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The comiiiittce appolnted at the last Union Chrtstlan Convention ol Washtenaw County, t!o hereby cali a similar Oonventiou, to be hekl in the Methodist Cburch of' Auu 4rbor, on Monday, Fob. 2lst, 1870, at 2 o'clook v. h. The Convention wlll continue ia sessio unlil Tucsday, 5 v. m. Monday- 3 P. m.- First half hour, Dovotional Exereises. First topic: The object oí Public Worehlp. Second topic : Splrltuality and Secular I'ursuits. F.vkm.xc, 7 i'. m. -Topic: The 13ible ia Public Schools. Tuesdaï MoBKINO, 9 -v. m.- First half hour. DeYQtlonal Exercities. First topic; The CltrUMuñ Ubb of Money. Second topic: Tlte Christian Observauceof thcSabbath iETBRNOON, 2 p. st.- Temperance Meeting to close wlth a prayer meeting. The discussions of the various topics wlll be opcneil by persons appoiutedforthe purpose Hospitality wlll be extended to all persons iu atteudauoc fpoua abroad. D. McINTYRE, Pres. Gom., Geo. W. IlAi.r,, öecretary. We hope ihat uo over-nice fee'ingof [elicacy or false modesty wlll prevent auy roman into whoso lmnds tlus nnmber of ' he Anous may fa.ll, drom carefully readlng .nd re-readlng the articlc ou the flrst page leaded, " The Ballot or Woman." It is lonscientiously written, and goes a long vay down to the root of the matter, riiongh the wrlter does not say so, he unloubtcclly sees what we have more than mee asserted : Thnt tlie Womaii's Rights c mü Womau's Suffrage movcment, carried ut to its logica! eousequences will sap the rery foundations of society, destroy the narrlage relation, and abolish the home. i f there is to be. a Home therc must be - jody to keep it - a WIFB and a motueií, and hls keeper of the home, wonian caifnot be f she is to enter into all the avenues of )U8laes8 and euage in political lifc. Or it o seeins to us. üue has but to look over ,be naines of many of the leaders in the ( i)oveiieat, the oracles in couventions, the '.xtrtme of the advanced ying, and ze thcir otteranpes, to ilnd thenj foresliacl wtng the resulta we have ntuned, or even ulvocuting thein. The masses q the wonen and men tukiug passage ou the sufrage ship do not so cast their voyage, but t is easiei' to get up a revolution than to jontro! its progress, and they should carefiilly examine their bearing, If God and nature have inarked out ft sphere for ' woman, a noble and loly sphere, should it be fonafcaq for a visionary theory '! The Grand liapida Lemocrat has appeared in a new dress, uiatcrially enlarged, and printed on a Taylojf Power Press, and is now one of the handsoincst papers pub lislied in the State. It ought to peceive a good support from the Deinocracy of the Grand Kiver Valley. The lecture of Kate Field comes off this erening, in the M. L. Church. Subject: "Amoijg the Adirondacks." Miss Fiei.u is spoken of as very lady like in her manntr, and her lectnre a3 botU eptertalnlug and iiisli-uctive. The Mpnrcia Monitor says that a portion of the ipon for the Ilolly, Wayne and Monroe Railroad luis arrlved in }jcw ïork, and that 40 miles of the track is ready for it. Also that .vork south of JXouroe Is to be pushed. Tlio concert giveu at Jaeksnn, on Friday evening last, by theUuiversity Glee Club, - eight in number, under the lead of Mr. Cami'ükli. - is hlghly commendcd. We bellevê the Club proposes to repeut it lu other places. The Aun Arbor Coininandcry of Knights Teiaplar celébrate Washiiigton's üirlhday- Tuesday, February 22d - with B grand ball at tht-ir hall. They are inakiiii; liberal arrangemcuts and anticípate a jood time. One of our dubsciibers desired to have ft!l of the dog tiglits pubUshed, but our city eurs senin to be of a peaceable disIjosixioa, and won't furnish an item for "ye local." Hall's Vegetable Sicilian Ilair líeuewer is the most. reltable urticle in use for restoring gray halr toits original color and promoting its growth. Etbbt Democratie mernber present in the House, on Monday last, voted agaiust tablins; Maiisiiali.'s resolutioo declaring againet sectional and class hgiilatwn ; 89 Republicana voted to table it, and of course in favor of the just lei-latiun it condemucJ. Make a noto of it, voters of Michigaa. Some idea of what tiie licjuor trade of the United States amousits to may be gajued froia the iact that ca tho lst of Decembtr la,st, there ware in bond thrixighout tlie country 13,402,545 gallous- CDO.ugh to makc s goodaized laks. Judge Butler, of Pennylvania, recent lv gave a decisión on the queslion of bidders or " puffers " at public sales, in which hv beid tlr;it f a ;;irty procure men to bid upproperty nnd the person who buys it is deceived thereby, te cannot bo ht-ld to bis bid, as it yjtistcs the sale and malies it void.


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