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ifFs Sale Bv vnrrn-: of ore writ of r : ont of tuut ander Ü ■ tor the Cunnty of V. of November, . n favor i commandlng me that f,r wani a Dta ■! John i Bnm of three hnndred and nluutyetght and dollars .ol- ,.! ■. I ' . operty, to-wlt : i.' ' rour f4j ' !i north, rao e I eat j thesn;thone(1) rodin width of lot n timiwr twelve (12) in biock nirmber three (8) nortb ranjré mnnber uvii (j ;tft. and lot nttmbci ]:;. I rdiiiL.' tt tilt; recorded plat ol the city of Ánn Avbor, Counl ; ÍL"U1. W ' ' at pnhl ' . 2 O'clock p. m. iMi'i door 'j; ■ Hou e, in o'f Anti Arbur, Ooiinty ol Washtettaw und ■ ;' Mtchignn. iitai ir, iiin. 11 th 1S"0. BYEOM II. PORTKR, Bherlff. Mortgage Sale. DFATJLT havi ■ conditlon "f ■ ::!(■: en l!i(■lnvenlh il :iy of Octobef, A. L. 18 7, by ËsraW. Whitmoro and Caroline . Wbitmore, of Ihe ■ i i v of Ann Arbnr. County ir Washtenaw, and State of Michigan, n Wliliam II. Parker, ol Uw ell, MaMachn ott, inl recorded in tbs i jï -- of ol Dceila of WnehteDaw County aforesald. on the 12th day ofOctober.A D . ■-. y... in lï'.M.-r :;T of mortgagee on pt and that there la now claimen to be dae tipn im of thtrteen hundred mul alzty-four dollara and thirty aeven cents, A ttorney'a fes of thirty dollars Bhonld any Iing8 bc taken t forei lose :'1 mortgi n at law or eqnlty havlng been badto : ii. or any : Now, therebereby glven , that by vlrtae of i power In sald mortgage contalned, I Bhollsellat :. tn the bii.'hm bidder, on s . aj of Ap '■■ M. "f eaid day, ut toe fron! door ol theConrt Honae.lnthe Uin Albor, in sald Connty, all that ir parcel ol landsltuated i" the towoshlp of Lima, Connty o!' Washt naw, and State of Ml iai'iuu, boanded and descrlbed is followa. to-wit i:,hiL' the aonth E iorth nc hunDortheasl qaarter ■ linii ir.imV.if iw.iii-. ushipNo. two I forty anroa of land lies nortl i qs James Mitchell's land. Jannary, ïöth, i W1LI.1AM I!. I'AI'.KER, Mor: Jon N. Qoit, A:t'y. ioc Uortgagee. I Mortgage Sale. DF.PAUI.T havlng been. made in the conditlons of irtaln mortgagi made by JNathanlel O. Gatoi .., dated the 201 ii day of I bei . A. D. 186S, and recorded on : tober, A. i, i :lock ih. 't., i11 Oouuty, Mlchl. n liber 86 of mi on g ■ IT5, which H;il] mi I Gtodfrey i avld Frederick by amlenment date the btb day of Bebm&ryi A.i. 1-tiT. aml dtily recorded ii on the 26th day of March, A D. 1867, at iX ■ p. ., In llber : on page irii, opon vblch mortgftRC there ia now clalméd to be dm: at the date ol thli nol Ice the som of dim; hond ■ . ity-i'.vc oen:-, besldea : : 'f fee provided tor in aald mortgago and no mui. or pioceedug :it Uw or in equity havi] iitedto recover thi oranypart thereof: Now. therefore, by vli tlie power of u.'lf in sald mortgage contaiïicd, and by vlrtaeoftbe atstaieln sact and provided, iiitiri' -' hereby "ivtn, that on Satordayi the2d April, nest, at 10 o'clock iu the forer on ol ■ . ni thetonthdoor of the Couri ll thedtyof Ann Arbor, Connty ofWashtenaw aood an, Cbeing the place of holding the Circuit Coort wlthln i ), there will besold at pnbllc auctiou. to the hlghest bidder, the pn (lescribed in said mortgage, or Bomn may tionecessary toi amonnl dne i mortgage, wlth interest, and costa, and expenses allowed by lav are fleecrllied osfollows: Lots No. one, foor, live andolght,in block No. iwn and Pul ers Addltion tothe ilbiL'i'. now City of Ann Arbor, iu tlie County of Qaw. in tne State of Michigan. Dated, Ann Arbor. Jan. 28th, 18TU. iKNMANN, Admlnlstratorof the Estáte ol Qodfrey 1. Kredcrick, dctcaöed. Ektvahh T!. Si.atts n, Altoriiry. 1L'O4 Jlortgagc Sale. DBPATJLT 1 IHon of W'illlam M. Brown aüd Lanra E. Brown, t wift. oí M:mi']ii'trr. ín of Waahtenaw aod Wílliam uaibert oí the City of Aun Ar'uor, County of Waahtensw aforeaaid, on tl ■i;iur.:ii'v, a. P. 1866, ftnd recorded in i' of the Register of Deéde for tneConntyof ■ naw aforesald, on the -'.;'i day :' Jannary, J) I 4 o'clock p. ar. of s.