypsilanti by voting no. A long hiiired individual and professor of the " tonosorial art," who has been stopping in the city for ome timo, succeeded a short time ago, by his " oily " inanner and persuasive tongiie, in galnlqg the confidence of a bfother "amcudinent" to the araouut of $25, whiah he was to hold for safe kecping. Belng called upon last. Tnesday to " deliber up " said cash, he reAi-td, And some "strikin" argumenta ensued, whieii resultcd to the sorrow of tl3 (rst )iamed party, and the last seeii of hini he was repidly disappeartng Ibroagh the Court House Square, and supposed to have been singiug, " Shoo fly, don't bodder ne," Recognizing tbe iïill riglit of wnraen to be heard in her owu behulf, wc in this issue a communication from "PatkiLIa" on "The Uiiiversity- the Womao Questi n." Notwithstanding her gentle insinuations about some of our consiueiita being "sarcastic," we beg to assure her that not a bit of "sarkasum" was iutended ; it isn't our '-best holt ;" and, besides, just jthink of such an adniirer of woman, such a .dcíender of lier rights- as zee umlerstand tUsm, - being ■'sire.istic" at her expense, íío, never. "Patricia." It isa't in us. The calendar for ihe term of the Circuit Court to coinujence next Slojiday, is so large tliat tlie Clerk proposes to issue jt "in three volumes," in iinitatiou pf the Session Laws for 1SC-9. The lawyers have Hoticed everything, wilh an evklent deterinination to g;ve Jadge Higby a benefit. There are a uuinberof cases which promlB to attract considerable attention : among tiieui the trial of Ehiskly charged wlth the fnurder of O'Brieh, and the slander suit of H. A. Bkal L3. Prof. J. C. Watson, growlng out of tlie Anu Arbor Trading Assoclatlon rtbellion ai;aii)st's adiniiiistratiou. A very fashionable audienco gathered In Hang8terfer'8 Hall on Tuesday eveuing last, tlie occioion being the Concert given y the musical taleut of our city, uthler the managemcut of Pro!'. J. Ji. SA.QE. Some of itlie vocal music was very fine, and reflected redit upon the siugers, and some of it we must confesa we couldn't appr.eci.ate. Prof. Mills and Sciiai?f.k;,e provcd thcmselves depts in their forte, and the entire instrutaental part was good. To say the least, pleasant cveniug was passed by thosc present. The weather bas been on jts good be havior for the last weck, giving us s twhat cliilly nighls, bu.t vcry plcasant dayd. jOlil boma lias endeavorcd once oi' tvviee lp show Uis br.ezy propensitle}, bul as i jieu ,eral thiny: we belleve the eleraeuts are combloiog lo nuike up for their past unsteady coiiduct. We wlll ventare a ' puif" tor tWem this week, but it tliey butray om1 coufldcnce sha 1 be 1190.0 careful iu the future. Nkw Mail. - Our citizsns, and es iK'ciully business men, wlll bc glad to lcarn that a mail is iiow dlspatched 011 the Grand Rapids train going east at l;10 P. M. Letters sent ly that mail wlll galn twelvc hours to Xew York, and wlll brlnganswers or packages twenty-four hoursearljer froio Detroit. It wlll be a declded convenience. Tüe Porter Züuivch, accompanied by the Band, of this 'it.v. weot to Manchester yesterday, wherl tbejr gave au eotertalmcut iu the evening, at Goodyeai's HalL Tlie Oompany is preparing for a grand time Jiet summer at the State encampaient. Tilos. F. Lbonakd ia agaia iu possesSion of the "I.,oonard House," and proposes "o put it in göod condiUoil througliout, and Wake it worthy of patronage. Ouly the lOth oi Fribruary, six new divorce cases 011 the calendar, an t several 5.ovns to heai iVoro. Let ludaua look to Jn.r laur 's.


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