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Courting All The Time--a Complaint

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Coortlns la the day-Ume, ConrtlDX in the mjhi Coni'tibg in the sünsnine, - Never mlnd the llght : Goolng all tliey know how, Óqueaklng, raewing,- Hel Hlud'rlng busy book-wonus, Lucubratiog nlgh. Stmlcnts gettlug homesick, (Lonifiiij! 'ol' thelr " tlears,") Hearing bqcIi a munlc,- Never mlud thelr lew. Cominou scuse ltt's go for: Would it not bfl flne, Chauglng tiiis odd hablt Courtlng all the Urne? Tliink how v. ry trying,- Never mlnd thelr bliss,- Hearing lovers sighlng As each the otlior kiss '. Hearing thls in day-tlme, IIc:ir'mu' lt al niglit ; Hearing it so uUu, Oausiis us to chlde. Knowing time is precióos, Vill you not repontf Thought would tnake you consclous We such acts n sent . Twlce a week, dear Anson, Twlce a week'a euough: Coortlng more is silly, - To us, at least, its tongh, Havlng now revcaled Calmly, trnly, well, Tronhlcs lons concealed, - Dldn't want to teil. Hoping now all qulet, 'Cause they fuel a shame, Save us furtber trouble, Writiii! on the saine.


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