-u.f day, in Hbcr 35of ■ hich s;iiil mort;: clnly assigned bj aaid Wilüi m Hulber: ■ niiitli day ol D ' recorded in [ Deeda i .liií Countvot tho 18th day of l'eccmbcr, A l 18 '.. ju il ovl ck '.andtbattbe and bond ;: companying the i&me, ihe Bom i thonsand foui I ur dollars and doilara shonld any proceediuga be takeu to mortgagOt and no pr al law or in haviug !■■■■ n I ■ ld -v:;'ü or an ■ huw. therefore, notice Isherebj given, (bat ne of a pow ■■ I "v con pb all sell at public aactlon, to bidder on the 28dday of Aju'íi icxt. at 2 olclock, v ■■i of saïdday,at the front oprt House. In n ■ :; Arbor, Oounty :'ñrt and bo■ iinty of naw and State ofMichigftn, known and deq.iartcr of the noi I quarter of sectlou (io. ten, and the Bonthwest quarter of the northwost qnartei of b scrion nambí r elev(i. la townahip four eoath of mnge three eaet,ac cording to the 1 tainlngelghty . '■■■' thE name more teas. Dated,Jana&ryS8th, lSTii. JOHN' W. COWAN, John C . Antenot f s:iid t&QTtgñSM. Attorney for Aeignec of uaul Mortgage IS l Mortgage Sale. TVEFAULT havíng been made Id the eondltíon of Jü a certa a ■ I ■ 'avis, of Aan Arbor, MI hl ;a, on the I4th day 1 1 Jane, a. D. i S6fl i ■ ■ . irded In leterol Deeds, the. Bist day of Juin, A. D 1800, at 8 , oclock i. m, in llb mortga 18, on which mortoige there la claim bd to be doe at tïn: date of this nouce, the Mim of ftve hniidrud mul lmr dolltir? and seven cruis, and that tbere wlll bccome due upnn snid mortgace on the l-tlh day of .íuiH. A. I) 18T1, th; BOJDOftWO hnndred and eleven dolían and fortv Beven cents, and lotEtrest from the date hereof at ten per ceat , besidos the costs and expenses of thls fored Inclnding reason&ble chargei toi Attorsey8 or Bollc[tore services, and do soit or proceedlng at law i r is .-LuHy haring. 1 : id to recover the debt or fiu.v part thercof, notlce la heréby given, that by virtae of tho power of eale ia 9aid jqo ■ i inedj I shall scll at public nuctiou, to tlu hlghest bidder on the88d daypf April, A. D. 1870, at 2 o'clock in tbc flftornopn of thnt day, nt the front door of the Court House, Id Ww Vy of Aon Arbor. in theCounty of uhtenaw, and State of Michigan, the premlses described ïn vaid naortgagei as followe, to-wit.: Pivp acres of land in the sontnwesl corner of the northwest Quarter of section uumbcr thSrty-three, in townehip pumbër two (2J soüth, ín range nnmber i eaat, in omArb r in the County of Wn&htenaw. Ín tlie State of Mi-'. eleven Chalos and eleven links In length, eaet and west, and ti r-'ds widp, north and Duted, Junuary 'JmIi, 18T0. HKNRT L. JAMES and LYJdAN D. JAM] Exccutorft of the last wil! and testament of Enoch James, late ol Waahtenaw John X. Oott, County, deceased. Attotney lor the Excctttors, &C. 1204 Morfcgtge Sale.' DEFAVLT havlng been made tn the condiiion of a córtalo mortgago ezeented by Ellas Rlch t Mnr. on thu twenty-etghth day of September, A. ]). 1854, recorded, wlth the power ofeale thereln contained, in the office of the Regiitter of Coï the Cónnty ot Washtenaw, Ia the I Michigan ;il one o'tlock r. m., on ;::h d.iy ni 8 ptember, A. 1S6B, ln líber No. i'i oí mortgagea on page :■, and f y ; n Instrument of asslgnmeni ■ 1 1 : 1 1 ■ ■ the twenty-íbnrthday ofJ innary. A. i ■ . ; -.