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A Woman's Kiss

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A ballet daooer, who turned thebeads ■){ the amorous gentlemen of the llus iian capital last winter, is a natiye of L'raoow, and is reputed to be tbe illegitiinato daughtar of a'Polisb Count. She reccived prescnts by tbe score from bor üdmirers, amcng wbom was a very wealthy nob'eman. Ho niado her ao jiüiintunee, and was cbsirnied with her. lia offercd her a diiinnd bo wore on his ingur for a kiss. tílio acoepted und he ïludly gave ber tbejewel, belieriug, perliaps, with. Ovid : "Wlio gaiuB a kiss atul gaius no mero," deserves to loso thc bliss ho got before, llis su;t dd not prosper, bowever, as lie liad hopod. At tbo end of a mouth lie preseuled ber witb anotber diamoud, and reoeived a seooad saluíe, but beyoud tbat be did uot ro. At the end of a year, be bad parted with neurly all of bis diamonds, and was as far from bucccss au ever. Irritated by bur stubboruness, he sought au interview, aad upbruijed ber íor hor resistanco. "I havo no moro dianiouds to give you," he Bítid. "TIkii," sbe replied, 'I have no more kisses." "What am I to do? Your haart is made of ice. Givu me some word pi hope." "I can't do that, bift I'll Ave you a werd of counsel." "VY bat is iiV' "Never buy your firat kisa of a woinan. lf yu do, thouh you were tbe Czar himsélf, you would be a bankruiit before you reached her beart.1'


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