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Editorial Chips And Splinters

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- The Varmounters are sap bihn so airly, - (.. . ecllues that Asaessorship. Ongrati i - At CoJti water th ree lodies are sturiy■ and onc mcdlclDe. - Papa Qrant hns been rc-appointed Poatraaster at Covington, Ky. - Por the ílscal year KSI59 tliis Stat paU.1 for wolf bountles, 122. - Siisan B. Anti, cuy wat 50 on the 13th. Shc expecta to vöte before she is 100. - The Coroner's fees paid trova llio Stnte Treasury In U ', amountej tof 1,1 - Ur. J.osi W. Qarjxr.ofthe weJ knowxi flrm of Harper & Brothers, d led on Monday last. - Se'ward is at Havana, but proposes to visit Hayti and Ban Domingo before coming bome. - A flag manuiactured iu San Francisco, froni California k, has been sent to Washington. - The Colorado Couucll went back on tlo womaii Biiü'rage bilí passud by t! o - Gprigressman Dawes Is golng to fcake the ut liinp Iu New Harapshlre. Will Butler go ivith Wmf - The Detroit Adcerliser and Tribune calis Ben. Butler " that lncarnatlon of sublime impuden - Two American Ltfe Insurance Compantea have establlsbed agencies In London. CaTryiug the wat lnto África. - Mrs. Btowe'a non-admlrers proposc to celébrate the coming atinlvetsary ofByron'a Loen ucpai lurc - iiuui fjuginuut vjnii fum - Senator Trumboll says tlierc has been, as yet, no legislation to reduce taxation. And mightbave sald there isn't likely to be any. - Madame Cora Jamos ■was beaten, SatQrJay last, in lier brcach of promise suit agalnst Ira Y. Munn, a vvealtliy citizen of Chicago. - A. gold jodgment rras entered in the 8upreme Oourt, Brooklyn, If. Y., on Tnesday, la a forcclosurc of a mortgage execute 1 in 18C7. - The State elfiction in New Hampshire will takc place Tuesday, Marcli 8th. For Governor and SOatc odkers Tour tickets are iu the Held. - Jira. Stowe's book,Lady Byron Vindlcated," Is reported to have dicd still bom. Say nothing obsut " a buil." DeUr ■ ns is both fashionable and epidemie :it Indianapolis. - 7omcji have tlicir ïighls nt Manistee. ïheyattend v!io Viindcrpool-Fleld murder trial in kirge numbers, and sew and knit as the trial progrpsses. Tiiey wonld crochet tat in the jury box or on the Tritness atand. Industrious women at Manlsteo. - Congressman Bennott, of Baílalo, lias prosecQted the Commercial Adeertiscr of that city for libel, claiming damages to the tune of $100,000. More than the whole Congreaslonal " baracter " Is worth.


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