[ recorded in" the office of the Keglator oí irí's:ii(í, ni : ■ ■ ■ ' ■ .. p. m.. on the second d;iy of Novemberi A D 18Ö9, Id líber 2 of d mente of mortgages, on page 8?4, duly nsslgnedby wíiirfi iiiorMLT then bedne ;t the date ofthis notico, the som of twelve huodred and ten (ïoihtre and four cent?) principal and Interest, and nosnll or : i.r.v orlo chancera havlng been lnstltated io recover Uie sum yo doe, or anv parí thereof. DoÜce i, therefere, hereby iÍvqq, that by vlri the power of sale contalned in said mortgage, whicb me operative by the defaolt aforeeaid, nd in )ii:r-(i'iicc of íliti íítíitutf n 8DCh CALe m '■ ! . the f:ih mortgace wlll.atthe Conri In the City of Aun Arbor, In the Coiinty of Washténaw, and State of Mlchlsran (ihat being the of holding the Circuit Conrt withln ■ ity) on the twenty-thlrd day ol Ap'H, A.D. 1870, :tt. eieren ocl" ck ín the foreno n be toreclosed by a snlc of the 1 said mortgape, pabstantlall; as !!! us: sltnatc in the township of ïorfc, In the Connty qI Waafatenaw, au ■ parcele of lai d kuown and descrlbed as the northwent qaarter of theaontheastquarter, and the soathwest quarter of the northeast quarter of ncdon No. twenty-two C22) In township fonr eonth of range six east contalnbsc ' Ueraololnlng pareeJ f Tand, betDfl all that part of the 1 qnarter of the so arter ofsald Bection twentj two, whlch Hes south andeast of the Sreat Ridcre Road, throngh Bftld land, . ; ticflst corner and boanded north by said róad, by the land bereln described. and south by latid owi Rose. Dated, Aun Arbor. Jannary 2Tth I8T0. " LUCY A. OLDS, Asalguee of Mortgage B. :'. Qkanoxbi Attorney. Mortgago Sale. Dl I í -T having been made In the crtndftlon of n niorteage giren by StepiieD B '!■■ acfnda to scenre Ihe inymcnt of further i fbrlni, D ; reoordcd in the R enaw Connty, Jui i .:_, In libor 9 ii moi tj : :. by whlch the iower i i no snit or : :i inUtuted at law to recovei r thercof, and tlio pnm of sis lnnttaimed t be di iat said h ;: be toreclosed by ji .;i1i of iin1 tota No. twelvú and i Brown and Faller'fl Ad[ tl on, In the city of Aun Albor, in tb ■ pnrl ie reo f, ai pnblic w n Conrt Fio nee, In oo the twelfth flay of Harch neit, at ion. Dated, December 15th, A. D ■Al W.MOKGAN, J. KtNCPt.Ev, Ali'y ;,I. rtfij IJEOPLE'S DEUG STüj. R. W.ELLIS& CO, Mor tg age Sale. DEFATJLT liv. of n , ■ jcw uted by Charlea t DlpBOU, (lis Wlfc), ' (;iiy of Aun A . ' tu Firman (?.!:■ and State the Jí'-".. ■ " ■ ■ ■ In t he ■'. on tbe elévenlo day of.Octnber, j in Uber t ■■■-■ i - w . innan . Roí aenl datod the 1 yveuth í öay of Jaunp.ry, A D. ISC :. whi :h fissl ■ iity of ( ; b day r Jabaary, . íit page 5-;"). ly wbich (iofcult ;. pii;l morí come operativo, and tbo amonnt j tand nopaid) on rali and the notó acoompaoyinff the same at Iho i ■ dollara and eighty-nl of thirty (.lollara nrovldeti tor Id enid morlgage, and no gult or prac i iw or in cbanceiyaaving been Instltnted to recorer ttie same orony part thereof uow, tberefore notice i hereby given, thaton Öflturday, to twelfthday of Marcb, A. D. i ten o'clcck :n tho foiftnoon of sald day, nt tbe soatb door of the Conrt Hoase, : ' Ann Arhor, ' by virtno of i power of sal re cn I ■ M-ll atpnbltc hnctiont to the liíghest i bed in eairt mortgftze, or 80 ímich t: -y the amounl due on age with interest and and expenses allowe asfollows: All those ■'i:i;t;ii pieees oí pareóla of !:iini, sltnated In the City of Aun Arbor, County of oaw, and State of Michigan, knowu, bonnded :i lid (Ic.-rii! .(!;;:-■ fllOWS, tO-Wlt: Beiog lotfl llïimbered one nj. two C2), three ■' ,- ' . mu i]i blOCk liumbcr livi; (8) uortli of II lirón BtTOet, and range aambei tea (10J eaat, accozdloj to a recorded plat of Aun Arbor. DiUed, Ann Arbor, December inth. í AUETÜ8 DT'XX. Sim.Kv O, TAYT.on, ABêlguw oí Morí Attorney for Asalgncc. 