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Gold has ruled low for the -week, but with a strong feellng to-day. The low range is (ittrlbuted to ;i " bear moveinent,'' which lt is thOQgtat has spent for the time be'mg. The Btreogihenlng of the market howevcr, is dae to poütical considerations, prominent auong which are the propositions before Congress for increasinjc the volume of cnrrency, and for accordlng beltinnes easy, witu dlsconnts fit 7&8 per cent. Flour Iroproves on the weck 10@25c. A sliííiit forelgn demand scems to have sprang np. A considerable portion oí the cargoes of wheat afioat for Great Brltaln f rom tbe Black Sea, have, in passing Constantinoplc, found or:lers dlrecting them to Medlterranean ports, where prices werebetter tlian in tlie English market. In adtUtion to this, n change in tho wenther In Enrope, has cftwed tlie hTgher Baltic. These causes reducá tlie anti cipa ted Bupply In Great Britaln. These causes combined liave created the export Inqulry spoken of How permanent it may be, it Is lmpossible to teil, but it ia not best to predícate mnch opón i;. Corn and oats are both lowcr the tonner 3@5c. and the latter about 2c. Beans iré quite flat. Clover seod per lb. L3. Tinioth.v siv.l, s-1.50@4.75. Bntter is flat, wlth scarcely any in market. Michigan Srklns, good to prime, 20@ 2ö : fair to good, Eggs are iü laTge snpply at 2S@30. Hops liave adraiKcd a ander favorable adrices f rom England. Sales are light, hower, atnnchanged prices. Drled iruits are quict, and the transactlons are on a small soale. Wool continúes active at au advance on most descrlptlons of fieece, and the aealera are showing a disposition to demand still hlgher ratos. New York and Michigan fleeces, mixed lots, 45@ 47; extra fleeces, 40@48. Tlie Boston marfcet also shows au advance, wlth conaiderable inqalry tor ali grades of (leeco, Ie lots of Michigan extras sclling at Deïüoit, Fcb. IC. Business rematas dnll, wlth many mechanics and laboren still out oí' employ. Moncy is comparatlvely ensy, bowever, and thus thcre is lesa actual dlstress tlian thore woold bc wlth a close money market. Our flcalers have taken hold oí wheat and (lom1 somewh&t actlvely tbua far tn the weck, aml an advance of 3@4c on the lowcr gradea, and 5@ü on tlie hlgher, is noted from last weck. Today the market is off trom the best prices of yeaterday under advlces ttota New York. Dealen y that tlierc lias not been a more unsafe time to opérate for years. Coaree gralns are dull. Benns vmchanged. Butter In good demand, and quick at quotations, wlth cholee wórth lc more tbanthe I range. Dressed bogs $10.25@10.76. ' Eggs are weak and nncertaln as the weath:r. Poultry steady. Clovcr secd ilrm with in advance, at .f 8.50@8.Tö. Timothy, 4.50 4.75. I DETROIT PRODUCE MABKET. -Tie followlijg qnut;;; ottho cnrrent net pricesrealliea by commislon dealers, and are carefally revlsi ortbeAaous, by our Detrolteorrespondeat. DedactloDB from these prlees : iu aud 1 chaires , will show tlienet rat's iürs: bfltpdS: ,- Bried,10c ; Qreínper bbL $2.T0@S.8S ley- percwt., fl 60(3 l.6í, forNo i Batter- crock --■ i 30c. Brkln, 20@2Scpcr]b., i)airy, 14@10. . ■ ;.00 Corn - per bu., Tu ■- perdox., ■ !rv. pcrlb.,18@20c;gn Sktos- Green, IS '■■: dry, 2 : i'ili skins 4B Hops- New, iuc. -perlb.. iTliic. i :)s- virlhl. 2 50@2.T5. Potatoe- B' perbb].,14O1.50. Bmoked Hams, lüc, Sboulders, H';.jl3c. Tallo' Tarkeyf - dreMedlperlb 16 I7r. Wh iat- extra wbJto, 1.22(3i.Sa No, 1. $l.i:@1.14 Amber, MU ARBOR TKOOICE 1IARKF.TS. Argus Officjc, Feb. 18, 1870. ffc quolc th8 aftenioon as followa : 95105c ; Kcd,8Oc BUCE ' ! . CORX- ::. ' OATS - 40o. BEANS- 1.60. BUTTEH líe. LARD- lScJ .'. OOP- a T.00. APPLE8 -Drled- porlb. T@9o.gteen.0M0c POT ATOES- new, S@85c. CHICK TÜK1 i -■.':. r. rüKK- K'.C'iwr cvvt. ?S(Í0 lcrcwt. I


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