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-The ursi aay oí reuruary wa3 uinc iiours anci ftfty-eight minutes Ion;;. Th o last d:iy of tho tuonth will bo eleven lio urn ani twelve minutos, bcing a gniu during the month of odo hour and twelvo miuutes. In March the gain will bu ono hour and rwenty-threo miuutes; in April one lour and Uvcnty minutes; iu May 56 ninutes; from Juno lst to June 22d, ivhcu the máximum is roached, 1G niinues. Havana dispatchcs sfiy that twontyve Cubaus aud Amerioans havo beeu nuidered iu tho stroots of Havana siuce 10 fnueral of Castunou. The Btmual report of the South Cartilins Superintendent of Eduoation ihowa duit 168,819 ohildren, betwetn tlio i of 5 and 1 S, are attending sobol in 26 :s of the State. Of the lotol nuinber, GS, los oliildren are white, and 100,711 are colored. Thore are 381 schools, wlth 478 teachers, of wboin 405 ore Soutb C&toliniaog, and 73 are Noitberners. Several connterfeit twenty-dollur' notes on the National Biitik of Comm ree, of New York, have been receivcd at fie San Francisco sub treasury, during the past two wfeeks. Tho Erie Railroad Corapany now transporta daüy over thcir rnid four hundred car luads of coal, wbieh ia delivered at the Pennsylvania Coal Uompany's yards ia Weehawken at 1.75 per toó. The gross onruings of the Pennsylvan ia Central Kailroad last year wei-e 817,' 250,000; expenses, over 812,000,000; leaving tlie net earnings 5,047,000, exceeding thoee of 1868 by $17,314. Gen. Sully reports to the Inuian Bureau that 750 of the Urosventre Indiana, on tho Fort Browning reservation, Montana, have died of small pox einoe laat September, ünly l,'200 of the tribe aro lut't alive. The preliminary survoya for thn Northern Pacific Uailroad are being pushe-1 forward with all possible difpatch. Fivo parties nre now in the field, and anothcr wiil leave Miuneapoiis Mianeaota, on Thursday. The late&t Cuban news statea that Mr, Soward haa arriveil at Matanzas. A schooner with arms and men for the Cubiius was driven ashoro during the recent storm. Tho men escaped to the interior. A man attempted to start a writing school at Denver laat month, but tliey made him turn t into ft saloon, not wantng any " fangles in this town." The muncipal olection of Salt Lake City passed off quietly. The best of order wus maintained at tho polls. Tbe autborities discoimtenanced women's votn tbis election, but eomo half dozen or o of tliem votod. Human Nature. - Tbere is plenty of "buman natnr' " in tbis letter to Congressman Jlill, frora a constituent in New Jersey : " Deer Sur, Please send mo a copy of tiie Agricultnral report and then nbolish tlic franking privilege.' Didn't Want any CïïRtBW. - " What have yon got tbat's good ?" said a bun gry travelcr as ho seatcd bitnsclf nt a dinner table in Salt Lake City. " Ob we've got roast beef, corn beef .roast inutton, boiled, fried bam and broilec curlew !" " What is curlew ?" said the ptranger. " Curlew ! why, curlew is a bird somothicg like a snipe." " Couk it. fly ?" " Yes." " Did it have wings V " Yes." " Tlien I don't want any cur lew. Any tliing tbat bad wings anc cnuld flv, and dido't leave this d - c country, I don't want for dinner."


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