1248 Mortgagc Sale. "nEPAULT haring been made in ilie cnnditlonofa XJ moi ited by Edward Etaennardt and Caroline, tui wifè, t. Angnstua Wïdcnman . Jannarr 2d, 1867, and recorded lol ntcnftw County. Michigan, on the ;th day of Jantiary, 1897, In liberSfi of mortcages, on pi by whtcb defanlt the power of sale contalnea in said mortgsgc became opeutlre. and oü p i law or cqnity havine oeen Instltuted to recoi debt secnred by saja mortgage or any part thereof, and the som of oue bnndred and shrty-two dollars belng now clalmcd to bo doe npon sald mot tgage ; notlceisi hcrefore hereby glven, that sald mortgage wlll be forecloaed by Balt of the in saM mortgoge, or sonte part thereof, to-n it : The followlng deacnlMd land, situated on sectUm thlrty!wo, hi the townshlp of Ann Arbor, in Was CcMiniy, Michigan, vte.: Ufi-rimihn; on the wentelde of Piiiil sectïon, al point 5 ch links sonth of the northwesi oomer of Bald sectlon, thence iraUel to the north line of the eectlon ! : henee north parallel to the wist line of ■ 'ion ti chalns and (Ht% links, thence west parallel to the north line cftthe section to the weet sec tion Hne, thence south 2 chaina and i 6 .-. links tó the place of begtnning, oontainina; two acres, exc pi Ing of way one rod in wldth on the easl the above described land, ;l public vandne, at the Coart Honse, In the City ofAnn Arbor, iü said Conntv.on the 28th day of noon. Datcd December 2d, A [JQUSTTJS WTDENMAWN, N. W. Chekvf.r, Att'y. 12-ÍC M6rtgTfl6 Mortgage Salo. DEFAULT havlng been made In the condlUona of a certabi raortgage made and execnied by ; hried David frederii Ic.ol Ann Arbor, County oi Waahtenaw, and State of Michigan, to Preeman l'. Galpin, of the townshlp t( Superior, Coimty of Waahtenaw, and State aforeaald, i the Sd day ofJuly. AD. L866, qd] recorded In the Regtstera office of ft i anty aforeeaid on the Hth ilay of Tulv. A. 1). 1860 -. t. of eald d;iy,in li1 ■ si, and that thore is now duc ion Baid mortgage, and note panying the f ame, the rom ortñrelve htmdretlnnd iredoHan and Beyenty-seven cents, h wi:h a reasonable Attorney'a fee provlded for m said ■ ' ño slit "r procedliiflj Kt i;uv or ín eqnlty haring bei □ Instlti tea to recover the same, or any ;n thereoj dow, therefore, noUce is hereby given that on Batarclay, the 19th day oi March,A. J). 1870, at Ju o'clock in the forenoon of sald ■ tnth door of tlic Coart Honfld In thti Aun Arbor. In sald County, by virtne of a power Of eale In Baid mortgage c utained, I Bhall seil at public önetion, to ih hfghest blddor, the premises deecribed In said mort" i i i be neco satlsfy the amoantdae üi - :.- moi tgage, wllh Interest and cost and expenses allowed by law : whlchsald premisas are dése roed tus follows: The rty acres f tliu woct halfoJ tho sonthwest si of sectioii nnmber (oarteeni in townshlp ■ niimber i-Ix cast, lyiu in a nu Arbor, in s.iid ' oanty and -Suite. Datetl, Anii Arbor, Dec. 14 I8fl i MAXT CALPIX, v!u If. 3law80h, Mortgagee. Att'y. for Mortgageo. i i ' Mortgage Rale. DRFATTLT havlng been ra mdltfom of a certnin mortgage made by Richard Clinton and n to Nelson lï. Nye, Bxecutor nnder the wiü of Charles Hyland, tïovem ber the seventb, A. I. lí66, and recorded on thfl November, A.D ': In the o taw Connt) liber thirty-seven of Hortgage?, on ua ', whtch Baid mortgage w . -ir . tO f.'.' ■■;! .1 ; ■ Admtnistrator wlth the will annezed of the esl ito ol sal d Charlee Hyjand, deceaeed by assigiimeni May the elghteenth, A. I'. 1869 nment was dnly recorded In the Registers Office aroresafd, on the fifth day of November, ]. 18G0, in Hber two of Asftlgnment) hnndcad and twonty-eii, ai fónowvaimed tobe dae th edand .■■ cente . i"1-: l b the snm of thirty dollars as ui Attora.eya or SollcJt provldea for In sald iDortgage ; and no aalt or prbproceeding havlng been Insütnted a1 law to recover tho sum now due and secacod by sale i any part thereof ; Now, Therefore, by virtuu i of sale contalned In said ruortgage, and by Btatuts in such case made and pro nottce is hereby ciTen, thnt on Satarday, the nifleteenthdayof Jrebruary next at IS o'clock, noon, of that day, at tlic sooth door of tl: the city ol Ann Arbor. Coonty ofWashtenaw, and Stiito of Michigan (bolng tñ-1 place of Circuit Conrt withln Baid Conntyj, there fiü ; at obUc nuctidii, to the bigbeet bidder, the pri idln s&ld mortgage, or po mnch thercol as maybenec