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A Remarkable Climate

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The preposterons ideas of some Engishmen n regard to this couotry, oro often a sourco of great amusement to Americana abroad. A Bostociiau havng been souiéwhat annoyed at the ques tions and iiiviiious compansons made by a party of BritODS, at an Enirüsh hotel, iually loaded tlicm as fdowa:- "Haw ! you 'a?e an' oiríd o'iancrf a 'Yes," èaid the American, "in some )laccs. I rcmeiuber in S. (Jirolina one inorning, when I got up the thern.o:iieter was at 135 in the shado; at tan A. H. the wiud changed, the thermometer feil lo 20, it cornmenced snowing, and at one o'clock there was two feet of snoiv on th3 ground, when sudJenly the wind changed, the thermometer rose to 130 in the shade, and I saw tho remarkable sight of people out sjeigh-riding in their dhirt-sleeves." This statetuent the matter-of fact Englishmen reoeived in open-mpithed 6Íleuce, until finally one of them, ufter several minutos' of heavy thinking, said : "Haw ! yass, but how could people go sleigh riding with the thermometer t 130 ; ye knaw snow would 'ave melted, by Jove!'" " HflK ttaq '? uoiil Ka A innvinn tuïfVi on I ti j v.. ' vaiu vuu muí i iuui i? v mu unmoved countenance, ''I forsrot to sny tbat the heat carne on so suddenly that D9tead of meltint tho snow it baled a thick broten crust over U.n And tbe Yankee walked ftwny, leaving bis liritish cousins in a "brown" study over the wondere of the New World. - Boston Com. Bulletin. Care ok Ladies Shoes. - If theshoea aro of black móróeco of kid, and they bave baoome dry, etiff, auil dull, try a littlo oil on thera - not a great deal - which will make ihetn more Boft and flexible, and wili nót DJure tho lustre materially. ïben try a delicate coating prepared varnish, dc8igned for the purpose over tho oil. Wheo this has dried the shoes will doubtless be improved. If a calf kid begins to look reddish and rusty, give it a elight application of oil, which wiil probabty restore the color ; but if not, put on bhicking. When the blackihg has dried, brush it off, and go over it again very lightly with the oil, when it will be na good as uew. Patent leather will i)ot only be made softer, but the lustre will also be improved by oiling. For pebblod calf or auy kind of graiu leathe;1 Ihat has becomo brovvn, the trcatuiont should bo the same ; when ouly a little red, au application of oil, or even tallow, will often restore tbc color. When it is very brotvn, black it thoroughly, and oil it afterw'ard, giving it a üice dressing of dinsolved rum tragacanth, to finish, 'fhia 3 the grand recipe for iiiiproving uppers ; the labor of upplyiDg it is very little, aud the good tfi'ect very decided and gratifying. A " raerebant prince " of New Yrrk - a portly " sixfooter " of great manly beauty, v,ho novor dined 'without bis brauiiy and water, nor weut to bed without a terrapiu or oyster supper, und who WH3 never kaown to bo dixuk - died of chrotiic diarrhoia, a coujinon cud of those who are uever intoi: icuicd uever out of J'1uor Hall'14 Journal of Health gives this account of hia douth " Months bclbre he áied - bq was a year in ilying- ho oould eat nothing witliout diitreas, aud at death tbe 'wlielo alimentary canal was a maas of diseuse in the midst of bis millicns ho died of in ianition. That U not tho half, roJiler He hud bceu a teady drinker, u dai!; drinker for twenty eight yers. Scroful; bas beeñ eatirg up 0110 daúg'bter for fif teen years ; iiu'other is iu the raad I housu; tho thiid and fourth were of uu ' earthly beauty ; thcro was a kind of i grandeur in tbat beauty, but it blight' ed, and'paled and faded - irito Hemen, f we trust - in their sweet teens; soother ) is tottering on tho of the grave, . and only one is left with all the senses, I 1 aod eaoh of tbcm is us -e;ik as water."


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