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no trust not any one nectcd with the Ijmversity - is advertí siug in tbc Detroit journah a forni of bequest to that Institution, designed we supposed to cali tlie attcntion of any about to sbuffle oLF llio mortal coil to it? wants and needg. Kow, while wo have no objection to E. B. Ward, Zach Ohandlek or "any otber man' making ainends for the past by bestowing a p rtion oí' tlicir ill-gotteo gains, providod, always, that they don't eodow a Professorsbip and namo f after them'selvos, tbem"' it in this public way. Bendes, just think, if Wakd sbould take it into bis head to set aside for the use of the Unirersity a portion of the wealtfa legaliy exkirted from tho public under the guise of "a tariff for protection," endow a Profesgoiship, and titlo it "The Ward ProfesBorship of Poütical Economy ;" or Chandlkk, of Lis co'ton and tape pickinga, another, "The Chaxdlkr Professorsliip of Political Surgery."- Tho natural snggeslion of iroo-filiogs, steel-cüppings or stealings, and "bloodletting" ovcr-power us, aud we drop tho sutjeot. Tiiuksday of last week was a eort of field day in the Scaato. Tho Mipi bill comiug up thero was a regular set to between Senators Sühnjbh, SiierBlAN, Stewakt and Tbumbüil, during whioh it oame out èhat the important measures of the last Congress were passed at tho dictation of a party caucus, and not for tho good of the country. Somnm charged TbüMBUll with being ehabby, and the latter retorfed with vigor. Tho whole was too muoh for (.! e radical stomacb of tliat "bloody Radical" Senator, Dkake of Missouri, who rebnked t!io disputante and declarcd what "ho thought was the general opinión of Senators, that for the Senato this was a day of degradation before the country." We cau't say what Drakb's observing eyes cüscovered, or what ha aüuded to, unlesa it was the telling tales out of schools and the exposure of caue'19 secrets, but outsiders fail to measure any extra depth of degradation in the aiTair. It was so common a scène that readers of the reports regarded it as (imple matter of courao - tho daily recreation of the trained gladiators of tho Senate Cbamber. In the Georgia Logislaturo- recon siructod- tho following United States Senntore wero elected : Maj. Whitely, for tho term ending March 4th 1871 ; Co!. II. P. Farhow, for iho term onding March Úk, 1873; and Fostkk Bi.odget - neither Major, C'oloael, nor honoralk-iov tbe term ending March 4th, 1877. Messrs. Miiler nr.d Hili having prcsented credentiala under' a former clcction, Georgia now lias f ve Senators - but all on tbe outside. A.nother turn of tho reooiistruotioa mili inay grind out two or three more. - The Democratie members withheld tbeir rotes, claiming the previous eleotion of Milleü and IIir.L as legal. - Tlio modest aud moral aud lionest Foster Elodgkt Las written a letter to Gov. Bullock requesting hun to withhold his crcdeutials until that litilo indictmeut agaiost him, for perjury, is disposed of. It is roported at New York that many bankerg, brokers, insuranco cota:)anu'ö and business uien in all "paris of ;!iü North ïave tent word to Southern awyers and mou that they will iot talie advantage of iho recont decisión )f the Suprema Court relatiro to coufacts aud luoiigages, The Detroit Jour nat of Commerce devotes a column-and-a-half to reviewinjí or rather denouncing a recent lecturo by tho llev I'rcf. DlaNCHARD in favor of free-trade, closinj,' ts tirade with t!ie following plain f not polite sentence : "Of all tho liara in thr; world, oommend us toa lyiogpolitical pricflt." Won't the remarle oppiy eqnally well to the "po-. litical priest" - one Stebuinb- who perambulates the Stnte in the cmplny ol the Detroit iiaimfactarert' Association, on a salary of ?2,000 a year ? How oan these poor, oppressed, down-troddon, un protected, starving manufaoturers afford to keep a chaplain iu tlie field at sach a figure ? We don't know what tbc Jounral of öommere, a paper seemingiy in favor of chaining commerco, wil] answer, but without wailing it wo will venturo to sav : bccauso the tax-p?.yers - the consumera of iron, stee!, coal, etc, pay the bill. The Congrcssional currency tinkers are at tbeir work. On Mouday, Mr. Locoiikidoi:, cf the House, introuuced a resolution dcclaring in favor of an inoreope of the currency to tho extent of 50,000,000, and instrueting the appropriate committeo to bring in a bill accordingly. As a test queetion, a raotion was mado to Iny the snme on tho table, whioh was lost, yons, 73 ; naya, 96 ; - which voto is conHidcred an endors-emeot of tho proposition to ínflate. Of the deícgation frora tliis Slate, Messrs. Bbaman ond Blair votcd yes; and Messra. Conoeh, Fbbst, nnd Stoügiitok, no. Mr. Strickland was absent. Mr. Morgan introduccd a bilí ns a substituto for tbe Semita currenoy bilí. It provides for calling in the national bank circulation, and the issue of gold treasury notes to the amount of $500,000,000, which would increaso the currency $200,000,000. In the Senate, on, a bilí was reportod from the Judiciary Committee incroasing the salaries of tho judges of the several United States Courts. It fixea tlicm os follows: Ghief Justice, $12,000; Associate Justices, 810,000; Circuit Judges, $6,500; District Judg es, $5,000. In anotber column we givo a bilí t be introduccd in the and pressec through Congress, for tho euforeemen of the XV tb. amendment. Some reac ers mn.y imagine that it confiiets with corlain cor.stitutional rights of tbe States. But what oí that ? It provided a new army of offico-holderg.


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