Bsaryto eattory the amoont das on sald mortgaj si and costs, Includlngan attoroey fee ofthïrty dollars aa aforesald. whl premises are descrlbed as follows: The northeasl part of lot nnmber flve In block two north of fiaron street, range three, aocordtng to the rjecorded plat of the vttlage (bow city) of Ann Arbór, Michigan, oommenclng ut the noruieaul corner of eaid lot and block and running pouth elghteen feet, thence west etety feet) thence north cigbteen ieet, then ix ft?et to the place of begfmilng. Alo the right to Jotn the briok wáll itanuing near the eouth Une of eaid land. I Xuv. 23d, 1SA9. VUStá JUOHARD BEAHAN, AatJffneeMortgage 8alë. DKFAULT hftvin? been made in tho condïtion of n cextsin mortgage exeented by Minerva Darla and Lorenzo Davis, of the ciry of Ann Arbor; Oom Washtenaw, and State of Michigan, on the 21etday ist,A. I. ls-7, to Darïaa Dongjass, of the City of Ann Arbor aforeeald, and recorded in the Register' office ofsald County of Washtenaw, on the 28th day of Aoeust, A, D. FS6T, :.t. -t o'clock I'.' íM. oí Baid thty. in líber í7 of mortgages, on pa on wliirh mo e is claiiñed tobe the dal som of two buntlred muí forty-flve dolían :nnl tweotj -aeren cents, aíioan Attorney's feo tf thirry dollars Bhoald íiv ; i Inga be taken to foreclose the name, and n proceedlngs at law or equity h&vlng been Instituted o recovor thc de!t or any partthereof; N bereby glven that by rtrtne ir the power i iu sii.l mm; id, J símil eell atpnbllc auctien, to tneblghest bidder the lWhdayof FebraaryA. I), ISTO, at S o'elocfe in the afternoos oí il:iy. ut the front door of the Conrt Houss, in th . Ann Arbor, In Hu; Connty or Washttni . i!!'1 premlsea deacrlbed I mortgase, as, all that certaln tract or parcel "f Luid BitnatetJ in the City of Aun Arbor. Coanty anrl SUto iiUkmtwn. bonnded and descrlbed M i to-wlt: c mmenclng .-u ;:. ■ corner of lot riimbcr elght (8) in Mock Dnmbertwo (-) aonth :)l Haron Btreet. and range namber i inDanforthand Wilson'd AddlUon t- theVillogo nf Ann Arbor, thence ranningeoBl ontbe wmtb lino ofaald : !y links tn :i Btaka Btanding on BStdline, northerly parallel Trttb the west Ilneofeald lot to n Hik.' Btanding mi the imrt.Ii line "I sid lot, K'eat i n eaid nortli line filghty llnka i i the northwest corner "f said l"t, thrnr.' ontherly ou the irest Une i f sald U t tn tbe plaoe ;f begiuuinj. November 2601, 1 8 '.'. LOUIS, .T. TTCKNOB, Bzecntrlz of the last wlll and testament of D.-irius Uvu;1ü8s, tleceascrt. Jon X. Gott. 1245 Atlorney tot tlic Bxecntdz. Mortgage Sale. WBEJIEAS, Johll riarrls and Mary :.IInrris, liis ir nrife, ol the City of Ann Arbor,' Connü of Waehtenaw, andState of Illchlgan, on the thirteenth ilay r September, lS67fe2ecateda mortgage lo Wllllam II. Parker, of Lowell, Hassachnüel secure the paymenl o Indpal and nterejt moneva tlicriin mentiojoi i!, whJch mortgage .:i re. cordea In the office of the Ueglster of Deeds. in eaid Connty, on the'-'Sd dayof September, A. D. i U,l4 o'clock A. M. of aid dar, In llber B7ofmoitmnde for more than thlrty daya in thopaym llment of saiil Interest money whleh ! the thlrteentb day of September 1888, by nrhereof, and pnronant to the term's ofaald mortgageehereby electe -: principal as rematas anpaid v.itli all arrearereon, shall become da able tmmedlately ; and, wl is clnimrd to i..' dne and nnpald on Bald mongage at the date of thlanol n hundrod and slxty-four 32-100 dollars for principal and Interest, also an Attorney'a feo of thirty dollara shonld niy .