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1 tsÍLjÜjitH I ■ÍÜTÍJtTnTi.H.i.S h IIU'MULG, goUen l) tO dope the gnornntand creduluus, nor is it rep. esentedaebeing "cumposed of rare ar.d nrecious nbstancea broughi fn.m thefour corners ot tao eartb arried even times acose the Grcat Dcsert of fta .ara b on Ihe backs of fourtcen camela. and brougnl ori - Ihe Atlantic Oirauontno sbips. II is ■ , ie mild.ioiil.hmg Remedij, a ptrlecl liputfic jor J íbrh and "Coin ixranltoD,'' also fr oueiiye ireath.Losaor Impiiiimcnt of the Seuso of bmcll, , Tshtc or Hearing, Watering or Wenk Kvcb. l'ain or 'resurein thellead, wlien ekoaed, a they all not ( i.Uy the Tiolencnf ('atarrh. ( We ulier in gqod faith a alandiug rewari of ïjOO ( urii eti-e ofCatarrhthat we can n"t cure. , ?0K SALEBY Most DSUGGISTS EVEBTWHERE i psioi onlï o Cpm Sent by mail. pot paiil.on recpipt of Sixty Cents, , ■"our packiRes for $2.00. or 1 Doien for S5.00. , iena a two cent stiunp lor Dr. Sage't ianojljlet on ] atarrh. AddreSS the PPIEUCE. M. D. , 12Jlm8 CorrALO, N. Y 1 1i VI LS. 1 ? V f í ? TO HIK WORKINGCLASS - We are now prepare to furnish all claHses with constant emplojment at Lome, the whule of the time or for tlie spare moluentn. liahicess new.light, anH Persons ui either ee. ensily earn f rom SOc . to $5 per eva nlng. umi a pro;nrtiunal tum by deTOtlng thoir whole time to tte business. Boys and girlii earn nearlyaamuch asmen. That all ho scetllsnotice muy penti tbeir aildresa, and test the busiaeaa, we inakê this uniaralleled offer : Tosuchati are not well eatisfied. we ffill saud $1 to pay for tho t rouble of writing. Full particulars, a valuable sampl, wliii-ii wili dntooominence work on, and a copyof ... t't IMtrary Companion- on of the largttt andbeatfamlly newpiperspublishi-ii - all sent Tree liymnil. Keader , ïf you want permanent, profitable work, address K. CALLEN' & CO , Augusta, MulnO IiORIIjIjARD'S lis an excellent art i ■"Fi lírtrK i I ViVr"n; wherever ■""IVlr I intruduced It isuniBrnoking Tobacco I t11 jr admired. It is put up in hin'ls'nno muslin bap, iu wbich ordera for Meei'öchaum Pi pea are nily paoked. LORILLARD'S plïissa by all who Y ACHT CLUB !?BS"-in" Smoking Tobacco jleafgrow; it is anti i,, i v uus in its efTt-cvs, fts tlie Xicotint had b:"ii extrctd ; t bftrefl do disagrwabïe tastfl n f te r smoking; ; ít 's vvry mild, light in coltir tin wciht, heiic' duo ]oiiiil will Instas Ion ff as thret; oí ordltmty to baeco, In tliis brnnd we alo pack order.s evcry lay foi first ([iiuli'. y Met-Tschaum Pipes. Try t iind con ynuraelf it U all it claims to be, " TUE KINlCriT OF ALL." I.ORILLARD'S Thi brad of Fine ArAITI ■ff.# CtChewinTubacco CEIMTURY jssSTffi Chewing Tobacco, ] without doubt the bijíit cliewing tobáceo iq the country. LORILLR 1 i''1 aow bcEn '" ?K (V li l-i W ï:ileJ States ovor )Oll U l1 l1 ö 1 110 years, and StU] fteka&wledgsd ll ihu b.-dt " wherever usi-d. li' your storekeepe] doei aot have these anieles for aale, (Bk bim to get them ; they are sold 1)V ruspecli'i..