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Tlic number of killed, maimed nnd otherwise .wounded in the celebrntion of every Fourtb of July is vny hrge. Qpoq the old Rum and Gunpowder metbod of celebra; ing the day, it has been estimated that before tho return of the hundreth anniversary of American Inoependenee, more livcs will be lost, moie persons wilJ be wounded, nnd more widoV8 nnd orplians made in the cdtbration of fndependence than wem requisite to acquire it during n eeven year's war with the most powerful nation on earth. The number of accidents, lioivever, has been much diminished, and if the nee of gunpowder were nkogether dispensed with, they woultJ be very few. Cannot a man be a pntriot without burning powder on the Fotirth?The Vree Press has the following uolices: A l.tlle son of Col. Lendbetter was Beverel injurerl on the 4th, by the discharge of a pis tol. The wad penetrated the cheek. Melancholt AccrnENT. - We learn by n letter receivcd Saturday evening, from Mar shnl), that n suö accident happened there on the morning of the 4th, wliile firing the salute. By a premature diecharge of ihe cannon, n Mr. Shaw was deprived of both nrms, and his face and body bndly mutilated, and Mr. Coiver who was onc of tliose in chvrgc of ihe pwn. lost one arm. Jt wae fupposed Mr. Shaw conld not stirvive.if" Gerrit Smith is rietcrmined to havo it tbat Gnv. Sewnrd is at hoart a Liberty man. ft is of no groot imporfnncc to the partv whether e is oris not. Tfie canse vi!J oros per witli Gira, or without bim. This blint vcneraiion ior, or more properly idolatry of', politicians, does not meet onr taste. But it opppnrs tliat tbc E(?itor of the Albany Evening Journal i? to be aleo pa r a gra phcd into a L.berty man: for Mr. Smith writes to Mr. Chaplin, - "I was very fortúnate in fallin in with Governor Se vard, nnd havirig a great part of a day witli him. He loves the anti elavery cauïe, ond makes itu euccess the grent oiiject of hip "ilbrts. lic still believps, bovvever, tliat the YVhig party wiil esponse it. I met with my old fiif nü Thurlow VVeed also. Hp sppuf the lust winter, os yu know in the West Indiea. 1 was muth intcrested i:i what he told me of Danieh eluvery. The columns of Lis paper show hut Mr. Woed is on the side of the slnve. Iïp continúes to make an orcaiona! rftnark against the Liberty jrarty: bul I can boar vith tliat since I eco eo tnuch cvidence of Lij gjod feelmg lor the opprcs&ed.''05 Mr. Doit is Jo be resto red to al] his privileges as a eiUzea of Rhode Island, provided he will take an oalb before the Justice of the Supremo Court, "to bear true fakh and allegiance to the State, and support the Constitution of the State,"


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