■ taken ti forecloso said mortgage, and no snit or pi is been Inetltntcd elthcr in law or equity to ■ the s:uiir or npy partthereof; Notice is re hereb; giren, thal on tl; nlnetecnth daj of Febrnary nert, at two o'clock in the afternoon. :it tbe front door of the Court Uonec, in the i Ann Aibor, being the bnlldlnein which the ' Conrl for sniii Oom i y-'l by rirtae of the power of sale I s!:;:]] Bell al pnbllc anctloD. t thu hlghesl - descrlbt '1 In Bald mortga a t : amonnt ofpilndpal and int wlth the of thirty dollars, the followlug de■ . ofArni Arbor. ('o:i!!. ty of Wa8htenaw ;ml si ■ tnaforeald. known, boiu aa followe. to-wlt t t nnmber fonr, Oj In Bower'a Additlon to Iha City of Ann Arbor, acootdlng to tlio recordad plat thcreof. November 26tb, i I, WILLIAMH. PAEKEH, Morteagee. Johv N. Gjtt, Att'y. fur Uortgagee. 1J4 til Commissioners' Notiee. STATE OP UICniG IN, Connty of Washtenair, f. Tho nndcrilgned havins; been appolntedbythe Probate Courl for s:iid Connty. Commisslonen to rcc Ivn i'.samhii' "nd atljust all claims and (iemands of 1 He of Adam Mnt, late ■ noiiiw that six raontlifl from date are alloweo, by ordi r i claims ■ nd thal they of il. Bohlotterbecfe, In tl Arbor, in sald Ooon ;.v.'teentth day of &farch. and Tuesday the twelfth .Tiily i!i't. at ten o"olockA. M. of eachofsalddnjg, tve. csarahiQ. and adjusl aM dal i . ; .'. .i.niii irv 12th, A. I). tS'O. I232w4 HBBUANN ácnLOTTBRBKCK, j00""11'8 Real Estafe for Sale. Stat;: of i i iounty o( . htennw, ss .Ir. tiiv matter of ih BetMe ol Hannah Hrown ibjr glven.that 1 n inirao: don i ntd AiimlnIstraton of raid d'ieiised, ■ the Connty of WMhtCl h duy ol SkBXKOJ, . 'uitae to the i dwUIng h ■■ mi kha pnanty ('I' WaUU naw, , the ti cnth day of March.A. )) 1S70, ni ten o'click In tho forenoon of' ■ ;ill onctirotor . ,i iL']i;o ■ r f Haid fplluwlng í:- .1 eMute. víz: The nortnvrest qnarter of the sontnwett cinnrter of section clghteen. In townshlp f iir onth ol rtnt -t, contaiuing forty acres mure or less in said' State, biitcd, ftunary &4th. .A. T. 187(1 ;. wnr.Ki.F.n, 1264 ololstffttor 'í'; bmtis non. EUtato ol' Bonjaiiiiii Avery. CTÁTKOF MICHIGAN, OonnfrífWaahWiHnr,, i' ai ■ gestión of the Probate Conrt for the Connty o( Washteuaw, holden at tv. Probate Office ñ 'toe City of Aun Arbor.on Wndnod.iy, tlic niueteerilft d-iy of Jannary, Ín Uieyearoiie thonsnnd cïfrht hun' árc nml neventy. Present Hlram J. Boakes, Indge of Prohate. Ín II:': mnttci oftheesúte of Benjamín Averr I I'. Avcry and William ]. Averyv AlmtnttratOT8of íaid catate, come ito Contant? ni tiint ilu'v aro íidw prepared to readei their-' t:n nccomiís ií auch Adioioi8tratora Therenpqn i: Isordered, thal Monday . th twentrfighth rj next, at ten o'clocb in the' forenoon, be aailcned (oí examlnlng nml allowlnjj snch nrcoimt. and tlmt the hete) at law f aid dc and nll otherpereoneinteretedinald estator are reqnlred t apucar nt eeulon nf sald Conrt thcu tu be holden at the Probate Ofhce, in the City of' Aun Arbor, In raid County, and ebow canso, lf anr aeconni Bhonldnotbeálloweoí: And it fnrr; . , idmintgUatora gire not!ce to the persona Interested In said estáte, of tho ppndency ofsaid acconnt, nml the hearing i thfs order to be pblishi'd in the (. a nenapaper printeil and circolatlng In aiii County. thrce sncccasiv wecks provlona to said day of hoarin" (A true cnpy.) HIItAM J. BXAKBS. 1-J6 Jurtiro ol Pjrobat. Estáte ot liucas lvutel. CTA'I! OAN, County of U At ns'H-ion of the Probate Conrt for the County of Waahtenaw, holden at tim Probate Ofllce inthe city oí A: i Arbor, on Prlday, the twenty-eightb (Iny of Jimunry, In tiie yoaronc thousaud eight 'houdred and aeveuty, Present, Hlram .r.T!cakpp,.7i!lfroof Protmtc. In tlie matter of the estáte oí Lucas Klttel, deccased. Onreadlngand flllrtthe petltion.dnly verlfleí tof Thomas Klttel, prayln [thal Broa i Maní muy be appoínted Admlnlstrator of the estáte of sald deceásed. Thereupon t i. Ordered, thal Momlay, the twenty-eighth day of Pebrnarr next, at ten o'clock ni the forrnoon, be asslgned for tlie lieuring of saiil pe ti t Ion, and Ihat the helrsatlawof saidde0eaed,andIlotherper8oni n sald estáte, arereqnlredto appear at asesslon ol sald Coort, then