- 1 .i.tí u-liere. Circular or pi ices fofwarded pn apllfiation , P. LORILLARD & 00., New Voik. 12.r)!m3 pÖRCASH YOU CAN BOÏ Lumber, Lath and Shingle AT A BARGAIN, AT THE YARD OF 0 SUTKERLAND & GO. Ann Arbor, Jannary , IS 70. I?52 GotpR,"W.ELLIS& CO's for strictly Pure Drugs and 1 Medicines .Paints,Oils, &c. kyer's Sarsaparilla, fOIt Pl'RIIÏIKO TUE JBJLOO. H The reputation this exB --rv cellcnt medicine enjoys JO-. is derived from its cures, yT A Ja man y of which are truly i xnBfesV marvcllous. Invetérate cases of Scrofulous I Y ÜÁ case, where the system J ïa seemed saturated with f ■ ■ ffi -- } corrnptloni hw been ri yC - - purilied and curcd by it. ' hr.i-ohtlous affections and . A K disorders, whtch vere ag,J ' ' gravated by the scrofu"--"-' - ' "" lnu.; riiiit:linin;U!Oll until hey were pninfully afllicting, have been radically :ured in such great numbers in almost every secion of the country, tliat the public scarcely need to je infornied of iU virtucs or uses. Scrofulous poison is one of the most destructive nemies of our race. Oftcn, this unseen and unfelt fnaiit of the organism undermmes the constitution, ind invites the attack of enfeebüng or fatal diseases, ivithout exciting a suspicion of its presence. Again, t seems to breed infection throughout the body, and Jien, on some favorable occasion, rapidly devclop into one or other of its hideous forms, either on the surface or among the vitáis. In the lattcr, tuber-,les may be suddenly deposited in the lungs or heart, or tumors formed in the liver, or it 6hows its presence by eruptiona on the skin, or foul ulcerut ons on some part of the body. Henee the occasional use of a bottle of this Sarsaparilla is advisable, even vhen no active symptoms of disease appear. Persons afllicted with tlie following complaints generally find immediate relief, and, at length, cure, by the use of this SABSAPAItlLZiA: St. Anthony's Itre, Jtone or Erysipela, Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald llrad, Jtingtcorm, Sore JSyes, Sore JEars, and other ciuptions or visible forms of Scrofulous disease. Also in the more conc.ealed fonns, as Dtsprpsia . lropay, Henrt Visease, lïls, Emlipsu, Xeurafgia, and the vaiious l'lcerou aïfeetions of the muscular and nervoiis systems. Siph lis or Vcnerral and llTrrcurial jyiseases are cured byit, thougb a long time is ruquiml lor fubduing these obstinate inalaalesby any medicine. Uut long continued use ol' tliis medicine will cure the complaint. Zeurorrhaa or lVhilis, Utertne Vlcerations, and Female Difteascs, are commonly soón relievcd and ultimately cured by its purifying and Invigorating eflecl. Minute Directions lor oach cae are fonnd in our Almanac, supplicd gratis. It?tmmatisni and Gout, when causea by accumulations of extianeeus matters in the blood, yield (uicklv to it, as also lAver Complaitits. itnpiility, Congestión oilvflammation of the Z.iio.andJ'aiixrficcwhenarising, as they otten do, ft-om the rankling poisons in the liliiinl. This SAJiti.tJ'.'lJïlJ'J'A is a great rcBtorer tor ui" riiiM'th iui.i iftor of the eyaterti. Thoíe who nri' EotuuM imd ' Lifttiess, Xspondent, sirr}lrss. and iroubled with Xerroua Ap■nrehention or Vetaré, or any of tho affectioits symptomatfe ot' WmJwrss, wijl flnd Immediate rolieï and convinciug evidenco of its restorative power uiou trial. PltEPAKUT) B Y Or. JT. C. AVEU A CO., Ion ril. Ma., Practical and Anaïytical Chemiatê. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS E'ERYVHEIlE. Sol'l al wnolenalo by FaUKAND, SUK1.EY i COI Detroit. V IÖJLL LINEOE1 Golored aud Black ilks ! . BLACK ASD COLORED ALPACAS! EMPRESS CLOrHS, AN'D OTIIER SEASONABLE GOODS, JUST REGE1VED AT C H. MILLEN'S. RAB WRAPS AND NEW SHAWLS! A Fiuc Stook in tliis Liue now openinj at C, If. MILLEJV'3 . ■ - PliYSlClAiVW Fresa iptimti j Accuraiely and Uarerfully Prei pared hj IL W. EL LIS tfe Co.


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