tobe holden at the Probate Ónice, in the Cltyof Aun Arhor, and show canae, Ifany thercbe.whytheprayei tltioner shonld ut be granted: Anditiff fnrtherordered, thal p.iid petitlouer frlvenoticeto the Interested Ín aald oetate, oftho pendencj ol saldpetltlon, and the beaiing thereof,Dy candinga copyofthla Order to be publiohed in the Michigan rspaper printed and drcnla'ingin sald Üonnty, tiirecsticcessivc weeks prevfons to sald dy of hea i CAtrnecopy.J 1IIi:a?i .t. BEAKES, 12j5 Judceof Probate. Estáte of Gilbert Showers. QTATr OPltlCHIGATT, Connty of Washténaw, fs. O At A sesaion of tha Probate Conrt fnr theComft ofWashtenow, holden nt I Office, Inthe . on Thnrsday, ti' tliirteenth day "I January, in the ycar one Uumsand eight hundred and nerentT. Present, Hlram ■. i' of Probate. In the matter of the estáte ol Gilbert Showers, deceai idtoft and Sllag the potitin cluly verified of W. Tiinibull. Admlnistrator wlth il :iec1. prayin that be maybe to II eertein renl csrate whercof Balddeceased dlcd i 1 I ■ '. ü Momlny.thftwentyeightb Oay ofFebruar?, next, at ten o'clock in tho n.beasslgnedforthehcari petitlon, i es and helrsat Inwoi'sait) 1 all other persons lul irested Insaides ! reqnlred to appear at ai ld Conrt then to bc; holden at the Probate Office, In the iiiy ol Aun Arbor. and show cause, it anj there be.wh the petitloner ehnnid nol be grunted: - furtherordered.tli eWeao■I In sald estáte ofthepentfoncr ofsatd petlüon, and hearinp thereof, bj : lntlio S anewspapcr printed and circulatlng in snitl county, four suo . jiiuviout to snu! day of hearing. CAtrnecopy} ' HIRAM .T. ÜFAKKP, 13MM ofl'robata. Estáte of 3Iary E. l'arsons. Stat; orWigtmswi ss. Atas ■ ■ ror the ('oiiiuy of Washtenaw, Boldei tfflee In the CTty of Aun Arbor, on Th Ihdayof lannary, m the yeaj one thousand eight hoñdred ana seventy. I firam .7. Beakes, .Tmljro of Probate. Jr. Ihe matter of khe Estáte of Mary i:. I'arsons. deceased. indOling the petitlon, öoly verified, ot Th at S. S.inford, praiuü that a citrtain nMiiiment now on file in this Conrt, pnrportlnf; to bó tho last iil and testament of said deceased, maj be almitted to probate, ::; he may be a noiuted solo ir thereof. Thereupon ii isOrdered, that Monday.thetwcnty-flrst day ofFebrnsry next, al I In ihe'forcuoon, be assïgned lor the tu i luo, and ■ .- ; law of said deudall otUei persons Inti n Bted In said estáte, of sald ('i)'.irt. then to be holden at tne Probate Office, In the City of Ana Ai'bor, andshow cwiae, ii'niiy there be, why tlic j'rayndit i Kïrthero ■ - Ld petitloner givcnotice to the persons biterested In saidestate, ': the pendency of' said petitlon, and the hearing thereof, by causuig a copy of this Order to be publishedin the Minïjan Argut, n newspaper printed and circulating in said Connty, three snecessËré weeks prevJona tosnid day of hearing, Atniecopy.) IIIKAM.T. BEAKES, lMtd Jndcrc ofl'robate. Estáte of William Ruckmao. OTATE OP MICHIGAN, Oonnty of Washtenaw, m O At a ee&sion i!' the Probate Court for rhe County ofWa htenaw, holden at the Probate oflire In the city of Ann Arbor. on Monday, the twonty-fourth d:iy Of .lunuary. in the yi-ur one thoasand cight hundred nmi peventy. Presentí Htrsm J. Beakett, Jud-jo of Proiate. In Uu miittcrof the cstute vi WiUiam Kuckman, ■-(!. WUllun m. Qfegory, Adnatnbtnttor de bonit non witii tite will aanezed of sald deceaaedi coraes into Conrt n nel representa Chat he la note preparcd to render Wa BnJ aeoount .-i ench AdmtnUtratort and praying thftt :i doeree óf di?tributiou bc maüe, and ihftt ."ai;I eêtnle bedosed. TheienppB U I Ordered, tbat Monday, the twentvfirs1 (i;iy of Pebrnar next, at ten ocJock iu tin forenoon bc ansigned for examinlng and allofl Ing BojQJb aoconnti and that the legateeff, deviseea and helra at law of eaid deceaeed, and .".11 other persons Intorostod in raid estáte are reqoired to appear at a seseipn ofsaid Court, then to n i the Probate Office', in the C'ity of Ann Arbor ln8atdConnty,anfl8howoniO$e IfanjUiere bc, v. hy t!i! sald acconnt shonld oot bc allowed : And it is fnrther on!rrei, that said Administrator give notico to persona intereated In sald estáte of the pendency of said account, and tho hearing thcreof, by a copy of thia order tobe publiphedin the . :i aewspaper printed and circnlating in sata Coanty, three euccessive weeks previous to aai ': 1;iy of heailiiff. (A tmecopyO niKAM J. BEAKE8, 12í4td .ludiré of l'robate. Estáte of Mary Kelly. QTATK OP MICHiaUT. Connty of TViishtenaw, ss O At a Befisloo oftlic l'robato Court for theCounty oi ';[-!i; oaw, UoUlcii ut the Probate Office, v the Oity if Ann Arbt;r, on Fiidny, the fonrtcenth day of .. In tlie jear oue thoasand ciht huudrcd and seventy. Preaent, HIram J". TScikc0, Jnclge of Probate. In the matter oí the Estáte of .Muy Kelly, deccased. On rcftdincr .".lid Bllog the petition, (iüy vorifled, of Charlea Qauney, praymg tuat Lnke i ovl' or som o othersnitable person may lx appointed Adniinistrator of tho estáte of saiddeceaaed. Therenpos :t is Ordered, tbat Mondar, tho fourteentb day of Febrnary oext, at ten oeloek!nthe forenoon. beasslgned forthe bearüig ofsaldpetltloiand tbat the beirsai law of eald deceased,and all other persons Lal . are requiredto appeav at a session of eaid t'onrt, thr-n to be bolden t the lobate oilicc, in the City of Anii Arbor, and show catMe if thorfi boj wby the prayerofthe pctitioner shmiM Dot be grantefl : And it Ls ftirther ci-do-otl, thntsaid petltïoB ns Interected in said estáte of the pendency of saidpetition, and thehearlxifi thereof.1 ofthlfl Order to be pubUsbeo in the ' . ïwspaper prlnted and eiren sald ('oiv.ity, three nU)6688ÍT8 weeks prevloug tosaidd&yof hearing. CA truecópy.j HÖtAW J. BEAKES), 1253td Judjce of Probata. Estato of Natban Thomas. STATE OP MICHIGAN, Coiinty of WashtenaV, )g. At a Beftnon of tho Probate Conrt tot the tonnty of Wasbtenaw. holden nt t)ic Probate Office, in tho ity of Ann Arbor, on Prïday, the fourteendi day f Jaunary.iD Uic yearooe thouaaud eight hundred and Berenty. :, Hiram 3. líeakcs, Jndge of Probate. In the matter of the estatü oí Nathan Thomas, deceased. Lydla Thomas nnd Sana nel Lyon, Exccntors of tho last TPill and testament of sala decensed, come into Conrt aDdrepreseDt tbat they are now prcniired to n ader thcii final accounl a I itora. pon it Is orden d, that Thnrsday. Die seventeenth ' U at ten o'rlork in the forc&oon, he assiernea for examining and allowtöff snel) acconnt, nnd that the legatees, devlíéea ana ■.!, Kud ají otber persona ar ata gusUn ni' vi.l pAnrt t in-v" 1 1 1 ïn lmiilfili : f t lli . i the City of Aun Anuir, la show cause, it' qdv thcro b ivln' the Dl fhoiiM not bc uïlowcd : Allí It la fiirthiT ordered thal said Exccntors give noüce to the persons o) the pi'ii(irii.y at wüd accouDti Bod the hearin? thcreof, by of thifl order t" be unbllghcd in the ilntlng in .-.i.l Coanty, thres ntcoeniTe week pievious ta (AtrneoopyJ Illir CES, liMiii " ■ .Tiul-.Mif rrubate. Attachment Notice. NOTICBishi that on the acyeatocnth day of Deccmbor, A. D, btaodredabd elxty-Dlne, n v ril "i tUohmei : vu :-- :"i out of the Circuit Coral for tin1 1 w, in (kvor oi Aloczo Clark "ü'l Edwin . b'resee, plaintlffs, ementa. Roods, chattels, moneyaond Fulkeraon. defendant, rr ; 'I ntnety stjc loll.-ir? nnd ron oontSf tbat Baid vrit of attAchmaof "s rturnablc ■ n T :;!i day t!' JanaArr. X IJ. eishtecu hundred sevrnty. and that it appesn tHtm he retam-f i I property bas been .-:u i u'iiiil iLt'ii-ini, and that sald dafendani could uut b found Datod. Jtiuiiaiy, lSth, 18ïO; ALOIïZO CLAKK, EDWIN W. P&BBSa, E.B. Woon, l'liinlijr. Attornej for PlaloUIK. j!5:iwfi


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